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Companies analyzed: 39,200

Italy Companies with the Most Cash on Hand

List of the largest companies from Italy country rank by total cash.

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RankCompanyTotal CashDiff. nextSector
#1UNICREDITSymbol: UCG.MI$ 236.518 billion
Two Hundred Thirty Six Billion Five Hundred Eighteen Million Six Hundred Twenty Three Thousand Eight Hundred Ten
$64.866 billion more than INTESA SANPAOLO
more by 37.79%
Financial Services
#2INTESA SANPAOLOSymbol: ISP.MI$ 171.652 billion
One Hundred Seventy One Billion Six Hundred Fifty Two Million Sixty Six Thousand Two Hundred Ninety Four
$133.686 billion more than POSTE ITALIANE SPA EO-,51
more by 352.13%
Financial Services
#3POSTE ITALIANE SPA EO-,51Symbol: 7PI.F$ 37.965 billion
Thirty Seven Billion Nine Hundred Sixty Five Million Three Hundred Eighty Seven Thousand Thirty
$11.840 billion more than MEDIOBANCA
more by 45.32%
#4MEDIOBANCASymbol: MB.MI$ 26.125 billion
Twenty Six Billion One Hundred Twenty Five Million Thirty Two Thousand Five Hundred Seventy Two
$3.157 billion more than BANCO BPM
more by 13.75%
Financial Services
#5BANCO BPMSymbol: BAMI.MI$ 22.967 billion
Twenty Two Billion Nine Hundred Sixty Seven Million Seven Hundred Four Thousand Two Hundred Eleven
$3.155 billion more than ENI S.p.A.
more by 15.93%
Financial Services
#6ENI S.p.A.Symbol: E$ 19.812 billion
Nineteen Billion Eight Hundred Twelve Million Fifty Three Thousand Four Hundred Thirty Five
$2.037 billion more than BPER BANCA
more by 11.46%
#7BPER BANCASymbol: BPE.MI$ 17.774 billion
Seventeen Billion Seven Hundred Seventy Four Million Nine Hundred Thirty Three Thousand Three Hundred Fifty One
$1.205 billion more than BANCA MONTE PASCHI SIENA
more by 7.27%
Financial Services
#8BANCA MONTE PASCHI SIENASymbol: BMPS.MI$ 16.569 billion
Sixteen Billion Five Hundred Sixty Nine Million Seven Hundred Forty Seven Thousand Nine Hundred Eighty Two
$1.130 billion more than ATLANTIA
more by 7.33%
Financial Services
#9ATLANTIASymbol: ATL.MI$ 15.438 billion
Fifteen Billion Four Hundred Thirty Eight Million Eight Hundred Ten Thousand Two Hundred Twenty Nine
$3.554 billion more than ENEL
more by 29.91%
#10ENELSymbol: ENEL.MI$ 11.884 billion
Eleven Billion Eight Hundred Eighty Four Million Four Hundred Thirty Three Thousand Five Hundred Thirteen
$1.177 billion more than UNIPOLSAI
more by 11%
#11UNIPOLSAISymbol: US.MI$ 10.707 billion
Ten Billion Seven Hundred Seven Million Seventy Six Thousand Four
$748.306 million more than GENERALI ASS
more by 7.51%
Financial Services
#12GENERALI ASSSymbol: G.MI$ 9.958 billion
Nine Billion Nine Hundred Fifty Eight Million Seven Hundred Sixty Nine Thousand Two Hundred Fifty Six
$2.240 billion more than BCA POP SONDRIO
more by 29.03%
Financial Services
#13BCA POP SONDRIOSymbol: BPSO.MI$ 7.718 billion
Seven Billion Seven Hundred Eighteen Million One Hundred Fifty Eight Thousand One Hundred Sixty
$2.335 billion more than TELECOM ITALIA
more by 43.38%
Financial Services
#14TELECOM ITALIASymbol: TIT.MI$ 5.383 billion
Five Billion Three Hundred Eighty Three Million Thirty One Thousand Three Hundred Twenty Two
$692.554 million more than BANCA MEDIOLANUM
more by 14.77%
Communication Services
#15BANCA MEDIOLANUMSymbol: BMED.MI$ 4.690 billion
Four Billion Six Hundred Ninety Million Four Hundred Seventy Seven Thousand Two Hundred Eighty Eight
$56.551 million more than CREDEM
more by 1.22%
Financial Services
#16CREDEMSymbol: CE.MI$ 4.633 billion
Four Billion Six Hundred Thirty Three Million Nine Hundred Twenty Five Thousand Four Hundred Sixty Two
$1.500 billion more than FINECOBANK
more by 47.87%
Financial Services
#17FINECOBANKSymbol: FBK.MI$ 3.133 billion
Three Billion One Hundred Thirty Three Million Seven Hundred Forty Three Thousand Five Hundred Fifteen
$352.349 million more than A2A
more by 12.67%
Financial Services
#18A2ASymbol: A2A.MI$ 2.781 billion
Two Billion Seven Hundred Eighty One Million Three Hundred Ninety Four Thousand Three Hundred Forty Four
$486.743 million more than UNIPOL
more by 21.21%
#19UNIPOLSymbol: UNI.MI$ 2.294 billion
Two Billion Two Hundred Ninety Four Million Six Hundred Fifty Thousand Four Hundred Three
$168.998 million more than DANIELI & C
more by 7.95%
Financial Services
#20DANIELI & CSymbol: DAN.MI$ 2.125 billion
Two Billion One Hundred Twenty Five Million Six Hundred Fifty One Thousand Five Hundred Seventy Three