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Companies analyzed: 39,200

Ranking of Top Iceland Companies with the Most Debt

List of the largest companies from Iceland country rank by total debt.

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RankCompanyTotal DebtDiff. nextSector
#1Íslandsbanki hf.Symbol: ISB.IC$ 3.458 billion
Three Billion Four Hundred Fifty Eight Million Seven Hundred One Thousand Six Hundred Twenty Five
$2.498 billion more than Marel hf.
more by 260.14%
Financial Services
#2Marel hf.Symbol: MAREL.IC$ 960.368 million
Nine Hundred Sixty Million Three Hundred Sixty Eight Thousand Four Hundred Thirty Three
$124.577 million more than Alvotech
more by 14.91%
#3AlvotechSymbol: ALVO$ 835.790 million
Eight Hundred Thirty Five Million Seven Hundred Ninety Thousand Nine Hundred Seventy Six
$24.270 million more than Reginn hf.
more by 2.99%
#4Reginn hf.Symbol: REGINN.IC$ 811.520 million
Eight Hundred Eleven Million Five Hundred Twenty Thousand Six Hundred Fifty Eight
$80.792 million more than Reitir fasteignafélag hf
more by 11.06%
Real Estate
#5Reitir fasteignafélag hfSymbol: REITIR.IC$ 730.728 million
Seven Hundred Thirty Million Seven Hundred Twenty Eight Thousand Four Hundred Thirty Five
$14.778 million more than Icelandair Group hf.
more by 2.06%
Real Estate
#6Icelandair Group hf.Symbol: ICEAIR.IC$ 715.950 million
Seven Hundred Fifteen Million Nine Hundred Fifty Thousand Sixteen
$199.629 million more than Eik fasteignafélag hf
more by 38.66%
#7Eik fasteignafélag hfSymbol: EIK.IC$ 516.320 million
Five Hundred Sixteen Million Three Hundred Twenty Thousand Nine Hundred Twenty Two
$27.206 million more than OSSUR HF
more by 5.56%
Real Estate
#8OSSUR HFSymbol: OSSR.CO$ 489.113 million
Four Hundred Eighty Nine Million One Hundred Thirteen Thousand Nine Hundred Eighty Four
$8.282 million more than Kvika banki hf.
more by 1.72%
#9Kvika banki hf.Symbol: KVIKA.IC$ 480.831 million
Four Hundred Eighty Million Eight Hundred Thirty One Thousand Two Hundred Forty Six
$104.092 million more than Brim hf.
more by 27.63%
Financial Services
#10Brim hf.Symbol: BRIM.IC$ 376.739 million
Three Hundred Seventy Six Million Seven Hundred Thirty Nine Thousand Two Hundred Seven
$102.465 million more than Festi hf.
more by 37.36%
Consumer Defensive
#11Festi hf.Symbol: FESTI.IC$ 274.273 million
Two Hundred Seventy Four Million Two Hundred Seventy Three Thousand Six Hundred Ten
$28.304 million more than EimskipafĂ©lag Íslands hf.
more by 11.51%
Consumer Cyclical
#12EimskipafĂ©lag Íslands hf.Symbol: EIM.IC$ 245.968 million
Two Hundred Forty Five Million Nine Hundred Sixty Eight Thousand Six Hundred Forty Five
$15.307 million more than Fly Play hf.
more by 6.64%
#13Fly Play hf.Symbol: PLAY.IC$ 230.660 million
Two Hundred Thirty Million Six Hundred Sixty Thousand Nine Hundred Ninety Two
$58.757 million more than Hagar hf.
more by 34.18%
#14Hagar hf.Symbol: HAGA.IC$ 171.903 million
One Hundred Seventy One Million Nine Hundred Three Thousand Five Hundred Twenty Eight
$28.085 million more than KaldalĂłn hf.
more by 19.53%
Consumer Defensive
#15KaldalĂłn hf.Symbol: KALD.IC$ 143.817 million
One Hundred Forty Three Million Eight Hundred Seventeen Thousand Five Hundred Fifty Eight
$15.014 million more than SĂœn hf.
more by 11.66%
Consumer Cyclical
#16SĂœn hf.Symbol: SYN.IC$ 128.803 million
One Hundred Twenty Eight Million Eight Hundred Three Thousand Four Hundred Forty Seven
$3.616 million more than Iceland Seafood International h
more by 2.89%
Communication Services
#17Iceland Seafood International hSymbol: ICESEA.IC$ 125.186 million
One Hundred Twenty Five Million One Hundred Eighty Six Thousand Eight Hundred Twenty Five
$6.322 million more than HampiĂ°jan hf.
more by 5.32%
Consumer Defensive
#18HampiĂ°jan hf.Symbol: HAMP.IC$ 118.864 million
One Hundred Eighteen Million Eight Hundred Sixty Four Thousand Ninety Five
$18.825 million more than ARCTIC FISH HOLDING AS
more by 18.82%
Consumer Cyclical
#19ARCTIC FISH HOLDING ASSymbol: AFISH.OL$ 100.038 million
One Hundred Million Thirty Eight Thousand Seven Hundred Forty Nine
$19.331 million more than
more by 23.95%
Consumer Defensive
#20Symbol: NOVA.IC$ 80.707 million
Eighty Million Seven Hundred Seven Thousand Eighty Six
Communication Services