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Companies analyzed: 39,200

Largest Companies by Revenue in Hong Kong country

List of the largest companies from Hong Kong country rank by total revenue.

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RankCompanyTotal RevenueDiff. nextSector
#1CHINA MOBILE LTD.Symbol: CTM.F$ 137.432 billion
One Hundred Thirty Seven Billion Four Hundred Thirty Two Million One Hundred Fifty Eight Thousand Fifty Six
$15.790 billion more than CITIC LTD.
more by 12.98%
Communication Services
#2CITIC LTD.Symbol: CPF.F$ 121.641 billion
One Hundred Twenty One Billion Six Hundred Forty One Million Two Hundred Eight Thousand Two Hundred Fifty One
$51.995 billion more than CHINA TELECOM
more by 74.66%
#3CHINA TELECOMSymbol: 0728.HK$ 69.645 billion
Sixty Nine Billion Six Hundred Forty Five Million Three Hundred Ninety Seven Thousand Forty
$3.639 billion more than LENOVO GROUP LIMITED ADR EACH 1
more by 5.51%
Communication Services
#4LENOVO GROUP LIMITED ADR EACH 1Symbol: LNVGY$ 66.005 billion
Sixty Six Billion Five Million Five Hundred Twenty Thousand Three Hundred Eighty Four
$9.786 billion more than CNOOC
more by 17.41%
#5CNOOCSymbol: 0883.HK$ 56.218 billion
Fifty Six Billion Two Hundred Eighteen Million Eight Hundred Fifty Five Thousand Five Hundred Seventy Three
$4.172 billion more than CHINA UNICOM
more by 8.02%
#6CHINA UNICOMSymbol: 0762.HK$ 52.046 billion
Fifty Two Billion Forty Six Million One Hundred Forty Seven Thousand Four Hundred Seven
$12.809 billion more than CHINA TAIPING
more by 32.65%
Communication Services
#7CHINA TAIPINGSymbol: 0966.HK$ 39.236 billion
Thirty Nine Billion Two Hundred Thirty Six Million One Hundred Seventy Nine Thousand Six Hundred Thirty Five
$4.315 billion more than CHINA OV.LD
more by 12.36%
Financial Services
#8CHINA OV.LDSymbol: CPP.F$ 34.920 billion
Thirty Four Billion Nine Hundred Twenty Million Five Hundred Twenty Seven Thousand Four Hundred Eleven
$1.480 billion more than CKH HOLDINGS
more by 4.43%
Real Estate
#9CKH HOLDINGSSymbol: 0001.HK$ 33.440 billion
Thirty Three Billion Four Hundred Forty Million Two Hundred Seventy Nine Thousand Four Hundred Sixty Five
$1.842 billion more than CHINARES PHARMA
more by 5.83%
#10CHINARES PHARMASymbol: 3320.HK$ 31.597 billion
Thirty One Billion Five Hundred Ninety Seven Million Nine Hundred Twenty Six Thousand Nine Hundred Seventy
$620.366 million more than CHINA RES LAND
more by 2%
#11CHINA RES LANDSymbol: 1109.HK$ 30.977 billion
Thirty Billion Nine Hundred Seventy Seven Million Five Hundred Sixty Thousand One Hundred Forty Two
$3.617 billion more than WH GROUP
more by 13.22%
Real Estate
#12WH GROUPSymbol: 0288.HK$ 27.360 billion
Twenty Seven Billion Three Hundred Sixty Million
$4.240 billion more than KUNLUN ENERGY
more by 18.34%
Consumer Defensive
#13KUNLUN ENERGYSymbol: 0135.HK$ 23.119 billion
Twenty Three Billion One Hundred Nineteen Million Seven Hundred Sixty Thousand Three Hundred Twenty Nine
$1.423 billion more than GEELY AUTO. HLDGS HD-,02
more by 6.56%
#14GEELY AUTO. HLDGS HD-,02Symbol: GRU.F$ 21.696 billion
Twenty One Billion Six Hundred Ninety Six Million Three Hundred Fifty One Thousand Two Hundred Eighty
$1.876 billion more than OOIL
more by 9.47%
Consumer Cyclical
#15OOILSymbol: 0316.HK$ 19.820 billion
Nineteen Billion Eight Hundred Twenty Million One Hundred Eighty Seven Thousand Six Hundred Forty Eight
$99.186 million more than AIA
more by 0.5%
#16AIASymbol: 1299.HK$ 19.721 billion
Nineteen Billion Seven Hundred Twenty One Million Nine Hundred Sixty
$6.467 billion more than TECHTRONIC INDUSTRIES CO ADR EA
more by 48.79%
Financial Services
Thirteen Billion Two Hundred Fifty Three Million Nine Hundred Sixteen Thousand Six Hundred Seventy Two
$5.813 million more than CHINA JINMAO
more by 0.04%
#18CHINA JINMAOSymbol: 0817.HK$ 13.248 billion
Thirteen Billion Two Hundred Forty Eight Million One Hundred Three Thousand Twenty
$57.298 million more than MENGNIU DAIRY
more by 0.43%
Real Estate
#19MENGNIU DAIRYSymbol: 2319.HK$ 13.190 billion
Thirteen Billion One Hundred Ninety Million Eight Hundred Four Thousand One Hundred Thirty Three
$30.458 million more than CHINA RES POWER
more by 0.23%
Consumer Defensive
#20CHINA RES POWERSymbol: 0836.HK$ 13.160 billion
Thirteen Billion One Hundred Sixty Million Three Hundred Forty Five Thousand Seven Hundred Twenty Eight