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Companies analyzed: 39,200

Top Greece country Companies with the Highest Gross Profits

List of the largest companies from Greece country rank by gross profits.

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RankCompanyEarningsDiff. nextSector
#1EUROBANK HOLDINGS (CR)Symbol: EUROB.AT$ 3.038 billion
Three Billion Thirty Eight Million Nine Hundred Forty Seven Thousand Six Hundred Sixty Eight
$394.699 million more than PUBLIC POWER CORP. S.A. (CR)
more by 14.93%
Financial Services
#2PUBLIC POWER CORP. S.A. (CR)Symbol: PPC.AT$ 2.644 billion
Two Billion Six Hundred Forty Four Million Two Hundred Forty Seven Thousand Seven Hundred Seventy Seven
$363.861 million more than HELLENIC TELECOM. ORG. (CR)
more by 15.96%
#3HELLENIC TELECOM. ORG. (CR)Symbol: HTO.AT$ 2.280 billion
Two Billion Two Hundred Eighty Million Three Hundred Eighty Six Thousand One Hundred Fifty Three
$196.305 million more than HELLENiQ ENERGY Hold.Soc.Anon.
more by 9.42%
Communication Services
#4HELLENiQ ENERGY Hold.Soc.Anon.Symbol: ELPE.AT$ 2.084 billion
Two Billion Eighty Four Million Eighty Thousand One Hundred Seventy Eight
$22.853 million more than PIRAEUS FINANCIAL HOLDINGS SA
more by 1.11%
Two Billion Sixty One Million Two Hundred Twenty Seven Thousand One Hundred Sixty Three
$121.814 million more than National Bank of Greece (CR)
more by 6.28%
Financial Services
#6National Bank of Greece (CR)Symbol: ETE.AT$ 1.939 billion
One Billion Nine Hundred Thirty Nine Million Four Hundred Twelve Thousand Eight Hundred Five
$115.189 million more than ALPHA SERVICES AND HOLDINGS SA
more by 6.31%
Financial Services
One Billion Eight Hundred Twenty Four Million Two Hundred Twenty Three Thousand Four Hundred Thirty Eight
$795.160 million more than MYTILINEOS S.A. (CR)
more by 77.27%
Financial Services
#8MYTILINEOS S.A. (CR)Symbol: MYTIL.AT$ 1.029 billion
One Billion Twenty Nine Million Sixty Three Thousand One Hundred Twenty
$167.701 million more than Bank of Greece (CR)
more by 19.47%
#9Bank of Greece (CR)Symbol: TELL.AT$ 861.361 million
Eight Hundred Sixty One Million Three Hundred Sixty One Thousand Seven Hundred Eighty Nine
$7.817 million more than OPAP S.A. (CR)
more by 0.92%
Financial Services
#10OPAP S.A. (CR)Symbol: OPAP.AT$ 853.544 million
Eight Hundred Fifty Three Million Five Hundred Forty Four Thousand Six Hundred Fifty Eight
$23.235 million more than Star Bulk Carriers Corp.
more by 2.8%
Consumer Cyclical
#11Star Bulk Carriers Corp.Symbol: SBLK$ 830.309 million
Eight Hundred Thirty Million Three Hundred Nine Thousand
$43.252 million more than Danaos Corporation
more by 5.5%
#12Danaos CorporationSymbol: DAC$ 787.057 million
Seven Hundred Eighty Seven Million Fifty Seven Thousand
$56.283 million more than GasLog LP. 8.75% Series A Cumul
more by 7.7%
#13GasLog LP. 8.75% Series A CumulSymbol: GLOG-PA$ 730.774 million
Seven Hundred Thirty Million Seven Hundred Seventy Four Thousand
$24.962 million more than MOTOR OIL HELLAS S.A. (CR)
more by 3.54%
#14MOTOR OIL HELLAS S.A. (CR)Symbol: MOH.AT$ 705.811 million
Seven Hundred Five Million Eight Hundred Eleven Thousand Six Hundred Twenty Four
$179.445 million more than AEGEAN AIRLINES (CR)
more by 34.09%
#15AEGEAN AIRLINES (CR)Symbol: AEGN.AT$ 526.366 million
Five Hundred Twenty Six Million Three Hundred Sixty Six Thousand Two Hundred Fifty Two
$35.725 million more than JUMBO S.A. (CR)
more by 7.28%
#16JUMBO S.A. (CR)Symbol: BELA.AT$ 490.641 million
Four Hundred Ninety Million Six Hundred Forty One Thousand One Hundred Seventy Seven
$63.173 million more than Tsakos Energy Navigation Ltd
more by 14.78%
Consumer Cyclical
#17Tsakos Energy Navigation LtdSymbol: TNP$ 427.468 million
Four Hundred Twenty Seven Million Four Hundred Sixty Eight Thousand
$50.994 million more than ELVALHALCOR S.A (CR)
more by 13.55%
#18ELVALHALCOR S.A (CR)Symbol: ELHA.AT$ 376.473 million
Three Hundred Seventy Six Million Four Hundred Seventy Three Thousand Six Hundred Eighty Five
$84.558 million more than GasLog Partners LP
more by 28.97%
#19GasLog Partners LPSymbol: GLOP$ 291.915 million
Two Hundred Ninety One Million Nine Hundred Fifteen Thousand
$19.833 million more than GEK TERNA S.A
more by 7.29%
#20GEK TERNA S.ASymbol: GEKTERNA.AT$ 272.081 million
Two Hundred Seventy Two Million Eighty One Thousand Nine Hundred Eighty Six