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Companies analyzed: 39,200

Top Hungary Companies with the Highest Ebitda

List of the largest companies from Hungary country rank by ebitda.

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RankCompanyEbitdaDiff. nextSector
#1OPUS GLOBALSymbol: OPUS.BD$ 194.449 million
One Hundred Ninety Four Million Four Hundred Forty Nine Thousand Three Hundred Nine
$33.130 million more than 4IG NYILVANOSAN
more by 20.54%
#24IG NYILVANOSANSymbol: 4IG.BD$ 161.318 million
One Hundred Sixty One Million Three Hundred Eighteen Thousand Nine Hundred Eighty Three
$87.582 million more than Waberers International PLC
more by 118.78%
#3Waberers International PLCSymbol: 3WB.SG$ 73.736 million
Seventy Three Million Seven Hundred Thirty Six Thousand One Hundred Nine
$19.349 million more than ALTEO ENERGIASZOLG
more by 35.58%
#4ALTEO ENERGIASZOLGSymbol: ALTEO.BD$ 54.386 million
Fifty Four Million Three Hundred Eighty Six Thousand Five Hundred Eighty
$38.738 million more than GRAPHISOFT PARK SE EO -02
more by 247.56%
#5GRAPHISOFT PARK SE EO -02Symbol: GUV.F$ 15.648 million
Fifteen Million Six Hundred Forty Eight Thousand Seventy Seven
$1.228 million more than ANY SECURITY PRINT
more by 8.52%
Real Estate
#6ANY SECURITY PRINTSymbol: ANY.BD$ 14.419 million
Fourteen Million Four Hundred Nineteen Thousand Six Hundred Thirty One
$2.241 million more than RABA JARMUIPARI HG
more by 18.41%
#7RABA JARMUIPARI HGSymbol: RABA.BD$ 12.177 million
Twelve Million One Hundred Seventy Seven Thousand Eight Hundred Thirty Four
$3.571 million more than BUDAPEST R/EST
more by 41.49%
Consumer Cyclical
#8BUDAPEST R/ESTSymbol: BIF.BD$ 8.606 million
Eight Million Six Hundred Six Thousand Six Hundred Nineteen
$4.096 million more than APPENINN VAG.H.NY.M.UF100
more by 90.85%
Real Estate
#9APPENINN VAG.H.NY.M.UF100Symbol: 0AP.F$ 4.509 million
Four Million Five Hundred Nine Thousand Six Hundred Seventy One
$1.872 million more than DM-KER PRIVATE LTD
more by 70.98%
Real Estate
#10DM-KER PRIVATE LTDSymbol: DMKER.BD$ 2.637 million
Two Million Six Hundred Thirty Seven Thousand Five Hundred Ninety Four
$2.672 million more than NUTEX PLC
more by -7636.41%
#11NUTEX PLCSymbol: NUTEX.BD$ . thousand
Nine Hundred Ninety Eight
$1.421 million more than ENEFI ASSET MANAGE
more by -97.6%
#12ENEFI ASSET MANAGESymbol: ENEFI.BD$ -1.456 million
Four Hundred Fifty Six Thousand One Hundred Ninety Two