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Companies analyzed: 39,200

Israel Companies with the Most Cash on Hand

List of the largest companies from Israel country rank by total cash.

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RankCompanyTotal CashDiff. nextSector
#1BK LEUMI LE ISRAELSymbol: LUMI.TA$ 62.603 billion
Sixty Two Billion Six Hundred Three Million Two Hundred Sixty Two Thousand Five Hundred Twelve
$20.018 billion more than BANK HAPOALIM B.M.
more by 47.01%
Financial Services
#2BANK HAPOALIM B.M.Symbol: POLI.TA$ 42.584 billion
Forty Two Billion Five Hundred Eighty Four Million Nine Hundred Fourteen Thousand Four Hundred Thirty Six
$3.237 billion more than MIGDAL INS & FINAN
more by 8.23%
Financial Services
#3MIGDAL INS & FINANSymbol: MGDL.TA$ 39.347 billion
Thirty Nine Billion Three Hundred Forty Seven Million Three Hundred Ninety Eight Thousand Three Hundred Fifty Four
$10.008 billion more than MIZRAHI TEFAHOT BK
more by 34.11%
Financial Services
#4MIZRAHI TEFAHOT BKSymbol: MZTF.TA$ 29.339 billion
Twenty Nine Billion Three Hundred Thirty Nine Million Sixty Six Thousand Five Hundred Fifty Three
$1.483 billion more than PHOENIX HLDGS LTD
more by 5.33%
Financial Services
#5PHOENIX HLDGS LTDSymbol: PHOE.TA$ 27.855 billion
Twenty Seven Billion Eight Hundred Fifty Five Million Three Hundred Twelve Thousand Sixty Four
$1.569 billion more than CLAL INSURANCE ENT
more by 5.97%
Financial Services
#6CLAL INSURANCE ENTSymbol: CLIS.TA$ 26.285 billion
Twenty Six Billion Two Hundred Eighty Five Million Eight Hundred Forty Three Thousand Eight Hundred Thirty Five
$4.624 billion more than ISRAEL DISCOUNT BK
more by 21.35%
Financial Services
#7ISRAEL DISCOUNT BKSymbol: DSCT.TA$ 21.660 billion
Twenty One Billion Six Hundred Sixty Million Eight Hundred Eighty Nine Thousand Seven Hundred Ninety Seven
$5.330 billion more than F.I.B.I. HLDGS
more by 32.64%
Financial Services
#8F.I.B.I. HLDGSSymbol: FIBIH.TA$ 16.330 billion
Sixteen Billion Three Hundred Thirty Million Two Hundred Seven Thousand Six Hundred Fifty Three
$1.636 million more than FIRST INTER BK ISR
more by 0.01%
Financial Services
#9FIRST INTER BK ISRSymbol: FIBI.TA$ 16.328 billion
Sixteen Billion Three Hundred Twenty Eight Million Five Hundred Seventy One Thousand Two Hundred Twelve
$5.376 billion more than HAREL INS INVS
more by 49.09%
Financial Services
#10HAREL INS INVSSymbol: HARL.TA$ 10.952 billion
Ten Billion Nine Hundred Fifty Two Million Seventy Four Thousand Three Hundred Nineteen
$6.257 billion more than MENORA MIVTACHIM
more by 133.31%
Financial Services
#11MENORA MIVTACHIMSymbol: MMHD.TA$ 4.694 billion
Four Billion Six Hundred Ninety Four Million Two Hundred Eighty Three Thousand Eight Hundred Twenty Four
$1.439 billion more than ZIM Integrated Shipping Service
more by 44.21%
Financial Services
#12ZIM Integrated Shipping ServiceSymbol: ZIM$ 3.255 billion
Three Billion Two Hundred Fifty Five Million Two Hundred Thousand
$454.200 million more than Teva Pharmaceutical Industries
more by 16.22%
#13Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Symbol: TEVA$ 2.800 billion
Two Billion Eight Hundred Million Nine Hundred Ninety Nine Thousand Nine Hundred Thirty Six
$771.172 million more than AYALON INSURANCE
more by 37.99%
#14AYALON INSURANCESymbol: AYAL.TA$ 2.029 billion
Two Billion Twenty Nine Million Eight Hundred Twenty Seven Thousand Five Hundred Seventy Five
$392.227 million more than Check Point Software Technologi
more by 23.95%
Financial Services
#15Check Point Software TechnologiSymbol: CHKP$ 1.637 billion
One Billion Six Hundred Thirty Seven Million Six Hundred Thousand
$46.599 million more than THE ISRAEL CORP
more by 2.93%
#16THE ISRAEL CORPSymbol: ILCO.TA$ 1.591 billion
One Billion Five Hundred Ninety One Million Sixty Four
$19.461 million more than NICE Ltd
more by 1.24%
Basic Materials
#17NICE LtdSymbol: NICE$ 1.571 billion
One Billion Five Hundred Seventy One Million Five Hundred Thirty Eight Thousand Nine Hundred Forty Four
$105.836 million more than WESURE GLOBAL TECH
more by 7.22%
#18WESURE GLOBAL TECHSymbol: WESR.TA$ 1.465 billion
One Billion Four Hundred Sixty Five Million Seven Hundred Two Thousand Four Hundred
$353.041 million more than DISCOUNT INV CORP
more by 31.73%
Financial Services
#19DISCOUNT INV CORPSymbol: DISI.TA$ 1.112 billion
One Billion One Hundred Twelve Million Six Hundred Sixty Thousand Eight Hundred Eighty
$49.197 million more than Ltd.
more by 4.63%
Consumer Cyclical Ltd.Symbol: WIX$ 1.063 billion
One Billion Sixty Three Million Four Hundred Sixty Two Thousand Nine Hundred Seventy Six