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Companies analyzed: 39,200

The Largest Companies in India by Market Capitalization

List of the largest companies from India country rank by market capitalization.

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RankCompanyMarket CapDiff. nextSector
#1TATA CONSULTANCY SSymbol: TCS.NS$ 140.820 billion
One Hundred Forty Billion Eight Hundred Twenty Million Five Hundred Seventy Seven Thousand Seven Hundred Ninety Eight
$32.502 billion more than HDFC BANK
more by 30.01%
#2HDFC BANKSymbol: HDFCBANK.NS$ 108.318 billion
One Hundred Eight Billion Three Hundred Eighteen Million Forty Thousand Five Hundred One
$34.615 billion more than HINDUSTAN UNILEVER
more by 46.97%
Financial Services
Seventy Three Billion Seven Hundred Two Million Two Hundred Seventy Seven Thousand Six Hundred Thirty Five
$56.467 million more than ICICI Bank Limited
more by 0.08%
Consumer Defensive
#4ICICI Bank LimitedSymbol: IBN$ 73.645 billion
Seventy Three Billion Six Hundred Forty Five Million Eight Hundred Nine Thousand Six Hundred Sixty Four
$3.698 billion more than INFOSYS LTD
more by 5.29%
Financial Services
#5INFOSYS LTDSymbol: INFY.NS$ 69.947 billion
Sixty Nine Billion Nine Hundred Forty Seven Million Six Hundred Twenty Six Thousand Five Hundred Seventy Three
$11.309 billion more than HOUSING DEVEL FIN
more by 19.29%
#6HOUSING DEVEL FINSymbol: HDFC.NS$ 58.637 billion
Fifty Eight Billion Six Hundred Thirty Seven Million Seven Hundred Ninety Nine Thousand Five Hundred Ninety
$285.120 million more than ITC LTD
more by 0.49%
Financial Services
#7ITC LTDSymbol: ITC.NS$ 58.352 billion
Fifty Eight Billion Three Hundred Fifty Two Million Six Hundred Seventy Eight Thousand Eight Hundred Sixty Seven
$1.322 billion more than STATE BK OF INDIA
more by 2.32%
Consumer Defensive
#8STATE BK OF INDIASymbol: SBIN.NS$ 57.030 billion
Fifty Seven Billion Thirty Million Four Hundred Forty Nine Thousand Two Hundred Twenty
$3.049 billion more than BHARTI AIRTEL LTD
more by 5.65%
Financial Services
#9BHARTI AIRTEL LTDSymbol: BHARTIARTL.NS$ 53.980 billion
Fifty Three Billion Nine Hundred Eighty Million Six Hundred Sixty One Thousand Eight Hundred Sixty Six
$11.824 billion more than BAJAJ FINANCE LTD
more by 28.05%
Communication Services
#10BAJAJ FINANCE LTDSymbol: BAJFINANCE.NS$ 42.155 billion
Forty Two Billion One Hundred Fifty Five Million Eight Hundred Five Thousand Nine Hundred Eighty Four
$1.008 million more than KOTAK MAHINDRA BAN
more by 0%
Financial Services
#11KOTAK MAHINDRA BANSymbol: KOTAKBANK.NS$ 42.154 billion
Forty Two Billion One Hundred Fifty Four Million Seven Hundred Ninety Seven Thousand Seven Hundred Sixty Nine
$1.212 billion more than Life Insura Corp of India
more by 2.96%
Financial Services
#12Life Insura Corp of IndiaSymbol: LICI.NS$ 40.942 billion
Forty Billion Nine Hundred Forty Two Million Six Hundred Forty Eight Thousand Six Hundred Thirty Eight
$3.790 billion more than LARSEN AND TOUBRO LIMITED
more by 10.2%
Financial Services
#13LARSEN AND TOUBRO LIMITEDSymbol: LTOD.IL$ 37.151 billion
Thirty Seven Billion One Hundred Fifty One Million Six Hundred Seventy Four Thousand Three Hundred Sixty Eight
$1.084 billion more than HCL TECHNOLOGIES
more by 3.01%
#14HCL TECHNOLOGIESSymbol: HCLTECH.NS$ 36.067 billion
Thirty Six Billion Sixty Seven Million Two Hundred Ninety Nine Thousand Three Hundred Ten
$3.735 billion more than ASIAN PAINTS LTD
more by 11.55%
#15ASIAN PAINTS LTDSymbol: ASIANPAINT.NS$ 32.331 billion
Thirty Two Billion Three Hundred Thirty One Million Eight Hundred Forty Nine Thousand Six
$377.921 million more than AXIS BANK
more by 1.18%
Basic Materials
#16AXIS BANKSymbol: AXISBANK.NS$ 31.953 billion
Thirty One Billion Nine Hundred Fifty Three Million Nine Hundred Twenty Seven Thousand Eight Hundred Ten
$1.133 billion more than MARUTI SUZUKI IND
more by 3.68%
Financial Services
#17MARUTI SUZUKI INDSymbol: MARUTI.NS$ 30.819 billion
Thirty Billion Eight Hundred Nineteen Million Nine Hundred Ninety One Thousand Nine Hundred Thirty Five
$1.627 billion more than SUN PHARMACEUTICAL
more by 5.58%
Consumer Cyclical
Twenty Nine Billion One Hundred Ninety Two Million Four Hundred Twenty Six Thousand Two Hundred Ten
$1.856 billion more than TITAN COMPANY LTD
more by 6.79%
#19TITAN COMPANY LTDSymbol: TITAN.NS$ 27.336 billion
Twenty Seven Billion Three Hundred Thirty Six Million Thirty Three Thousand Nine Hundred Eight
$169.153 million more than ULTRATECH CEMENT
more by 0.62%
Consumer Cyclical
#20ULTRATECH CEMENTSymbol: ULTRACEMCO.NS$ 27.166 billion
Twenty Seven Billion One Hundred Sixty Six Million Eight Hundred Eighty Thousand Two Hundred Seventy Three
Basic Materials