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Companies analyzed: 39,200

The Largest Companies in Hong Kong by Market Capitalization

List of the largest companies from Hong Kong country rank by market capitalization.

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RankCompanyMarket CapDiff. nextSector
#1CHINA MOBILE LTD.Symbol: CTM.F$ 172.726 billion
One Hundred Seventy Two Billion Seven Hundred Twenty Six Million Eight Hundred Forty Eight Thousand Sixty Six
$52.511 billion more than AIA
more by 43.68%
Communication Services
#2AIASymbol: 1299.HK$ 120.215 billion
One Hundred Twenty Billion Two Hundred Fifteen Million Sixty Seven Thousand Six Hundred Forty Four
$36.953 billion more than CHINA TELECOM
more by 44.38%
Financial Services
#3CHINA TELECOMSymbol: 0728.HK$ 83.261 billion
Eighty Three Billion Two Hundred Sixty One Million Six Hundred Ninety Five Thousand Nine Hundred Sixty
$11.136 billion more than CNOOC
more by 15.44%
Communication Services
#4CNOOCSymbol: 0883.HK$ 72.124 billion
Seventy Two Billion One Hundred Twenty Four Million Nine Hundred Seventy Seven Thousand Thirty Six
$18.293 billion more than HKEX
more by 33.98%
#5HKEXSymbol: 0388.HK$ 53.831 billion
Fifty Three Billion Eight Hundred Thirty One Million Five Hundred Eighty Five Thousand Seven Hundred Twenty Six
$14.294 billion more than BUD APAC
more by 36.15%
Financial Services
#6BUD APACSymbol: 1876.HK$ 39.537 billion
Thirty Nine Billion Five Hundred Thirty Seven Million Ninety Five Thousand Four Hundred Ninety One
$693.310 million more than SUN HUNG KAI PROPERTIES LTD SPN
more by 1.78%
Consumer Defensive
Thirty Eight Billion Eight Hundred Forty Three Million Seven Hundred Eighty Five Thousand Two Hundred Sixteen
$4.441 billion more than BOC HONG KONG
more by 12.91%
Real Estate
#8BOC HONG KONGSymbol: 2388.HK$ 34.402 billion
Thirty Four Billion Four Hundred Two Million Two Hundred Twenty Five Thousand Two Hundred Fifty Seven
$1.739 billion more than CHINA RES LAND
more by 5.32%
Financial Services
#9CHINA RES LANDSymbol: 1109.HK$ 32.663 billion
Thirty Two Billion Six Hundred Sixty Three Million Two Thousand Eight Hundred Seventy Two
$74.865 million more than CITIC LTD.
more by 0.23%
Real Estate
#10CITIC LTD.Symbol: CPF.F$ 32.588 billion
Thirty Two Billion Five Hundred Eighty Eight Million One Hundred Thirty Seven Thousand Seven Hundred Five
$2.440 billion more than MTR CORPORATION
more by 8.1%
#11MTR CORPORATIONSymbol: 0066.HK$ 30.147 billion
Thirty Billion One Hundred Forty Seven Million Four Hundred Thirty One Thousand Three Hundred Twenty
$900.153 million more than GALAXY ENT
more by 3.08%
#12GALAXY ENTSymbol: 0027.HK$ 29.247 billion
Twenty Nine Billion Two Hundred Forty Seven Million Two Hundred Seventy Seven Thousand Six Hundred Fifty Eight
$1.697 billion more than HANG SENG BANK SPON ADR CACH CN
more by 6.16%
Consumer Cyclical
#13HANG SENG BANK SPON ADR CACH CNSymbol: HSNGY$ 27.549 billion
Twenty Seven Billion Five Hundred Forty Nine Million Six Hundred Fourteen Thousand Eighty
$151.890 million more than CHINA OV.LD
more by 0.55%
Financial Services
#14CHINA OV.LDSymbol: CPP.F$ 27.397 billion
Twenty Seven Billion Three Hundred Ninety Seven Million Seven Hundred Twenty Three Thousand Nine Hundred One
$2.500 billion more than CHINA RES BEER (HLDGS)CO.
more by 10.04%
Real Estate
#15CHINA RES BEER (HLDGS)CO.Symbol: CHK.F$ 24.896 billion
Twenty Four Billion Eight Hundred Ninety Six Million Eight Hundred Eighty Five Thousand Seven Hundred Sixty Four
$880.024 million more than CKH HOLDINGS
more by 3.66%
Consumer Defensive
#16CKH HOLDINGSSymbol: 0001.HK$ 24.016 billion
Twenty Four Billion Sixteen Million Eight Hundred Sixty One Thousand Seven Hundred Forty Two
$1.609 billion more than CHINA UNICOM
more by 7.18%
#17CHINA UNICOMSymbol: 0762.HK$ 22.407 billion
Twenty Two Billion Four Hundred Seven Million Five Hundred Forty Seven Thousand Five Hundred Thirty Eight
$1.093 billion more than CK ASSET
more by 5.13%
Communication Services
#18CK ASSETSymbol: 1113.HK$ 21.314 billion
Twenty One Billion Three Hundred Fourteen Million Four Hundred Fifty Two Thousand Five Hundred Ninety Three
$1.055 billion more than CHOW TAI FOOK
more by 5.21%
Real Estate
#19CHOW TAI FOOKSymbol: 1929.HK$ 20.259 billion
Twenty Billion Two Hundred Fifty Nine Million Ten Thousand Two Hundred Eighty Five
$252.350 million more than TECHTRONIC INDUSTRIES CO ADR EA
more by 1.26%
Consumer Cyclical
Twenty Billion Six Million Six Hundred Sixty Thousand Ninety Six