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Companies analyzed: 39,200

Largest Companies by Revenue in Hungary country

List of the largest companies from Hungary country rank by total revenue.

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RankCompanyTotal RevenueDiff. nextSector
#1OTP BANK PLCSymbol: OTP.BD$ 3.840 billion
Three Billion Eight Hundred Forty Million Two Hundred Thirty Five Thousand Five Hundred Six
$2.616 billion more than OPUS GLOBAL
more by 213.79%
Financial Services
#2OPUS GLOBALSymbol: OPUS.BD$ 1.223 billion
One Billion Two Hundred Twenty Three Million Eight Hundred Twenty Three Thousand Two Hundred Four
$424.765 million more than 4IG NYILVANOSAN
more by 53.16%
#34IG NYILVANOSANSymbol: 4IG.BD$ 799.057 million
Seven Hundred Ninety Nine Million Fifty Seven Thousand Nine Hundred Sixty Four
$100.662 million more than Waberers International PLC
more by 14.41%
#4Waberers International PLCSymbol: 3WB.SG$ 698.395 million
Six Hundred Ninety Eight Million Three Hundred Ninety Five Thousand Fifty
$423.209 million more than ALTEO ENERGIASZOLG
more by 153.79%
#5ALTEO ENERGIASZOLGSymbol: ALTEO.BD$ 275.185 million
Two Hundred Seventy Five Million One Hundred Eighty Five Thousand One Hundred Fifteen
$103.315 million more than RABA JARMUIPARI HG
more by 60.11%
#6RABA JARMUIPARI HGSymbol: RABA.BD$ 171.869 million
One Hundred Seventy One Million Eight Hundred Sixty Nine Thousand Seven Hundred Twelve
$56.536 million more than ANY SECURITY PRINT
more by 49.02%
Consumer Cyclical
#7ANY SECURITY PRINTSymbol: ANY.BD$ 115.333 million
One Hundred Fifteen Million Three Hundred Thirty Three Thousand Five Hundred Ninety Two
$68.548 million more than DM-KER PRIVATE LTD
more by 146.52%
#8DM-KER PRIVATE LTDSymbol: DMKER.BD$ 46.784 million
Forty Six Million Seven Hundred Eighty Four Thousand Seven Hundred Fourteen
$30.278 million more than GRAPHISOFT PARK SE EO -02
more by 183.43%
#9GRAPHISOFT PARK SE EO -02Symbol: GUV.F$ 16.506 million
Sixteen Million Five Hundred Six Thousand Four Hundred Thirty Seven
$. thousand more than BUDAPEST R/EST
more by 4.63%
Real Estate
#10BUDAPEST R/ESTSymbol: BIF.BD$ 15.776 million
Fifteen Million Seven Hundred Seventy Six Thousand One Hundred Sixty One
$7.137 million more than APPENINN VAG.H.NY.M.UF100
more by 82.62%
Real Estate
#11APPENINN VAG.H.NY.M.UF100Symbol: 0AP.F$ 8.638 million
Eight Million Six Hundred Thirty Eight Thousand Seven Hundred Ninety One
$6.170 million more than ENEFI ASSET MANAGE
more by 249.94%
Real Estate
#12ENEFI ASSET MANAGESymbol: ENEFI.BD$ 2.468 million
Two Million Four Hundred Sixty Eight Thousand Six Hundred Eighty Two
$2.467 million more than NUTEX PLC
more by 205281.2%
#13NUTEX PLCSymbol: NUTEX.BD$ . thousand
One Thousand Two Hundred Two