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Companies analyzed: 39,200

The Largest Companies in Industrials by Market Capitalization

List of the largest companies from Industrials sector rank by market capitalization.

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RankCompanyMarket CapDiff. nextCountry
#1United Parcel Service, Inc.Symbol: UPS$ 161.374 billion
One Hundred Sixty One Billion Three Hundred Seventy Four Million Six Hundred One Thousand Two Hundred Sixteen
$28.035 billion more than CONTEMPORARY AMPER
more by 21.03%
United States
#2CONTEMPORARY AMPERSymbol: 300750.SZ$ 133.339 billion
One Hundred Thirty Three Billion Three Hundred Thirty Nine Million Four Hundred Eighty Six Thousand Four Hundred Eighty Four
$7.015 billion more than Honeywell International Inc.
more by 5.55%
#3Honeywell International Inc.Symbol: HON$ 126.324 billion
One Hundred Twenty Six Billion Three Hundred Twenty Four Million Two Hundred Nineteen Thousand Nine Hundred Four
$4.577 billion more than Boeing Company (The)
more by 3.76%
United States
#4Boeing Company (The)Symbol: BA$ 121.746 billion
One Hundred Twenty One Billion Seven Hundred Forty Six Million Eight Hundred Thirty Three Thousand Four Hundred Eight
$1.298 billion more than Lockheed Martin Corporation
more by 1.08%
United States
#5Lockheed Martin CorporationSymbol: LMT$ 120.448 billion
One Hundred Twenty Billion Four Hundred Forty Eight Million Three Hundred Fifty Two Thousand Two Hundred Fifty Six
$2.411 billion more than Union Pacific Corporation
more by 2.04%
United States
#6Union Pacific CorporationSymbol: UNP$ 118.036 billion
One Hundred Eighteen Billion Thirty Six Million Four Hundred Ninety Six Thousand Three Hundred Eighty Four
$1.806 billion more than SIEMENS AG
more by 1.55%
United States
#7SIEMENS AGSymbol: SIE.DE$ 116.230 billion
One Hundred Sixteen Billion Two Hundred Thirty Million One Hundred Forty Three Thousand Six Hundred Seventy Two
$335.740 million more than Deere & Company
more by 0.29%
#8Deere & CompanySymbol: DE$ 115.894 billion
One Hundred Fifteen Billion Eight Hundred Ninety Four Million Four Hundred Three Thousand Seventy Two
$4.874 billion more than Caterpillar, Inc.
more by 4.39%
United States
#9Caterpillar, Inc.Symbol: CAT$ 111.019 billion
One Hundred Eleven Billion Nineteen Million Five Hundred Forty Eight Thousand Six Hundred Seventy Two
$10.838 billion more than General Electric Company
more by 10.82%
United States
#10General Electric CompanySymbol: GE$ 100.181 billion
One Hundred Billion One Hundred Eighty One Million Two Hundred Sixty Two Thousand Three Hundred Thirty Six
$124.639 million more than AIRBUS SE
more by 0.12%
United States
#11AIRBUS SESymbol: AIR.DE$ 100.056 billion
One Hundred Billion Fifty Six Million Six Hundred Twenty Two Thousand Eight Hundred Sixty Six
$1.193 billion more than LG Energy Solution
more by 1.21%
#12LG Energy SolutionSymbol: 373220.KS$ 98.863 billion
Ninety Eight Billion Eight Hundred Sixty Three Million One Hundred Twenty Four Thousand Eight Hundred Eighty Two
$9.462 billion more than Automatic Data Processing, Inc.
more by 10.58%
South Korea
#13Automatic Data Processing, Inc.Symbol: ADP$ 89.400 billion
Eighty Nine Billion Four Hundred Million Three Hundred Seventy Seven Thousand Three Hundred Forty Four
$18.986 million more than SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC SE
more by 0.02%
United States
#14SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC SESymbol: SU.PA$ 89.381 billion
Eighty Nine Billion Three Hundred Eighty One Million Three Hundred Ninety One Thousand Three Hundred Thirteen
$12.088 billion more than CANADIAN NATIONAL RAILWAY CO.
more by 15.64%
#15CANADIAN NATIONAL RAILWAY CO.Symbol: CNR.TO$ 77.293 billion
Seventy Seven Billion Two Hundred Ninety Three Million Two Hundred Twenty Two Thousand Two Hundred Nine
$5.289 billion more than Canadian Pacific Railway Limite
more by 7.35%
#16Canadian Pacific Railway LimiteSymbol: CP$ 72.003 billion
Seventy Two Billion Three Million Five Hundred Eighteen Thousand Four Hundred Sixty Four
$1.895 billion more than Illinois Tool Works Inc.
more by 2.7%
#17Illinois Tool Works Inc.Symbol: ITW$ 70.107 billion
Seventy Billion One Hundred Seven Million Six Hundred Seventy Six Thousand Six Hundred Seventy Two
$1.210 billion more than Northrop Grumman Corporation
more by 1.76%
United States
#18Northrop Grumman CorporationSymbol: NOC$ 68.896 billion
Sixty Eight Billion Eight Hundred Ninety Six Million Eight Hundred Forty One Thousand Seven Hundred Twenty Eight
$3.473 billion more than Eaton Corporation, PLC
more by 5.31%
United States
#19Eaton Corporation, PLCSymbol: ETN$ 65.423 billion
Sixty Five Billion Four Hundred Twenty Three Million One Hundred Ninety Six Thousand One Hundred Sixty
$1.528 billion more than VINCI
more by 2.39%
#20VINCISymbol: DG.PA$ 63.895 billion
Sixty Three Billion Eight Hundred Ninety Five Million One Hundred Twenty Four Thousand Three Hundred Twelve