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Companies analyzed: 39,200

Top Ireland country Companies with the Highest Gross Profits

List of the largest companies from Ireland country rank by gross profits.

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RankCompanyEarningsDiff. nextSector
#1Medtronic plc.Symbol: MDT$ 21.715 billion
Twenty One Billion Seven Hundred Fifteen Million
$2.013 billion more than Accenture plc
more by 10.22%
#2Accenture plcSymbol: ACN$ 19.701 billion
Nineteen Billion Seven Hundred One Million Five Hundred Thirty Nine Thousand
$8.822 billion more than CRH PLC
more by 81.1%
#3CRH PLCSymbol: CRH$ 10.879 billion
Ten Billion Eight Hundred Seventy Nine Million
$2.536 billion more than Johnson Controls International
more by 30.4%
Basic Materials
#4Johnson Controls International Symbol: JCI$ 8.343 billion
Eight Billion Three Hundred Forty Three Million
$1.456 billion more than Eaton Corporation, PLC
more by 21.14%
#5Eaton Corporation, PLCSymbol: ETN$ 6.887 billion
Six Billion Eight Hundred Eighty Seven Million
$1.064 billion more than Aon plc
more by 18.27%
#6Aon plcSymbol: AON$ 5.823 billion
Five Billion Eight Hundred Twenty Three Million
$353.683 million more than FLUTTER ENTERTAINMENT PLC
more by 6.47%
Financial Services
Five Billion Four Hundred Sixty Nine Million Three Hundred Sixteen Thousand Nine Hundred Eighty Six
$504.516 million more than Trane Technologies plc
more by 10.16%
Consumer Cyclical
#8Trane Technologies plcSymbol: TT$ 4.964 billion
Four Billion Nine Hundred Sixty Four Million Eight Hundred Thousand
$661.006 million more than SMURFIT KAPPA GROUP PLC
more by 15.36%
#9SMURFIT KAPPA GROUP PLCSymbol: SK3.IR$ 4.303 billion
Four Billion Three Hundred Three Million Seven Hundred Ninety Three Thousand Six Hundred Ninety Five
$164.503 million more than KERRY GROUP PLC
more by 3.97%
Consumer Cyclical
#10KERRY GROUP PLCSymbol: KYGA.L$ 4.139 billion
Four Billion One Hundred Thirty Nine Million Two Hundred Eighty Nine Thousand Eight Hundred Forty One
$437.711 million more than AerCap Holdings N.V.
more by 11.83%
Consumer Defensive
#11AerCap Holdings N.V.Symbol: AER$ 3.701 billion
Three Billion Seven Hundred One Million Five Hundred Seventy Eight Thousand
$232.578 million more than Seagate Technology Holdings PLC
more by 6.7%
#12Seagate Technology Holdings PLCSymbol: STX$ 3.469 billion
Three Billion Four Hundred Sixty Nine Million
$76.751 million more than Jazz Pharmaceuticals plc
more by 2.26%
#13Jazz Pharmaceuticals plcSymbol: JAZZ$ 3.392 billion
Three Billion Three Hundred Ninety Two Million Two Hundred Forty Nine Thousand
$166.787 million more than BANK OF IRELAND GROUP PLC
more by 5.17%
#14BANK OF IRELAND GROUP PLCSymbol: BIRG.IR$ 3.225 billion
Three Billion Two Hundred Twenty Five Million Four Hundred Sixty One Thousand Nine Hundred Twenty Five
$147.237 million more than AIB GROUP PLC
more by 4.78%
Financial Services
#15AIB GROUP PLCSymbol: AIBG.L$ 3.078 billion
Three Billion Seventy Eight Million Two Hundred Twenty Four Thousand Ninety
$277.668 million more than Horizon Therapeutics Public Lim
more by 9.91%
Financial Services
#16Horizon Therapeutics Public LimSymbol: HZNP$ 2.800 billion
Two Billion Eight Hundred Million Five Hundred Fifty Six Thousand
$154.556 million more than Aptiv PLC
more by 5.84%
#17Aptiv PLCSymbol: APTV$ 2.646 billion
Two Billion Six Hundred Forty Six Million
$162 million more than EXPERIAN PLC
more by 6.52%
Consumer Cyclical
#18EXPERIAN PLCSymbol: EXPN.L$ 2.484 billion
Two Billion Four Hundred Eighty Four Million
$23.371 million more than DCC PLC
more by 0.95%
#19DCC PLCSymbol: DCC.L$ 2.460 billion
Two Billion Four Hundred Sixty Million Six Hundred Twenty Eight Thousand Seven Hundred Nine
$112.979 million more than KINGSPAN GROUP PLC
more by 4.81%
#20KINGSPAN GROUP PLCSymbol: KGP.L$ 2.347 billion
Two Billion Three Hundred Forty Seven Million Six Hundred Forty Nine Thousand Twenty