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The Largest Companies in Italy by Market Capitalization

In this article, we present the largest companies in Italy by market capitalization. The table below ranks the top 20 Italian corporations, showcasing their market capitalization, the difference in market cap compared to the next company on the list, and the sector in which they operate.

The data highlights the dominance of companies from various industries such as utilities, consumer cyclical, financial services, energy, and healthcare. As you explore the table, you will gain insights into the leading Italian businesses and their performance in the market.

These companies not only demonstrate Italy's diverse and robust economy but also showcase the nation's strength and global competitiveness across different sectors.

Ranging from the largest utility company, ENEL, with a market cap of $57.199 billion, to Amplifon, a healthcare company ranked 20th with a market cap of $7.077 billion, this list represents Italy's most valuable and influential organizations.

The data also highlights the significant differences in market capitalization between some of these companies, reflecting the varying sizes and scopes of their operations.

As you delve into the details of these top Italian corporations, it becomes evident that some industries have a more significant presence in the market, such as financial services and utilities. This insight can be useful for investors and analysts seeking to understand the driving forces and growth potential in Italy's economy.

Furthermore, the differences in market cap between companies within the same sector, such as Ferrari N.V. and Moncler in the consumer cyclical sector, may encourage further research into their strategies, competitive advantages, and growth prospects.

In conclusion, this table offers a comprehensive overview of Italy's largest companies by market capitalization, providing valuable insights into the nation's leading industries and the key players shaping their respective sectors.

By examining these companies and their market performance, investors, analysts, and other stakeholders can make informed decisions, identify opportunities, and better understand the Italian economy's landscape.

List of the largest companies from Italy country rank by market capitalization.

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RankCompanyMarket CapDiff. nextSector
#1ENELSymbol: ENEL.MI$ 59.967 billion
Fifty Nine Billion Nine Hundred Sixty Seven Million Fifty Nine Thousand Two Hundred Seven
$11.792 billion more than Ferrari N.V.
more by 24.48%
#2Ferrari N.V.Symbol: RACE$ 48.175 billion
Forty Eight Billion One Hundred Seventy Five Million Twenty Six Thousand One Hundred Seventy Six
$1.150 billion more than INTESA SANPAOLO
more by 2.45%
Consumer Cyclical
#3INTESA SANPAOLOSymbol: ISP.MI$ 47.024 billion
Forty Seven Billion Twenty Four Million Four Hundred Eighty Nine Thousand Five Hundred Thirty Seven
$2.413 billion more than ENI S.p.A.
more by 5.41%
Financial Services
#4ENI S.p.A.Symbol: E$ 44.610 billion
Forty Four Billion Six Hundred Ten Million Nine Hundred Eight Thousand One Hundred Sixty
$8.988 billion more than UNICREDIT
more by 25.23%
#5UNICREDITSymbol: UCG.MI$ 35.622 billion
Thirty Five Billion Six Hundred Twenty Two Million Eight Hundred Thirty Five Thousand Seven Hundred Seventy Two
$5.976 billion more than GENERALI ASS
more by 20.16%
Financial Services
#6GENERALI ASSSymbol: G.MI$ 29.646 billion
Twenty Nine Billion Six Hundred Forty Six Million Eight Hundred Fifteen Thousand Four Hundred Three
$9.335 billion more than ATLANTIA
more by 45.96%
Financial Services
#7ATLANTIASymbol: ATL.MI$ 20.311 billion
Twenty Billion Three Hundred Eleven Million One Hundred Twenty Nine Thousand Sixty
$2.149 billion more than PRADA
more by 11.83%
#8PRADASymbol: 1913.HK$ 18.162 billion
Eighteen Billion One Hundred Sixty Two Million One Hundred Twenty Four Thousand Three Hundred Forty Two
$427.351 million more than MONCLER
more by 2.41%
Consumer Cyclical
#9MONCLERSymbol: MONC.MI$ 17.734 billion
Seventeen Billion Seven Hundred Thirty Four Million Seven Hundred Seventy Two Thousand Eight Hundred Thirty Three
$564.176 million more than SNAM
more by 3.29%
Consumer Cyclical
#10SNAMSymbol: SRG.MI$ 17.170 billion
Seventeen Billion One Hundred Seventy Million Five Hundred Ninety Five Thousand Eight Hundred Sixty
$1.183 billion more than TERNA
more by 7.4%
#11TERNASymbol: TRN.MI$ 15.987 billion
Fifteen Billion Nine Hundred Eighty Seven Million Four Hundred Eighteen Thousand Two Hundred Fifty Four
$2.634 billion more than CAMPARI
more by 19.73%
#12CAMPARISymbol: CPR.MI$ 13.352 billion
Thirteen Billion Three Hundred Fifty Two Million Nine Hundred Fifty One Thousand Four Hundred Seventy Four
$227.265 million more than POSTE ITALIANE SPA EO-,51
more by 1.73%
Consumer Defensive
#13POSTE ITALIANE SPA EO-,51Symbol: 7PI.F$ 13.125 billion
Thirteen Billion One Hundred Twenty Five Million Six Hundred Eighty Six Thousand Ninety Six
$932.778 million more than INWIT
more by 7.65%
#14INWITSymbol: INW.MI$ 12.192 billion
Twelve Billion One Hundred Ninety Two Million Nine Hundred Seven Thousand Five Hundred Forty Five
$1.763 billion more than NEXI
more by 16.91%
Real Estate
#15NEXISymbol: NEXI.MI$ 10.429 billion
Ten Billion Four Hundred Twenty Nine Million Three Hundred Forty Nine Thousand Twenty Seven
$64.934 million more than PRYSMIAN
more by 0.63%
#16PRYSMIANSymbol: PRY.MI$ 10.364 billion
Ten Billion Three Hundred Sixty Four Million Four Hundred Fourteen Thousand One Hundred Seventy One
$1.154 billion more than FINECOBANK
more by 12.53%
#17FINECOBANKSymbol: FBK.MI$ 9.210 billion
Nine Billion Two Hundred Ten Million Three Hundred Ninety Nine Thousand Twenty Five
$658.466 million more than RECORDATI ORD
more by 7.7%
Financial Services
#18RECORDATI ORDSymbol: REC.MI$ 8.551 billion
Eight Billion Five Hundred Fifty One Million Nine Hundred Thirty Two Thousand Three Hundred Five
$273.865 million more than MEDIOBANCA
more by 3.31%
#19MEDIOBANCASymbol: MB.MI$ 8.278 billion
Eight Billion Two Hundred Seventy Eight Million Sixty Seven Thousand Ninety Two
$942.880 million more than AMPLIFON
more by 12.85%
Financial Services
#20AMPLIFONSymbol: AMP.MI$ 7.335 billion
Seven Billion Three Hundred Thirty Five Million One Hundred Eighty Six Thousand One Hundred Sixty Seven