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Companies analyzed: 39,200

The Largest Companies in Iceland by Market Capitalization

List of the largest companies from Iceland country rank by market capitalization.

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RankCompanyMarket CapDiff. nextSector
#1AlvotechSymbol: ALVO$ 3.570 billion
Three Billion Five Hundred Seventy Million Thirteen Thousand Six Hundred Ninety Six
$520.704 million more than Marel hf.
more by 17.08%
#2Marel hf.Symbol: MAREL.IC$ 3.049 billion
Three Billion Forty Nine Million Three Hundred Eight Thousand Seven Hundred Sixty Three
$1.117 billion more than OSSUR HF
more by 57.84%
#3OSSUR HFSymbol: OSSR.CO$ 1.931 billion
One Billion Nine Hundred Thirty One Million Eight Hundred Sixty Seven Thousand Four Hundred Two
$219.130 million more than ├Źslandsbanki hf.
more by 12.79%
#4├Źslandsbanki hf.Symbol: ISB.IC$ 1.712 billion
One Billion Seven Hundred Twelve Million Seven Hundred Thirty Seven Thousand Three Hundred Twenty Three
$131.448 million more than S├şldarvinnslan hf.
more by 8.31%
Financial Services
#5S├şldarvinnslan hf.Symbol: SVN.IC$ 1.581 billion
One Billion Five Hundred Eighty One Million Two Hundred Eighty Nine Thousand Seventeen
$148.023 million more than Arion Banki hf SDB
more by 10.33%
Consumer Defensive
#6Arion Banki hf SDBSymbol: ARION-SDB.ST$ 1.433 billion
One Billion Four Hundred Thirty Three Million Two Hundred Sixty Five Thousand Forty One
$233.867 million more than Brim hf.
more by 19.5%
Financial Services
#7Brim hf.Symbol: BRIM.IC$ 1.199 billion
One Billion One Hundred Ninety Nine Million Three Hundred Ninety Seven Thousand Three Hundred Forty One
$534.540 million more than Eimskipaf├ęlag ├Źslands hf.
more by 80.4%
Consumer Defensive
#8Eimskipaf├ęlag ├Źslands hf.Symbol: EIM.IC$ 664.856 million
Six Hundred Sixty Four Million Eight Hundred Fifty Six Thousand Six Hundred Ninety Two
$36.600 million more than Kvika banki hf.
more by 5.83%
#9Kvika banki hf.Symbol: KVIKA.IC$ 628.256 million
Six Hundred Twenty Eight Million Two Hundred Fifty Six Thousand Twenty Five
$41.937 million more than Icelandair Group hf.
more by 7.15%
Financial Services
#10Icelandair Group hf.Symbol: ICEAIR.IC$ 586.318 million
Five Hundred Eighty Six Million Three Hundred Eighteen Thousand One Hundred Nine
$33.191 million more than S├şminn hf.
more by 6%
#11S├şminn hf.Symbol: SIMINN.IC$ 553.126 million
Five Hundred Fifty Three Million One Hundred Twenty Six Thousand One Hundred Thirty One
$31.986 million more than Hagar hf.
more by 6.14%
Communication Services
#12Hagar hf.Symbol: HAGA.IC$ 521.139 million
Five Hundred Twenty One Million One Hundred Thirty Nine Thousand Five Hundred Ten
$23.786 million more than Reitir fasteignaf├ęlag hf
more by 4.78%
Consumer Defensive
#13Reitir fasteignaf├ęlag hfSymbol: REITIR.IC$ 497.352 million
Four Hundred Ninety Seven Million Three Hundred Fifty Two Thousand Eight Hundred Eighty Six
$13.941 million more than Hampi├░jan hf.
more by 2.88%
Real Estate
#14Hampi├░jan hf.Symbol: HAMP.IC$ 483.411 million
Four Hundred Eighty Three Million Four Hundred Eleven Thousand Four Hundred Fifty Six
$53.442 million more than Festi hf.
more by 12.43%
Consumer Cyclical
#15Festi hf.Symbol: FESTI.IC$ 429.968 million
Four Hundred Twenty Nine Million Nine Hundred Sixty Eight Thousand Five Hundred Forty Eight
$61.775 million more than Sjóvá-Almennar tryggingar hf.
more by 16.78%
Consumer Cyclical
#16Sjóvá-Almennar tryggingar hf.Symbol: SJOVA.IC$ 368.192 million
Three Hundred Sixty Eight Million One Hundred Ninety Two Thousand Five Hundred Seventy One
$62.073 million more than ARCTIC FISH HOLDING AS
more by 20.28%
Financial Services
#17ARCTIC FISH HOLDING ASSymbol: AFISH.OL$ 306.118 million
Three Hundred Six Million One Hundred Eighteen Thousand Nine Hundred Ninety Three
$9.828 million more than Reginn hf.
more by 3.32%
Consumer Defensive
#18Reginn hf.Symbol: REGINN.IC$ 296.290 million
Two Hundred Ninety Six Million Two Hundred Ninety Thousand Seven Hundred Seventy Three
$22.547 million more than ICE FISH FARM
more by 8.24%
Real Estate
#19ICE FISH FARMSymbol: IFISH.OL$ 273.742 million
Two Hundred Seventy Three Million Seven Hundred Forty Two Thousand Eight Hundred Three
$5.974 million more than Eik fasteignaf├ęlag hf
more by 2.23%
Consumer Defensive
#20Eik fasteignaf├ęlag hfSymbol: EIK.IC$ 267.768 million
Two Hundred Sixty Seven Million Seven Hundred Sixty Eight Thousand Thirty Two
Real Estate