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Companies analyzed: 39,200

The Largest Companies in Israel by Market Capitalization

List of the largest companies from Israel country rank by market capitalization.

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RankCompanyMarket CapDiff. nextSector
#1SolarEdge Technologies, Inc.Symbol: SEDG$ 17.537 billion
Seventeen Billion Five Hundred Thirty Seven Million Nine Hundred Eight Thousand Seven Hundred Thirty Six
$1.598 billion more than Check Point Software Technologi
more by 10.03%
#2Check Point Software TechnologiSymbol: CHKP$ 15.939 billion
Fifteen Billion Nine Hundred Thirty Nine Million Seven Hundred Thirty Seven Thousand Six Hundred
$1.230 billion more than NICE Ltd
more by 8.36%
#3NICE LtdSymbol: NICE$ 14.709 billion
Fourteen Billion Seven Hundred Nine Million Four Hundred Forty One Thousand Five Hundred Thirty Six
$4.786 billion more than Teva Pharmaceutical Industries
more by 48.24%
#4Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Symbol: TEVA$ 9.922 billion
Nine Billion Nine Hundred Twenty Two Million Seven Hundred Sixty Four Thousand Eight Hundred
$2.294 billion more than Elbit Systems Ltd.
more by 30.08%
#5Elbit Systems Ltd.Symbol: ESLT$ 7.627 billion
Seven Billion Six Hundred Twenty Seven Million Nine Hundred Fifty Seven Thousand Seven Hundred Sixty
$1.651 billion more than Ltd.
more by 27.64%
Industrials Ltd.Symbol: MNDY$ 5.976 billion
Five Billion Nine Hundred Seventy Six Million Eighty Seven Thousand Forty
$136.229 million more than CyberArk Software Ltd.
more by 2.33%
#7CyberArk Software Ltd.Symbol: CYBR$ 5.839 billion
Five Billion Eight Hundred Thirty Nine Million Eight Hundred Fifty Seven Thousand One Hundred Fifty Two
$80.228 million more than Ltd.
more by 1.39%
Technology Ltd.Symbol: WIX$ 5.759 billion
Five Billion Seven Hundred Fifty Nine Million Six Hundred Twenty Eight Thousand Eight Hundred
$832.523 million more than Global-E Online Ltd.
more by 16.9%
#9Global-E Online Ltd.Symbol: GLBE$ 4.927 billion
Four Billion Nine Hundred Twenty Seven Million One Hundred Five Thousand Twenty Four
$154.064 million more than Tower Semiconductor Ltd.
more by 3.23%
Consumer Cyclical
#10Tower Semiconductor Ltd.Symbol: TSEM$ 4.773 billion
Four Billion Seven Hundred Seventy Three Million Forty Thousand One Hundred Twenty Eight
$780.616 million more than Playtika Holding Corp.
more by 19.55%
#11Playtika Holding Corp.Symbol: PLTK$ 3.992 billion
Three Billion Nine Hundred Ninety Two Million Four Hundred Twenty Three Thousand One Hundred Sixty Eight
$936.367 million more than Nova Ltd.
more by 30.64%
Communication Services
#12Nova Ltd.Symbol: NVMI$ 3.056 billion
Three Billion Fifty Six Million Fifty Five Thousand Five Hundred Fifty Two
$40.320 million more than ZIM Integrated Shipping Service
more by 1.34%
#13ZIM Integrated Shipping ServiceSymbol: ZIM$ 3.015 billion
Three Billion Fifteen Million Seven Hundred Thirty Four Thousand Seven Hundred Eighty Four
$202.741 million more than ironSource Ltd.
more by 7.21%
#14ironSource Ltd.Symbol: IS$ 2.812 billion
Two Billion Eight Hundred Twelve Million Nine Hundred Ninety Three Thousand Five Hundred Thirty Six
$61.155 million more than InMode Ltd.
more by 2.22%
#15InMode Ltd.Symbol: INMD$ 2.751 billion
Two Billion Seven Hundred Fifty One Million Eight Hundred Thirty Eight Thousand Two Hundred Eight
$827.767 million more than PLUS500 LTD
more by 43.02%
#16PLUS500 LTDSymbol: PLUS.L$ 1.924 billion
One Billion Nine Hundred Twenty Four Million Seventy Thousand Seven Hundred Seventy Four
$122.489 million more than Perion Network Ltd
more by 6.8%
Financial Services
#17Perion Network LtdSymbol: PERI$ 1.801 billion
One Billion Eight Hundred One Million Five Hundred Eighty One Thousand Three Hundred Twelve
$542.374 million more than Fiverr International Ltd.
more by 43.07%
Communication Services
#18Fiverr International Ltd.Symbol: FVRR$ 1.259 billion
One Billion Two Hundred Fifty Nine Million Two Hundred Seven Thousand One Hundred Sixty Eight
$10.412 million more than Partner Communications Company
more by 0.83%
Communication Services
#19Partner Communications Company Symbol: PTNR$ 1.248 billion
One Billion Two Hundred Forty Eight Million Seven Hundred Ninety Four Thousand Two Hundred Forty
$3.608 million more than Sapiens International Corporati
more by 0.29%
Communication Services
#20Sapiens International CorporatiSymbol: SPNS$ 1.245 billion
One Billion Two Hundred Forty Five Million One Hundred Eighty Six Thousand One Hundred Seventy Six