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Companies analyzed: 39,200

Top Germany Companies with the Highest Ebitda

List of the largest companies from Germany country rank by ebitda.

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RankCompanyEbitdaDiff. nextSector
#1DEUTSCHE TELEKOM AGSymbol: DTE.DE$ 36.288 billion
Thirty Six Billion Two Hundred Eighty Eight Million Seven Hundred Eighty Three Thousand Three Hundred Nine
$5.408 billion more than VOLKSWAGEN AG
more by 17.51%
Communication Services
#2VOLKSWAGEN AGSymbol: VOW.DE$ 30.880 billion
Thirty Billion Eight Hundred Eighty Million Four Hundred Twenty Nine Thousand Eight Hundred Sixty Five
$7.306 billion more than BAYERISCHE MOTOREN WERKE AG
more by 30.99%
Consumer Cyclical
Twenty Three Billion Five Hundred Seventy Four Million One Hundred Thirty Thousand One Hundred Sixty Five
$47.049 million more than MERCEDES-BENZ GROUP
more by 0.2%
Consumer Cyclical
#4MERCEDES-BENZ GROUPSymbol: MBG.DE$ 23.527 billion
Twenty Three Billion Five Hundred Twenty Seven Million Eighty One Thousand Forty Eight
$6.723 billion more than HAPAG-LLOYD AG NA O.N.
more by 40.01%
Consumer Cyclical
#5HAPAG-LLOYD AG NA O.N.Symbol: HLAG.DE$ 16.803 billion
Sixteen Billion Eight Hundred Three Million Six Hundred Thirty Seven Thousand Four Hundred Fifty Five
$4.600 billion more than BAYER AG SPON ADR EACH REP 0.25
more by 37.69%
#6BAYER AG SPON ADR EACH REP 0.25Symbol: BAYRY$ 12.203 billion
Twelve Billion Two Hundred Three Million Five Hundred Forty Four Thousand Four Hundred Seventy Six
$280.148 million more than SIEMENS AG
more by 2.35%
#7SIEMENS AGSymbol: SIE.DE$ 11.923 billion
Eleven Billion Nine Hundred Twenty Three Million Three Hundred Ninety Five Thousand Eight Hundred Thirty Eight
$948.171 million more than ALLIANZ SE
more by 8.64%
#8ALLIANZ SESymbol: ALV.DE$ 10.975 billion
Ten Billion Nine Hundred Seventy Five Million Two Hundred Twenty Four Thousand One Hundred Ninety Eight
$745.547 million more than DEUTSCHE POST AG
more by 7.29%
Financial Services
#9DEUTSCHE POST AGSymbol: DPW.DE$ 10.229 billion
Ten Billion Two Hundred Twenty Nine Million Six Hundred Seventy Six Thousand Nine Hundred Ten
$197.814 million more than BASF SE SPON ADR EACH REP 0.25
more by 1.97%
#10BASF SE SPON ADR EACH REP 0.25 Symbol: BASFY$ 10.031 billion
Ten Billion Thirty One Million Eight Hundred Sixty Two Thousand Five Hundred Eighty Three
$213.852 million more than DR.ING.H.C.F.PORSCHE VZOI
more by 2.18%
Basic Materials
#11DR.ING.H.C.F.PORSCHE VZOISymbol: P911.F$ 9.818 billion
Nine Billion Eight Hundred Eighteen Million Nine Thousand Seven Hundred Thirty One
$1.129 billion more than BioNTech SE
more by 13%
Consumer Cyclical
#12BioNTech SESymbol: BNTX$ 8.688 billion
Eight Billion Six Hundred Eighty Eight Million Six Hundred Forty Nine Thousand Seven Hundred Twenty
$1.798 billion more than MERCK KGAA
more by 26.1%
#13MERCK KGAASymbol: MRK.DE$ 6.890 billion
Six Billion Eight Hundred Ninety Million Three Hundred Fifty Six Thousand Eight Hundred Twenty Two
$484.378 million more than SAP SE
more by 7.56%
#14SAP SESymbol: SAP$ 6.405 billion
Six Billion Four Hundred Five Million Nine Hundred Seventy Eight Thousand Six Hundred Sixty Five
$582.429 million more than ENBW ENERGIE BAD.-WUE. ON
more by 10%
#15ENBW ENERGIE BAD.-WUE. ONSymbol: EBK.DE$ 5.823 billion
Five Billion Eight Hundred Twenty Three Million Five Hundred Forty Nine Thousand Thirty Three
$13.152 million more than INFINEON TECHNOLOGIES AG SPON A
more by 0.23%
Five Billion Eight Hundred Ten Million Three Hundred Ninety Six Thousand Seven Hundred Forty One
$121.896 million more than TRATON SE INH O.N.
more by 2.14%
#17TRATON SE INH O.N.Symbol: 8TRA.F$ 5.688 billion
Five Billion Six Hundred Eighty Eight Million Five Hundred Thousand Four Hundred Forty
$234.169 million more than DAIMLER TRUCK HOLD
more by 4.29%
#18DAIMLER TRUCK HOLDSymbol: DTG.DE$ 5.454 billion
Five Billion Four Hundred Fifty Four Million Three Hundred Thirty One Thousand One Hundred Seventy Two
$145.420 million more than FRESENIUS SE&CO KGAA
more by 2.74%
#19FRESENIUS SE&CO KGAASymbol: FRE.DE$ 5.308 billion
Five Billion Three Hundred Eight Million Nine Hundred Ten Thousand Eight Hundred Sixty
$293.781 million more than MUENCHENER RUECKVERSICHERUNGS A
more by 5.86%
Five Billion Fifteen Million One Hundred Twenty Nine Thousand Eight Hundred Three
Financial Services