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Companies analyzed: 39,200

List of the Companies with the Most Employees in Isle of Man country

List of the largest companies from Isle of Man country rank by full time employees.

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#1PLAYTECH PLCSymbol: PTEC.L6,700Consumer CyclicalConsumer Cyclical
#2STRIX GROUP PLCSymbol: KETL.L850TechnologyTechnology
#3HANSARD GLOBAL PLCSymbol: HSD.L189Financial ServicesFinancial Services
#4MANX FINANCIAL GROUP PLCSymbol: MFX.L120Financial ServicesFinancial Services
#5WEBIS HOLDINGS PLCSymbol: WEB.L52Consumer CyclicalConsumer Cyclical
#6CAMBRIA AFRICA PLCSymbol: CMB.L12Financial ServicesFinancial Services
#7AFRICAN PIONEER PLCSymbol: AFP.L5Basic MaterialsBasic Materials
#8TOMCO ENERGY PLCSymbol: TOM.L1EnergyEnergy