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Companies analyzed: 39,200

Top Israel Companies with the Highest Ebitda

List of the largest companies from Israel country rank by ebitda.

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RankCompanyEbitdaDiff. nextSector
#1ZIM Integrated Shipping ServiceSymbol: ZIM$ 6.210 billion
Six Billion Two Hundred Ten Million Eight Hundred Thousand One Hundred Twenty Eight
$2.240 billion more than Teva Pharmaceutical Industries
more by 56.44%
#2Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Symbol: TEVA$ 3.969 billion
Three Billion Nine Hundred Sixty Nine Million Nine Hundred Ninety Nine Thousand Eight Hundred Seventy Two
$30.999 million more than ICL GROUP LTD
more by 0.79%
#3ICL GROUP LTDSymbol: ICL.TA$ 3.939 billion
Three Billion Nine Hundred Thirty Nine Million Sixty Four
$122 million more than THE ISRAEL CORP
more by 3.2%
Basic Materials
#4THE ISRAEL CORPSymbol: ILCO.TA$ 3.816 billion
Three Billion Eight Hundred Sixteen Million Nine Hundred Ninety Nine Thousand Nine Hundred Thirty Six
$310.888 million more than DELEK GROUP
more by 8.87%
Basic Materials
#5DELEK GROUPSymbol: DLEKG.TA$ 3.506 billion
Three Billion Five Hundred Six Million One Hundred Eleven Thousand Two Hundred Eighty Two
$2.553 billion more than B COMMUNICATIONS L
more by 268.02%
#6B COMMUNICATIONS LSymbol: BCOM.TA$ 952.691 million
Nine Hundred Fifty Two Million Six Hundred Ninety One Thousand Two Hundred Eighty Two
$44.091 million more than Check Point Software Technologi
more by 4.85%
Communication Services
#7Check Point Software TechnologiSymbol: CHKP$ 908.600 million
Nine Hundred Eight Million Six Hundred Thousand
$77.824 million more than BEZEQ ISRAEL TELCM
more by 9.37%
#8BEZEQ ISRAEL TELCMSymbol: BEZQ.TA$ 830.775 million
Eight Hundred Thirty Million Seven Hundred Seventy Five Thousand Two Hundred Thirteen
$76.912 million more than NEWMED ENERGY LTD
more by 10.2%
Communication Services
#9NEWMED ENERGY LTDSymbol: NWMD.TA$ 753.862 million
Seven Hundred Fifty Three Million Eight Hundred Sixty Two Thousand Nine Hundred Seventy Six
$20.467 million more than OIL REFINERIES LTD
more by 2.79%
#10OIL REFINERIES LTDSymbol: ORL.TA$ 733.395 million
Seven Hundred Thirty Three Million Three Hundred Ninety Five Thousand Eight
$38.173 million more than DISCOUNT INV CORP
more by 5.49%
#11DISCOUNT INV CORPSymbol: DISI.TA$ 695.221 million
Six Hundred Ninety Five Million Two Hundred Twenty One Thousand Eight Hundred Ninety
$3.555 million more than ELCO LTD
more by 0.51%
Consumer Cyclical
#12ELCO LTDSymbol: ELCO.TA$ 691.666 million
Six Hundred Ninety One Million Six Hundred Sixty Six Thousand Six Hundred Eighty Eight
$27.046 million more than PHOENIX HLDGS LTD
more by 4.07%
#13PHOENIX HLDGS LTDSymbol: PHOE.TA$ 664.620 million
Six Hundred Sixty Four Million Six Hundred Twenty Thousand Four Hundred Twenty Two
$69.867 million more than Tower Semiconductor Ltd.
more by 11.75%
Financial Services
#14Tower Semiconductor Ltd.Symbol: TSEM$ 594.753 million
Five Hundred Ninety Four Million Seven Hundred Fifty Three Thousand Twenty Four
$. thousand more than Playtika Holding Corp.
more by 0.03%
#15Playtika Holding Corp.Symbol: PLTK$ 594.600 million
Five Hundred Ninety Four Million Six Hundred Thousand
$65.205 million more than AZRIELI GROUP
more by 12.32%
Communication Services
#16AZRIELI GROUPSymbol: AZRG.TA$ 529.394 million
Five Hundred Twenty Nine Million Three Hundred Ninety Four Thousand One Hundred Forty Six
$17.627 million more than NICE Ltd
more by 3.44%
Real Estate
#17NICE LtdSymbol: NICE$ 511.767 million
Five Hundred Eleven Million Seven Hundred Sixty Seven Thousand Eight
$25.371 million more than Elbit Systems Ltd.
more by 5.22%
#18Elbit Systems Ltd.Symbol: ESLT$ 486.396 million
Four Hundred Eighty Six Million Three Hundred Ninety Six Thousand
$2.037 million more than EQUITAL
more by 0.42%
#19EQUITALSymbol: EQTL.TA$ 484.358 million
Four Hundred Eighty Four Million Three Hundred Fifty Eight Thousand Eighteen
$11.217 million more than MIGDAL INS & FINAN
more by 2.37%
#20MIGDAL INS & FINANSymbol: MGDL.TA$ 473.140 million
Four Hundred Seventy Three Million One Hundred Forty Thousand Six Hundred Sixty Two
Financial Services