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Companies analyzed: 39,200

Largest Companies by Revenue in India country

List of the largest companies from India country rank by total revenue.

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RankCompanyTotal RevenueDiff. nextSector
#1INDIAN OIL CORPSymbol: IOC.NS$ 98.875 billion
Ninety Eight Billion Eight Hundred Seventy Five Million Three Hundred Forty Two Thousand Seven Hundred Seventy Four
$1.561 billion more than Life Insura Corp of India
more by 1.6%
#2Life Insura Corp of IndiaSymbol: LICI.NS$ 97.313 billion
Ninety Seven Billion Three Hundred Thirteen Million Five Hundred Thirty Seven Thousand Nine Hundred Fourteen
$19.959 billion more than OIL & NATURAL GAS
more by 25.8%
Financial Services
#3OIL & NATURAL GASSymbol: ONGC.NS$ 77.354 billion
Seventy Seven Billion Three Hundred Fifty Four Million One Hundred Ninety Three Thousand Seven Hundred Seventy Seven
$21.501 billion more than BHARAT PETROL CORP
more by 38.5%
#4BHARAT PETROL CORPSymbol: BPCL.NS$ 55.852 billion
Fifty Five Billion Eight Hundred Fifty Two Million Eight Hundred Six Thousand Seven Hundred Fourteen
$3.534 billion more than HINDUSTAN PETROL
more by 6.76%
#5HINDUSTAN PETROLSymbol: HINDPETRO.NS$ 52.318 billion
Fifty Two Billion Three Hundred Eighteen Million Six Hundred Sixty One Thousand Nine Hundred Sixteen
$13.595 billion more than TATA MOTORS LTD.
more by 35.11%
#6TATA MOTORS LTD.Symbol: TATAMOTORS.NS$ 38.723 billion
Thirty Eight Billion Seven Hundred Twenty Three Million Two Hundred Fifteen Thousand Five Hundred Eight
$1.020 billion more than RAJESH EXPORTS
more by 2.71%
Consumer Cyclical
#7RAJESH EXPORTSSymbol: RAJESHEXPO.NS$ 37.702 billion
Thirty Seven Billion Seven Hundred Two Million Three Hundred Twenty Thousand Three Hundred Twelve
$7.339 billion more than TATA STEEL LTD
more by 24.17%
Consumer Cyclical
#8TATA STEEL LTDSymbol: TATASTEEL.NS$ 30.362 billion
Thirty Billion Three Hundred Sixty Two Million Eight Hundred Four Thousand Five Hundred Thirty One
$2.128 billion more than STATE BK OF INDIA
more by 7.54%
Basic Materials
#9STATE BK OF INDIASymbol: SBIN.NS$ 28.233 billion
Twenty Eight Billion Two Hundred Thirty Three Million Nine Hundred Eight Thousand Six Hundred Thirty
$1.106 billion more than HINDALCO INDS
more by 4.08%
Financial Services
#10HINDALCO INDSSymbol: HINDALCO.NS$ 27.127 billion
Twenty Seven Billion One Hundred Twenty Seven Million Eight Hundred Twenty Three Thousand Five Hundred Fifty Seven
$756.533 million more than TATA CONSULTANCY S
more by 2.87%
Basic Materials
#11TATA CONSULTANCY SSymbol: TCS.NS$ 26.371 billion
Twenty Six Billion Three Hundred Seventy One Million Two Hundred Ninety Thousand Four Hundred Sixty Two
$4.421 billion more than LARSEN AND TOUBRO LIMITED
more by 20.14%
#12LARSEN AND TOUBRO LIMITEDSymbol: LTOD.IL$ 21.949 billion
Twenty One Billion Nine Hundred Forty Nine Million Seven Hundred Twelve Thousand Sixty One
$1.396 billion more than NTPC LTD
more by 6.79%
#13NTPC LTDSymbol: NTPC.NS$ 20.553 billion
Twenty Billion Five Hundred Fifty Three Million Four Hundred Sixty One Thousand Two Hundred Nineteen
$382.532 million more than JSW STEEL LTD
more by 1.9%
#14JSW STEEL LTDSymbol: JSWSTEEL.NS$ 20.170 billion
Twenty Billion One Hundred Seventy Million Nine Hundred Twenty Nine Thousand One Hundred Twenty One
$2.174 billion more than VEDANTA LIMITED
more by 12.08%
Basic Materials
#15VEDANTA LIMITEDSymbol: VEDL.NS$ 17.996 billion
Seventeen Billion Nine Hundred Ninety Six Million Four Hundred Fifteen Thousand Twenty Four
$59.414 million more than INFOSYS LTD
more by 0.33%
Basic Materials
#16INFOSYS LTDSymbol: INFY.NS$ 17.937 billion
Seventeen Billion Nine Hundred Thirty Seven Million Four Hundred Forty Eight
$943.956 million more than GAIL INDIA LTD
more by 5.55%
#17GAIL INDIA LTDSymbol: GAIL.NS$ 16.993 billion
Sixteen Billion Nine Hundred Ninety Three Million Forty Four Thousand Two Hundred Three
$541.139 million more than BHARTI AIRTEL LTD
more by 3.29%
#18BHARTI AIRTEL LTDSymbol: BHARTIARTL.NS$ 16.451 billion
Sixteen Billion Four Hundred Fifty One Million Nine Hundred Five Thousand Forty Five
$584.746 million more than ADANI ENTERPRISES
more by 3.69%
Communication Services
#19ADANI ENTERPRISESSymbol: ADANIENT.NS$ 15.867 billion
Fifteen Billion Eight Hundred Sixty Seven Million One Hundred Fifty Eight Thousand Nine Hundred Forty Six
$475.421 million more than COAL INDIA LTD
more by 3.09%
#20COAL INDIA LTDSymbol: COALINDIA.NS$ 15.391 billion
Fifteen Billion Three Hundred Ninety One Million Seven Hundred Thirty Seven Thousand Seven Hundred Eighty Five