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Companies analyzed: 39,200

Hong Kong Companies with the Most Cash on Hand

List of the largest companies from Hong Kong country rank by total cash.

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RankCompanyTotal CashDiff. nextSector
#1CITIC LTD.Symbol: CPF.F$ 253.155 billion
Two Hundred Fifty Three Billion One Hundred Fifty Five Million Eight Hundred Fifty Six Thousand Seven Hundred Four
$191.986 billion more than CHINA MOBILE LTD.
more by 313.86%
#2CHINA MOBILE LTD.Symbol: CTM.F$ 61.169 billion
Sixty One Billion One Hundred Sixty Nine Million Six Hundred Thirty Seven Thousand Eight Hundred Twenty Seven
$11.330 billion more than BOC HONG KONG
more by 22.73%
Communication Services
#3BOC HONG KONGSymbol: 2388.HK$ 49.839 billion
Forty Nine Billion Eight Hundred Thirty Nine Million Three Hundred Sixteen Thousand Nine Hundred Fifty
$14.379 billion more than CNOOC
more by 40.55%
Financial Services
#4CNOOCSymbol: 0883.HK$ 35.460 billion
Thirty Five Billion Four Hundred Sixty Million Seventeen Thousand Five Hundred Eighty
$1.158 billion more than HANG SENG BANK SPON ADR CACH CN
more by 3.38%
#5HANG SENG BANK SPON ADR CACH CNSymbol: HSNGY$ 34.301 billion
Thirty Four Billion Three Hundred One Million One Hundred Thirty Five Thousand One Hundred Thirty Eight
$11.401 billion more than EVERBRIGHT SECURITIES COMPANY L
more by 49.79%
Financial Services
#6EVERBRIGHT SECURITIES COMPANY LSymbol: 601788.SS$ 22.899 billion
Twenty Two Billion Eight Hundred Ninety Nine Million Four Hundred Eighty Nine Thousand Six
$4.299 billion more than CHINA TAIPING
more by 23.12%
Financial Services
#7CHINA TAIPINGSymbol: 0966.HK$ 18.599 billion
Eighteen Billion Five Hundred Ninety Nine Million Eight Hundred Seventeen Thousand Two Hundred Eighty Five
$578.864 million more than CHINA OV.LD
more by 3.21%
Financial Services
#8CHINA OV.LDSymbol: CPP.F$ 18.020 billion
Eighteen Billion Twenty Million Nine Hundred Fifty Two Thousand Seven Hundred Fourteen
$1.250 billion more than CHINA RES LAND
more by 7.46%
Real Estate
#9CHINA RES LANDSymbol: 1109.HK$ 16.770 billion
Sixteen Billion Seven Hundred Seventy Million Two Hundred Seventy Seven Thousand Seven Hundred Seventy Five
$435.172 million more than BANK OF EAST ASIA LIMITED ADR-E
more by 2.66%
Real Estate
#10BANK OF EAST ASIA LIMITED ADR-ESymbol: BKEAY$ 16.335 billion
Sixteen Billion Three Hundred Thirty Five Million One Hundred Five Thousand Five Hundred Two
$3.363 billion more than CHINA UNICOM
more by 25.93%
Financial Services
#11CHINA UNICOMSymbol: 0762.HK$ 12.971 billion
Twelve Billion Nine Hundred Seventy One Million One Hundred Forty Three Thousand Ninety Six
$888.981 million more than CHINA TELECOM
more by 7.36%
Communication Services
#12CHINA TELECOMSymbol: 0728.HK$ 12.082 billion
Twelve Billion Eighty Two Million One Hundred Sixty One Thousand Six Hundred Seventy Seven
$1.072 billion more than OOIL
more by 9.74%
Communication Services
#13OOILSymbol: 0316.HK$ 11.009 billion
Eleven Billion Nine Million Three Hundred Forty Four Thousand Five Hundred Twelve
$2.341 billion more than GUOTAI JUNAN I
more by 27.02%
#14GUOTAI JUNAN ISymbol: 1788.HK$ 8.667 billion
Eight Billion Six Hundred Sixty Seven Million Four Hundred Ninety Nine Thousand Seven Hundred Thirty Three
$647.499 million more than AIA
more by 8.07%
Financial Services
#15AIASymbol: 1299.HK$ 8.019 billion
Eight Billion Nineteen Million Nine Hundred Ninety Nine Thousand Seven Hundred Forty Four
$566.519 million more than NEW WORLD DEVELOPMENT CO SPON A
more by 7.6%
Financial Services
Seven Billion Four Hundred Fifty Three Million Four Hundred Eighty Thousand Three Hundred Twenty Three
$726.046 million more than HAITONG INT'L
more by 10.79%
Real Estate
#17HAITONG INT'LSymbol: 0665.HK$ 6.727 billion
Six Billion Seven Hundred Twenty Seven Million Four Hundred Thirty Three Thousand Four Hundred Ten
$1.064 billion more than SINO LAND
more by 18.8%
Financial Services
#18SINO LANDSymbol: 0083.HK$ 5.662 billion
Five Billion Six Hundred Sixty Two Million Eight Hundred Thirty Six Thousand Two Hundred Twelve
$220.414 million more than C&D INTL GROUP
more by 4.05%
Real Estate
#19C&D INTL GROUPSymbol: 1908.HK$ 5.442 billion
Five Billion Four Hundred Forty Two Million Four Hundred Twenty One Thousand Two Hundred Forty Four
$3.971 million more than GEELY AUTO. HLDGS HD-,02
more by 0.07%
Real Estate
#20GEELY AUTO. HLDGS HD-,02Symbol: GRU.F$ 5.438 billion
Five Billion Four Hundred Thirty Eight Million Four Hundred Forty Nine Thousand Six Hundred Sixty
Consumer Cyclical