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Companies analyzed: 39,200

India Companies with the Most Cash on Hand

List of the largest companies from India country rank by total cash.

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RankCompanyTotal CashDiff. nextSector
#1STATE BK OF INDIASymbol: SBIN.NS$ 27.273 billion
Twenty Seven Billion Two Hundred Seventy Three Million One Hundred Eleven Thousand Ninety Three
$11.613 billion more than PUNJAB NATL BANK
more by 74.17%
Financial Services
#2PUNJAB NATL BANKSymbol: PNB.NS$ 15.659 billion
Fifteen Billion Six Hundred Fifty Nine Million One Hundred Ninety Thousand Eight Hundred Sixty Three
$2.970 billion more than HDFC BANK
more by 23.42%
Financial Services
#3HDFC BANKSymbol: HDFCBANK.NS$ 12.688 billion
Twelve Billion Six Hundred Eighty Eight Million Two Hundred Twenty One Thousand Four Hundred Seventy Three
$2.090 billion more than BK OF INDIA
more by 19.73%
Financial Services
#4BK OF INDIASymbol: BANKINDIA.NS$ 10.597 billion
Ten Billion Five Hundred Ninety Seven Million Seven Hundred Thirty Thousand Three Hundred Seventy Nine
$3.046 billion more than ICICI Bank Limited
more by 40.35%
Financial Services
#5ICICI Bank LimitedSymbol: IBN$ 7.551 billion
Seven Billion Five Hundred Fifty One Million Ninety One Thousand One Hundred Twenty
$375.432 million more than INDUSIND BANK LTD
more by 5.23%
Financial Services
Seven Billion One Hundred Seventy Five Million Six Hundred Fifty Eight Thousand Two Hundred Sixty Three
$316.864 million more than CANARA BANK
more by 4.62%
Financial Services
#7CANARA BANKSymbol: CANBK.NS$ 6.858 billion
Six Billion Eight Hundred Fifty Eight Million Seven Hundred Ninety Three Thousand Three Hundred Sixty Seven
$101.711 million more than UNION BK OF INDIA
more by 1.51%
Financial Services
#8UNION BK OF INDIASymbol: UNIONBANK.NS$ 6.757 billion
Six Billion Seven Hundred Fifty Seven Million Eighty Two Thousand Three Hundred Fifty Three
$45.787 million more than TATA CONSULTANCY S
more by 0.68%
Financial Services
#9TATA CONSULTANCY SSymbol: TCS.NS$ 6.711 billion
Six Billion Seven Hundred Eleven Million Two Hundred Ninety Four Thousand Three Hundred Seventy Three
$426.144 million more than BK OF BARODA
more by 6.78%
#10BK OF BARODASymbol: BANKBARODA.NS$ 6.285 billion
Six Billion Two Hundred Eighty Five Million One Hundred Forty Nine Thousand Seven Hundred Twenty Nine
$406.276 million more than TATA MOTORS LTD.
more by 6.91%
Financial Services
#11TATA MOTORS LTD.Symbol: TATAMOTORS.NS$ 5.878 billion
Five Billion Eight Hundred Seventy Eight Million Eight Hundred Seventy Three Thousand Four Hundred Eight
$66.562 million more than AXIS BANK
more by 1.15%
Consumer Cyclical
#12AXIS BANKSymbol: AXISBANK.NS$ 5.812 billion
Five Billion Eight Hundred Twelve Million Three Hundred Ten Thousand Seven Hundred Fourteen
$222.405 million more than LARSEN AND TOUBRO LIMITED
more by 3.98%
Financial Services
#13LARSEN AND TOUBRO LIMITEDSymbol: LTOD.IL$ 5.589 billion
Five Billion Five Hundred Eighty Nine Million Nine Hundred Five Thousand Seven Hundred Twelve
$203.799 million more than COAL INDIA LTD
more by 3.78%
#14COAL INDIA LTDSymbol: COALINDIA.NS$ 5.386 billion
Five Billion Three Hundred Eighty Six Million One Hundred Six Thousand One Hundred Twenty One
$395.935 million more than KOTAK MAHINDRA BAN
more by 7.93%
#15KOTAK MAHINDRA BANSymbol: KOTAKBANK.NS$ 4.990 billion
Four Billion Nine Hundred Ninety Million One Hundred Seventy Thousand Nine Hundred Five
$405.367 million more than WIPRO LTD
more by 8.84%
Financial Services
#16WIPRO LTDSymbol: WIPRO.NS$ 4.584 billion
Four Billion Five Hundred Eighty Four Million Eight Hundred Three Thousand Three Hundred Fifty Six
$157.487 million more than OIL & NATURAL GAS
more by 3.56%
#17OIL & NATURAL GASSymbol: ONGC.NS$ 4.427 billion
Four Billion Four Hundred Twenty Seven Million Three Hundred Sixteen Thousand Two Hundred Six
$968.221 million more than Life Insura Corp of India
more by 27.99%
#18Life Insura Corp of IndiaSymbol: LICI.NS$ 3.459 billion
Three Billion Four Hundred Fifty Nine Million Ninety Five Thousand One Hundred Fifty
$234.179 million more than VEDANTA LIMITED
more by 7.26%
Financial Services
#19VEDANTA LIMITEDSymbol: VEDL.NS$ 3.224 billion
Three Billion Two Hundred Twenty Four Million Nine Hundred Fifteen Thousand Eight Hundred Twelve
$184.932 million more than INDIAN BANK
more by 6.08%
Basic Materials
#20INDIAN BANKSymbol: INDIANB.NS$ 3.039 billion
Three Billion Thirty Nine Million Nine Hundred Eighty Three Thousand Six Hundred Sixty Four
Financial Services