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Companies analyzed: 39,200

Ranking of Top Italy Companies with the Most Debt

List of the largest companies from Italy country rank by total debt.

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RankCompanyTotal DebtDiff. nextSector
#1INTESA SANPAOLOSymbol: ISP.MI$ 157.672 billion
One Hundred Fifty Seven Billion Six Hundred Seventy Two Million Eight Hundred Thirty Two Thousand Six Hundred Thirteen
$32.318 billion more than UNICREDIT
more by 25.78%
Financial Services
#2UNICREDITSymbol: UCG.MI$ 125.354 billion
One Hundred Twenty Five Billion Three Hundred Fifty Four Million Five Hundred Fifty Two Thousand Five Hundred Seventy Eight
$16.795 billion more than POSTE ITALIANE SPA EO-,51
more by 15.47%
Financial Services
#3POSTE ITALIANE SPA EO-,51Symbol: 7PI.F$ 108.558 billion
One Hundred Eight Billion Five Hundred Fifty Eight Million Seven Hundred Twelve Thousand Four Hundred Ninety Nine
$6.060 billion more than ENEL
more by 5.91%
#4ENELSymbol: ENEL.MI$ 102.498 billion
One Hundred Two Billion Four Hundred Ninety Eight Million Two Hundred Thirty Four Thousand Two Hundred Twenty Eight
$52.718 billion more than MEDIOBANCA
more by 105.9%
#5MEDIOBANCASymbol: MB.MI$ 49.779 billion
Forty Nine Billion Seven Hundred Seventy Nine Million Six Hundred Thirty Eight Thousand Nine Hundred Sixty Three
$399.087 million more than BANCO BPM
more by 0.81%
Financial Services
#6BANCO BPMSymbol: BAMI.MI$ 49.380 billion
Forty Nine Billion Three Hundred Eighty Million Five Hundred Fifty One Thousand Six Hundred Ninety Two
$10.057 billion more than ATLANTIA
more by 25.58%
Financial Services
#7ATLANTIASymbol: ATL.MI$ 39.322 billion
Thirty Nine Billion Three Hundred Twenty Two Million Six Hundred Twenty Three Thousand Nine Hundred Sixty Five
$3.940 billion more than TELECOM ITALIA
more by 11.14%
#8TELECOM ITALIASymbol: TIT.MI$ 35.382 billion
Thirty Five Billion Three Hundred Eighty Two Million One Hundred Sixty Two Thousand Two Hundred Forty
$1.337 billion more than ENI S.p.A.
more by 3.93%
Communication Services
#9ENI S.p.A.Symbol: E$ 34.044 billion
Thirty Four Billion Forty Four Million Six Hundred Forty Eight Thousand Four Hundred Nine
$2.806 billion more than BPER BANCA
more by 8.99%
#10BPER BANCASymbol: BPE.MI$ 31.237 billion
Thirty One Billion Two Hundred Thirty Seven Million Eight Hundred Sixty Two Thousand Eighty Nine
$9.553 billion more than GENERALI ASS
more by 44.06%
Financial Services
#11GENERALI ASSSymbol: G.MI$ 21.684 billion
Twenty One Billion Six Hundred Eighty Four Million Three Hundred Ninety Four Thousand Four Hundred Six
$5.503 billion more than BCA POP SONDRIO
more by 34.01%
Financial Services
#12BCA POP SONDRIOSymbol: BPSO.MI$ 16.181 billion
Sixteen Billion One Hundred Eighty One Million One Hundred One Thousand Nine Hundred Eighty Two
$2.351 billion more than SNAM
more by 17.01%
Financial Services
#13SNAMSymbol: SRG.MI$ 13.829 billion
Thirteen Billion Eight Hundred Twenty Nine Million One Hundred Sixty Nine Thousand Eight Hundred Sixty Nine
$142.599 million more than CREDEM
more by 1.04%
#14CREDEMSymbol: CE.MI$ 13.686 billion
Thirteen Billion Six Hundred Eighty Six Million Five Hundred Seventy Thousand Two Hundred Fifty One
$258.441 million more than BANCA MONTE PASCHI SIENA
more by 1.92%
Financial Services
#15BANCA MONTE PASCHI SIENASymbol: BMPS.MI$ 13.428 billion
Thirteen Billion Four Hundred Twenty Eight Million One Hundred Twenty Eight Thousand Eight Hundred Nineteen
$1.950 billion more than BANCA MEDIOLANUM
more by 16.99%
Financial Services
#16BANCA MEDIOLANUMSymbol: BMED.MI$ 11.477 billion
Eleven Billion Four Hundred Seventy Seven Million Five Hundred Thirty Three Thousand One Hundred Nineteen
$27.151 million more than TERNA
more by 0.24%
Financial Services
#17TERNASymbol: TRN.MI$ 11.450 billion
Eleven Billion Four Hundred Fifty Million Three Hundred Eighty One Thousand Four Hundred Ninety Eight
$1.141 billion more than NEXI
more by 11.08%
#18NEXISymbol: NEXI.MI$ 10.308 billion
Ten Billion Three Hundred Eight Million Four Hundred Ten Thousand Seven Hundred Fifty Nine
$2.188 billion more than A2A
more by 26.95%
#19A2ASymbol: A2A.MI$ 8.120 billion
Eight Billion One Hundred Twenty Million One Hundred Sixty Three Thousand Four Hundred Thirty Four
$1.225 billion more than ITALGAS
more by 17.78%
#20ITALGASSymbol: IG.MI$ 6.894 billion
Six Billion Eight Hundred Ninety Four Million Two Hundred Eighty Six Thousand Eight Hundred Fifty Four