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Companies analyzed: 39,200

Top Isle of Man Companies with the Highest Ebitda

List of the largest companies from Isle of Man country rank by ebitda.

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RankCompanyEbitdaDiff. nextSector
#1PLAYTECH PLCSymbol: PTEC.L$ 322.947 million
Three Hundred Twenty Two Million Nine Hundred Forty Seven Thousand Two Hundred Fourteen
$280.301 million more than MAS P.L.C
more by 657.27%
Consumer Cyclical
#2MAS P.L.CSymbol: MSP.JO$ 42.645 million
Forty Two Million Six Hundred Forty Five Thousand Nine Hundred Seventy Nine
$4.435 million more than GEODRILL LIMITED
more by 11.61%
Real Estate
#3GEODRILL LIMITEDSymbol: GEO.TO$ 38.210 million
Thirty Eight Million Two Hundred Ten Thousand Eight Hundred Ninety Two
$1.458 million more than STRIX GROUP PLC
more by 3.97%
Basic Materials
#4STRIX GROUP PLCSymbol: KETL.L$ 36.752 million
Thirty Six Million Seven Hundred Fifty Two Thousand Eight Hundred Sixty Two
$29.904 million more than HANSARD GLOBAL PLC
more by 436.69%
#5HANSARD GLOBAL PLCSymbol: HSD.L$ 6.848 million
Six Million Eight Hundred Forty Eight Thousand Fifty
$6.435 million more than CAMBRIA AFRICA PLC
more by 1560.13%
Financial Services
#6CAMBRIA AFRICA PLCSymbol: CMB.L$ . thousand
Four Hundred Twelve Thousand Five Hundred
$. thousand more than WEBIS HOLDINGS PLC
more by -201.1%
Financial Services
#7WEBIS HOLDINGS PLCSymbol: WEB.L$ -.408 million
Four Hundred Eight Thousand
$1.384 million more than TOMCO ENERGY PLC
more by -77.24%
Consumer Cyclical
#8TOMCO ENERGY PLCSymbol: TOM.L$ -1.792 million
Seven Hundred Ninety Two Thousand Nine Hundred Forty Four
$. thousand more than PETRO MATAD LIMITED
more by -34.61%
#9PETRO MATAD LIMITEDSymbol: MATD.L$ -2.742 million
Seven Hundred Forty Two Thousand
$. thousand more than EMMERSON PLC
more by -3.35%
#10EMMERSON PLCSymbol: EML.L$ -2.837 million
Eight Hundred Thirty Seven Thousand
$. thousand more than B90 HOLDINGS PLC
more by -8.55%
Basic Materials
#11B90 HOLDINGS PLCSymbol: B90.L$ -3.102 million
One Hundred Two Thousand Three Hundred One
$4.207 million more than CHALL.ENERGY GR. LS-,0002
more by -57.56%
Consumer Cyclical
#12CHALL.ENERGY GR. LS-,0002Symbol: BPV0.F$ -7.310 million
Three Hundred Ten Thousand
$. thousand more than BRADDA HEAD LITHIUM LIMITED
more by -4.45%
#13BRADDA HEAD LITHIUM LIMITEDSymbol: BHL.L$ -7.650 million
Six Hundred Fifty Thousand Four Hundred Two
Basic Materials