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Companies analyzed: 39,200

Largest Companies by Revenue in Italy country

List of the largest companies from Italy country rank by total revenue.

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RankCompanyTotal RevenueDiff. nextSector
#1ENELSymbol: ENEL.MI$ 139.683 billion
One Hundred Thirty Nine Billion Six Hundred Eighty Three Million Five Hundred Seventeen Thousand Eight Hundred Eighty Six
$1.835 billion more than ENI S.p.A.
more by 1.33%
#2ENI S.p.A.Symbol: E$ 137.848 billion
One Hundred Thirty Seven Billion Eight Hundred Forty Eight Million Three Hundred Seventy Three Thousand Eight Hundred Twenty Five
$56.299 billion more than GENERALI ASS
more by 69.04%
#3GENERALI ASSSymbol: G.MI$ 81.548 billion
Eighty One Billion Five Hundred Forty Eight Million Seven Hundred Twenty Nine Thousand Eight Hundred Fifty Six
$47.092 billion more than POSTE ITALIANE SPA EO-,51
more by 136.68%
Financial Services
#4POSTE ITALIANE SPA EO-,51Symbol: 7PI.F$ 34.455 billion
Thirty Four Billion Four Hundred Fifty Five Million Nine Hundred Twenty Five Thousand Four Hundred Seven
$2.934 billion more than EDISON R
more by 9.31%
#5EDISON RSymbol: EDNR.MI$ 31.521 billion
Thirty One Billion Five Hundred Twenty One Million Four Hundred Seven Thousand Eight Hundred Seventeen
$7.352 billion more than A2A
more by 30.42%
#6A2ASymbol: A2A.MI$ 24.169 billion
Twenty Four Billion One Hundred Sixty Nine Million Twenty Two Thousand Six Hundred Fifty Eight
$1.751 billion more than HERA
more by 7.81%
#7HERASymbol: HER.MI$ 22.417 billion
Twenty Two Billion Four Hundred Seventeen Million Five Hundred Thirty Three Thousand Eight Hundred Sixty Six
$764.732 million more than UNICREDIT
more by 3.53%
#8UNICREDITSymbol: UCG.MI$ 21.652 billion
Twenty One Billion Six Hundred Fifty Two Million Eight Hundred One Thousand One Hundred Seventy Nine
$598.487 million more than INTESA SANPAOLO
more by 2.84%
Financial Services
#9INTESA SANPAOLOSymbol: ISP.MI$ 21.054 billion
Twenty One Billion Fifty Four Million Three Hundred Thirteen Thousand Six Hundred Seventy Seven
$3.437 billion more than PRYSMIAN
more by 19.51%
Financial Services
#10PRYSMIANSymbol: PRY.MI$ 17.616 billion
Seventeen Billion Six Hundred Sixteen Million Seven Hundred Sixty Five Thousand Eighty One
$84.926 million more than SARAS
more by 0.48%
#11SARASSymbol: SRS.MI$ 17.531 billion
Seventeen Billion Five Hundred Thirty One Million Eight Hundred Thirty Nine Thousand Eighty One
$380.564 million more than TELECOM ITALIA
more by 2.22%
#12TELECOM ITALIASymbol: TIT.MI$ 17.151 billion
Seventeen Billion One Hundred Fifty One Million Two Hundred Seventy Five Thousand Forty Seven
$1.340 billion more than LEONARDO SPA
more by 8.48%
Communication Services
#13LEONARDO SPASymbol: 0ONG.IL$ 15.810 billion
Fifteen Billion Eight Hundred Ten Million Five Hundred Seventy Seven Thousand Six Hundred Eighty Four
$35.394 million more than IVECO GROUP
more by 0.22%
#14IVECO GROUPSymbol: IVG.MI$ 15.775 billion
Fifteen Billion Seven Hundred Seventy Five Million One Hundred Eighty Two Thousand Seven Hundred Eighty Nine
$627.338 million more than UNIPOL
more by 4.14%
#15UNIPOLSymbol: UNI.MI$ 15.147 billion
Fifteen Billion One Hundred Forty Seven Million Eight Hundred Forty Four Thousand Sixty One
$382.581 million more than UNIPOLSAI
more by 2.59%
Financial Services
#16UNIPOLSAISymbol: US.MI$ 14.765 billion
Fourteen Billion Seven Hundred Sixty Five Million Two Hundred Sixty Two Thousand Four Hundred Fifty One
$3.240 billion more than SAIPEM
more by 28.12%
Financial Services
#17SAIPEMSymbol: SPM.MI$ 11.524 billion
Eleven Billion Five Hundred Twenty Four Million Six Hundred Thirty Five Thousand Six Hundred Forty One
$3.200 billion more than WEBUILD
more by 38.44%
#18WEBUILDSymbol: WBD.MI$ 8.324 billion
Eight Billion Three Hundred Twenty Four Million Four Hundred Forty Five Thousand Four Hundred Sixty Nine
$174.053 million more than IREN
more by 2.14%
#19IRENSymbol: IRE.MI$ 8.150 billion
Eight Billion One Hundred Fifty Million Three Hundred Ninety One Thousand Nine Hundred Twenty Four
$217.617 million more than FINCANTIERI
more by 2.74%
#20FINCANTIERISymbol: FCT.MI$ 7.932 billion
Seven Billion Nine Hundred Thirty Two Million Seven Hundred Seventy Four Thousand Three Hundred Thirty Three