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Companies analyzed: 39,200

Largest Companies by Revenue in Iceland country

List of the largest companies from Iceland country rank by total revenue.

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RankCompanyTotal RevenueDiff. nextSector
#1Marel hf.Symbol: MAREL.IC$ 1.815 billion
One Billion Eight Hundred Fifteen Million One Hundred Ninety Eight Thousand One Hundred Seventy Nine
$549.998 million more than Icelandair Group hf.
more by 43.47%
#2Icelandair Group hf.Symbol: ICEAIR.IC$ 1.265 billion
One Billion Two Hundred Sixty Five Million Two Hundred Thousand
$127.845 million more than Eimskipafélag Íslands hf.
more by 11.24%
#3Eimskipafélag Íslands hf.Symbol: EIM.IC$ 1.137 billion
One Billion One Hundred Thirty Seven Million Three Hundred Fifty Four Thousand Eight Hundred Ninety
$22.588 million more than Hagar hf.
more by 2.03%
#4Hagar hf.Symbol: HAGA.IC$ 1.114 billion
One Billion One Hundred Fourteen Million Seven Hundred Sixty Six Thousand Four Hundred Twenty Nine
$248.588 million more than Festi hf.
more by 28.7%
Consumer Defensive
#5Festi hf.Symbol: FESTI.IC$ 866.177 million
Eight Hundred Sixty Six Million One Hundred Seventy Seven Thousand Six Hundred Six
$147.527 million more than OSSUR HF
more by 20.53%
Consumer Cyclical
#6OSSUR HFSymbol: OSSR.CO$ 718.649 million
Seven Hundred Eighteen Million Six Hundred Forty Nine Thousand Nine Hundred Eighty Four
$239.616 million more than Brim hf.
more by 50.02%
#7Brim hf.Symbol: BRIM.IC$ 479.032 million
Four Hundred Seventy Nine Million Thirty Two Thousand Nine Hundred Eighty Nine
$32.051 million more than Iceland Seafood International h
more by 7.17%
Consumer Defensive
#8Iceland Seafood International hSymbol: ICESEA.IC$ 446.981 million
Four Hundred Forty Six Million Nine Hundred Eighty One Thousand Five Hundred Thirteen
$27.357 million more than ĂŤslandsbanki hf.
more by 6.52%
Consumer Defensive
#9ĂŤslandsbanki hf.Symbol: ISB.IC$ 419.623 million
Four Hundred Nineteen Million Six Hundred Twenty Three Thousand Six Hundred Seven
$109.510 million more than SĂ­ldarvinnslan hf.
more by 35.31%
Financial Services
#10SĂ­ldarvinnslan hf.Symbol: SVN.IC$ 310.113 million
Three Hundred Ten Million One Hundred Thirteen Thousand Three Hundred Twelve
$78.710 million more than Skeljungur hf.
more by 34.01%
Consumer Defensive
#11Skeljungur hf.Symbol: SKEL.IC$ 231.402 million
Two Hundred Thirty One Million Four Hundred Two Thousand Three Hundred Twenty Seven
$23.070 million more than HampiĂ°jan hf.
more by 11.07%
Consumer Cyclical
#12HampiĂ°jan hf.Symbol: HAMP.IC$ 208.331 million
Two Hundred Eight Million Three Hundred Thirty One Thousand Eight Hundred Seventeen
$11.027 million more than Sjóvá-Almennar tryggingar hf.
more by 5.59%
Consumer Cyclical
#13Sjóvá-Almennar tryggingar hf.Symbol: SJOVA.IC$ 197.304 million
One Hundred Ninety Seven Million Three Hundred Four Thousand Seven Hundred Seventy Seven
$21.668 million more than Vátryggingafélag Íslands hf.
more by 12.34%
Financial Services
#14Vátryggingafélag Íslands hf.Symbol: VIS.IC$ 175.636 million
One Hundred Seventy Five Million Six Hundred Thirty Six Thousand Three Hundred Forty Two
$4.831 million more than SĂ­minn hf.
more by 2.83%
Financial Services
#15SĂ­minn hf.Symbol: SIMINN.IC$ 170.804 million
One Hundred Seventy Million Eight Hundred Four Thousand Seven Hundred Sixty Seven
$6.821 million more than Sýn hf.
more by 4.16%
Communication Services
#16Sýn hf.Symbol: SYN.IC$ 163.983 million
One Hundred Sixty Three Million Nine Hundred Eighty Three Thousand Seven Hundred Five
$1.185 million more than
more by 0.73%
Communication Services
#17Symbol: OLGERD.IC$ 162.798 million
One Hundred Sixty Two Million Seven Hundred Ninety Eight Thousand Eleven
$20.050 million more than Origo hf.
more by 14.05%
Consumer Defensive
#18Origo hf.Symbol: ORIGO.IC$ 142.747 million
One Hundred Forty Two Million Seven Hundred Forty Seven Thousand Four Hundred Twenty Two
$2.842 million more than Fly Play hf.
more by 2.03%
#19Fly Play hf.Symbol: PLAY.IC$ 139.904 million
One Hundred Thirty Nine Million Nine Hundred Four Thousand Nine Hundred Ninety Two
$7.037 million more than Kvika banki hf.
more by 5.3%
#20Kvika banki hf.Symbol: KVIKA.IC$ 132.867 million
One Hundred Thirty Two Million Eight Hundred Sixty Seven Thousand Three Hundred Six
Financial Services