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Companies analyzed: 39,200

Ranking of Top Japan Companies with the Most Debt

List of the largest companies from Japan country rank by total debt.

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RankCompanyTotal DebtDiff. nextSector
#1BANK OF JAPAN NPVSymbol: 8301.T$ 932.304 billion
Nine Hundred Thirty Two Billion Three Hundred Four Million One Hundred Seventy Seven Thousand Eight Hundred Seventy Seven
$233.190 billion more than MITSUBISHI UFJ FINL GRP
more by 33.36%
Financial Services
#2MITSUBISHI UFJ FINL GRPSymbol: MFZ.F$ 699.114 billion
Six Hundred Ninety Nine Billion One Hundred Fourteen Million Seventeen Thousand Three Hundred Twenty Two
$361.471 billion more than MIZUHO FINANCIAL GROUP
more by 107.06%
Financial Services
#3MIZUHO FINANCIAL GROUPSymbol: 8411.T$ 337.642 billion
Three Hundred Thirty Seven Billion Six Hundred Forty Two Million Forty Two Thousand Two Hundred Sixteen
$282.570 million more than SUMITOMO MITSUI FINANCIAL GROUP
more by 0.08%
Financial Services
#4SUMITOMO MITSUI FINANCIAL GROUPSymbol: 8316.T$ 337.359 billion
Three Hundred Thirty Seven Billion Three Hundred Fifty Nine Million Four Hundred Seventy Two Thousand Eighty One
$104.940 billion more than NOMURA HOLDINGS INC.
more by 45.15%
Financial Services
#5NOMURA HOLDINGS INC.Symbol: 8604.T$ 232.419 billion
Two Hundred Thirty Two Billion Four Hundred Nineteen Million Two Hundred Sixty Four Thousand Five Hundred Sixty One
$16.558 billion more than Toyota Motor Corporation
more by 7.67%
Financial Services
#6Toyota Motor CorporationSymbol: TM$ 215.860 billion
Two Hundred Fifteen Billion Eight Hundred Sixty Million Two Hundred Seventy Nine Thousand Two Hundred Sixty Eight
$36.751 billion more than JAPAN POST HLDGS CO LTD
more by 20.52%
Consumer Cyclical
#7JAPAN POST HLDGS CO LTDSymbol: 6178.T$ 179.109 billion
One Hundred Seventy Nine Billion One Hundred Nine Million Two Hundred Five Thousand Ten
$35.412 billion more than SOFTBANK GROUP CORP
more by 24.64%
Financial Services
#8SOFTBANK GROUP CORPSymbol: SFTBF$ 143.696 billion
One Hundred Forty Three Billion Six Hundred Ninety Six Million Three Hundred Sixty Two Thousand One Hundred Sixty Seven
$918.639 million more than JAPAN POST BANK CO.LTD
more by 0.64%
Communication Services
#9JAPAN POST BANK CO.LTDSymbol: 5JP.F$ 142.777 billion
One Hundred Forty Two Billion Seven Hundred Seventy Seven Million Seven Hundred Twenty Two Thousand Nine Hundred Six
$19.018 billion more than SUMITOMO MITSUI TRUST HOLDINGS
more by 15.37%
Financial Services
#10SUMITOMO MITSUI TRUST HOLDINGS Symbol: 8309.T$ 123.759 billion
One Hundred Twenty Three Billion Seven Hundred Fifty Nine Million Two Hundred Sixty Thousand Seven Hundred Seventy Seven
$13.440 billion more than DAIWA SECURITIES GROUP SPON ADR
more by 12.18%
Financial Services
One Hundred Ten Billion Three Hundred Eighteen Million Three Hundred Five Thousand Eight Hundred Forty Six
$37.927 billion more than NIPPON TEL & TEL CORP SPON ADR
more by 52.39%
Financial Services
#12NIPPON TEL & TEL CORP SPON ADR Symbol: NTTYY$ 72.390 billion
Seventy Two Billion Three Hundred Ninety Million Four Hundred Twenty Three Thousand Three Hundred Seventy Three
$7.847 billion more than MITSUBISHI HC CAPITAL INC
more by 12.16%
Communication Services
#13MITSUBISHI HC CAPITAL INCSymbol: 8593.T$ 64.542 billion
Sixty Four Billion Five Hundred Forty Two Million Six Hundred Thousand One Hundred Ninety Two
$2.358 billion more than RESONA HOLDINGS
more by 3.79%
Financial Services
#14RESONA HOLDINGSSymbol: 8308.T$ 62.184 billion
Sixty Two Billion One Hundred Eighty Four Million Two Hundred Eighty Seven Thousand Two Hundred Fifty One
$1.907 billion more than Honda Motor Company, Ltd.
more by 3.17%
Financial Services
#15Honda Motor Company, Ltd.Symbol: HMC$ 60.276 billion
Sixty Billion Two Hundred Seventy Six Million Five Hundred One Thousand Four Hundred Two
$918.500 million more than SHINKIN CENTRAL BANK NON-CUM PR
more by 1.55%
Consumer Cyclical
#16SHINKIN CENTRAL BANK NON-CUM PRSymbol: 8421.T$ 59.358 billion
Fifty Nine Billion Three Hundred Fifty Eight Million One Thousand Three Hundred Twenty Six
$7.243 billion more than NISSAN MOTOR CO SPONS ADR(CNV I
more by 13.9%
Financial Services
#17NISSAN MOTOR CO SPONS ADR(CNV ISymbol: NSANY$ 52.114 billion
Fifty Two Billion One Hundred Fourteen Million Seven Thousand Nine Hundred Sixty Six
$328.397 million more than FUKUOKA FINANCIAL GROUP INC.
more by 0.63%
Consumer Cyclical
#18FUKUOKA FINANCIAL GROUP INC.Symbol: 8354.T$ 51.785 billion
Fifty One Billion Seven Hundred Eighty Five Million Six Hundred Ten Thousand Fifty Nine
$1.126 billion more than MITSUBISHI CORP
more by 2.22%
Financial Services
#19MITSUBISHI CORPSymbol: 8058.T$ 50.659 billion
Fifty Billion Six Hundred Fifty Nine Million Five Hundred Eighty Four Thousand Six Hundred Fifteen
$3.561 billion more than SOFTBANK CORP.
more by 7.56%
#20SOFTBANK CORP.Symbol: 3AG1.F$ 47.097 billion
Forty Seven Billion Ninety Seven Million Eight Hundred Thirty Five Thousand Three Hundred Twelve
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