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Companies analyzed: 39,200

The Largest Companies in Hungary by Market Capitalization

List of the largest companies from Hungary country rank by market capitalization.

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RankCompanyMarket CapDiff. nextSector
#1OTP BANK PLCSymbol: OTP.BD$ 8.174 billion
Eight Billion One Hundred Seventy Four Million Nine Hundred Thirty Two Thousand Eighty Two
$2.748 billion more than MOL NA A ADR REG.S 1/2
more by 50.65%
Financial Services
#2MOL NA A ADR REG.S 1/2Symbol: MOGG.F$ 5.426 billion
Five Billion Four Hundred Twenty Six Million Three Hundred Forty Seven Thousand Two Hundred Thirty Three
$1.651 billion more than RICHT.GEDE.VEG.GYAR UF100
more by 43.73%
#3RICHT.GEDE.VEG.GYAR UF100Symbol: RIG2.F$ 3.775 billion
Three Billion Seven Hundred Seventy Five Million Three Hundred Forty Four Thousand Five Hundred Ninety One
more by 261.77%
One Billion Forty Three Million Five Hundred Eighty Eight Thousand Four Hundred Eighty
$474.967 million more than 4IG NYILVANOSAN
more by 83.53%
Communication Services
#54IG NYILVANOSANSymbol: 4IG.BD$ 568.621 million
Five Hundred Sixty Eight Million Six Hundred Twenty One Thousand Three Hundred Twelve
$337.836 million more than OPUS GLOBAL
more by 146.39%
#6OPUS GLOBALSymbol: OPUS.BD$ 230.785 million
Two Hundred Thirty Million Seven Hundred Eighty Five Thousand Two Hundred Twenty Six
$74.445 million more than ALTEO ENERGIASZOLG
more by 47.62%
#7ALTEO ENERGIASZOLGSymbol: ALTEO.BD$ 156.339 million
One Hundred Fifty Six Million Three Hundred Thirty Nine Thousand Eight Hundred Twenty Three
$21.917 million more than BUDAPEST R/EST
more by 16.31%
#8BUDAPEST R/ESTSymbol: BIF.BD$ 134.421 million
One Hundred Thirty Four Million Four Hundred Twenty One Thousand Nine Hundred Eight
$15.249 million more than TAKAREK MTG BK NA A UF100
more by 12.8%
Real Estate
#9TAKAREK MTG BK NA A UF100Symbol: FH21.F$ 119.171 million
One Hundred Nineteen Million One Hundred Seventy One Thousand Nine Hundred Forty Nine
$12.458 million more than GRAPHISOFT PARK SE EO -02
more by 11.67%
#10GRAPHISOFT PARK SE EO -02Symbol: GUV.F$ 106.713 million
One Hundred Six Million Seven Hundred Thirteen Thousand Two Hundred Sixty Nine
$4.420 million more than ZWACK UNICUM NA A UF 1000
more by 4.32%
Real Estate
#11ZWACK UNICUM NA A UF 1000Symbol: ZWC1.F$ 102.292 million
One Hundred Two Million Two Hundred Ninety Two Thousand Eight Hundred Sixty Eight
$15.812 million more than Waberers International PLC
more by 18.28%
Consumer Defensive
#12Waberers International PLCSymbol: 3WB.SG$ 86.480 million
Eighty Six Million Four Hundred Eighty Thousand Seven Hundred Seventy Six
$3.837 million more than UBM HOLDING PUBLIC
more by 4.64%
#13UBM HOLDING PUBLICSymbol: UBM.BD$ 82.643 million
Eighty Two Million Six Hundred Forty Three Thousand Four Hundred One
$7.498 million more than CIG PANNONIA LIFE INSURA.
more by 9.98%
#14CIG PANNONIA LIFE INSURA.Symbol: 0CKA.F$ 75.144 million
Seventy Five Million One Hundred Forty Four Thousand Nine Hundred Fifty Nine
$12.437 million more than ANY SECURITY PRINT
more by 19.84%
Financial Services
#15ANY SECURITY PRINTSymbol: ANY.BD$ 62.706 million
Sixty Two Million Seven Hundred Six Thousand Nine Hundred Ninety Nine
$14.488 million more than PANNERGY NYRT.NAM.UF 20
more by 30.05%
#16PANNERGY NYRT.NAM.UF 20Symbol: PPL.F$ 48.218 million
Forty Eight Million Two Hundred Eighteen Thousand Nine Hundred Thirty Four
$1.675 million more than RABA JARMUIPARI HG
more by 3.6%
#17RABA JARMUIPARI HGSymbol: RABA.BD$ 46.543 million
Forty Six Million Five Hundred Forty Three Thousand Fifty Three
$7.784 million more than DELTA TECHNOLOGIES
more by 20.09%
Consumer Cyclical
#18DELTA TECHNOLOGIESSymbol: DELTA.BD$ 38.758 million
Thirty Eight Million Seven Hundred Fifty Eight Thousand Sixty Nine
$19.565 million more than NAP PRIVATE LIMITE
more by 101.95%
#19NAP PRIVATE LIMITESymbol: NAP.BD$ 19.192 million
Nineteen Million One Hundred Ninety Two Thousand Two Hundred Thirty Two
$. thousand more than APPENINN VAG.H.NY.M.UF100
more by 3.02%
#20APPENINN VAG.H.NY.M.UF100Symbol: 0AP.F$ 18.628 million
Eighteen Million Six Hundred Twenty Eight Thousand Seven Hundred Sixty Three
Real Estate