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Companies analyzed: 39,200

The Largest Companies in Germany by Market Capitalization

List of the largest companies from Germany country rank by market capitalization.

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RankCompanyMarket CapDiff. nextSector
#1SAP SESymbol: SAP$ 143.474 billion
One Hundred Forty Three Billion Four Hundred Seventy Four Million Sixty Five Thousand Four Hundred Eight
$24.547 billion more than DEUTSCHE TELEKOM AG
more by 20.64%
#2DEUTSCHE TELEKOM AGSymbol: DTE.DE$ 118.926 billion
One Hundred Eighteen Billion Nine Hundred Twenty Six Million One Hundred Sixty One Thousand One Hundred Seventy Eight
$1.791 billion more than SIEMENS AG
more by 1.53%
Communication Services
#3SIEMENS AGSymbol: SIE.DE$ 117.134 billion
One Hundred Seventeen Billion One Hundred Thirty Four Million Five Hundred Fifty Thousand Four Hundred Five
$26.202 billion more than ALLIANZ SE
more by 28.81%
#4ALLIANZ SESymbol: ALV.DE$ 90.932 billion
Ninety Billion Nine Hundred Thirty Two Million Three Hundred Ninety Nine Thousand Seven Hundred Sixty Two
$9.191 billion more than MERCEDES-BENZ GROUP
more by 11.24%
Financial Services
#5MERCEDES-BENZ GROUPSymbol: MBG.DE$ 81.740 billion
Eighty One Billion Seven Hundred Forty Million Six Hundred Eighty Thousand Fifty Three
$4.266 billion more than VOLKSWAGEN AG
more by 5.51%
Consumer Cyclical
#6VOLKSWAGEN AGSymbol: VOW.DE$ 77.474 billion
Seventy Seven Billion Four Hundred Seventy Four Million Four Hundred Thirty Nine Thousand Three Hundred Twenty Five
$834.614 million more than MERCK KGAA
more by 1.09%
Consumer Cyclical
#7MERCK KGAASymbol: MRK.DE$ 76.639 billion
Seventy Six Billion Six Hundred Thirty Nine Million Eight Hundred Twenty Four Thousand Four Hundred Two
$6.541 billion more than BAYERISCHE MOTOREN WERKE AG
more by 9.33%
Seventy Billion Ninety Eight Million Six Hundred Thirty Three Thousand Six Hundred Thirty Nine
$8.825 billion more than SIEMENS HEALTH.AG NA O.N.
more by 14.4%
Consumer Cyclical
#9SIEMENS HEALTH.AG NA O.N.Symbol: SHL.F$ 61.272 billion
Sixty One Billion Two Hundred Seventy Two Million Seven Hundred Seventeen Thousand Nine Hundred Ninety One
$765.553 million more than BAYER AG SPON ADR EACH REP 0.25
more by 1.27%
#10BAYER AG SPON ADR EACH REP 0.25Symbol: BAYRY$ 60.507 billion
Sixty Billion Five Hundred Seven Million One Hundred Sixty Four Thousand Six Hundred Seventy Two
$4.418 billion more than HAPAG-LLOYD AG NA O.N.
more by 7.88%
#11HAPAG-LLOYD AG NA O.N.Symbol: HLAG.DE$ 56.088 billion
Fifty Six Billion Eighty Eight Million Five Hundred Ninety Eight Thousand Three Hundred Sixty Four
$89.044 million more than DEUTSCHE POST AG
more by 0.16%
#12DEUTSCHE POST AGSymbol: DPW.DE$ 55.999 billion
Fifty Five Billion Nine Hundred Ninety Nine Million Five Hundred Fifty Three Thousand Seven Hundred Fifty Two
$6.788 billion more than INFINEON TECHNOLOGIES AG SPON A
more by 13.79%
Forty Nine Billion Two Hundred Eleven Million Two Hundred Seventy Three Thousand Two Hundred Sixteen
$323.283 million more than MUENCHENER RUECKVERSICHERUNGS A
more by 0.66%
Forty Eight Billion Eight Hundred Eighty Seven Million Nine Hundred Eighty Nine Thousand Three Hundred Eighty Eight
$3.858 billion more than BASF SE SPON ADR EACH REP 0.25
more by 8.57%
Financial Services
#15BASF SE SPON ADR EACH REP 0.25 Symbol: BASFY$ 45.029 billion
Forty Five Billion Twenty Nine Million One Hundred Twenty Six Thousand One Hundred Forty Four
$270.433 million more than RATIONAL AG
more by 0.6%
Basic Materials
#16RATIONAL AGSymbol: RAA.F$ 44.758 billion
Forty Four Billion Seven Hundred Fifty Eight Million Six Hundred Ninety Three Thousand One Hundred Two
$8.661 billion more than DEUTSCHE BOERSE NA O.N.
more by 24%
#17DEUTSCHE BOERSE NA O.N.Symbol: DB1.DE$ 36.096 billion
Thirty Six Billion Ninety Six Million Seven Hundred Fifty Seven Thousand Four Hundred Fifty
$3.498 billion more than BioNTech SE
more by 10.73%
Financial Services
#18BioNTech SESymbol: BNTX$ 32.598 billion
Thirty Two Billion Five Hundred Ninety Eight Million Six Hundred Sixty One Thousand One Hundred Twenty
$1.783 billion more than E.ON SE SPONS ADR EACH REPR 1 O
more by 5.79%
#19E.ON SE SPONS ADR EACH REPR 1 OSymbol: EONGY$ 30.815 billion
Thirty Billion Eight Hundred Fifteen Million Five Hundred Thirty Seven Thousand One Hundred Fifty Two
$105.107 million more than HENKEL AG&CO. KGAA
more by 0.34%
#20HENKEL AG&CO. KGAASymbol: HEN3.DE$ 30.710 billion
Thirty Billion Seven Hundred Ten Million Four Hundred Twenty Nine Thousand Six Hundred Ninety Eight
Consumer Defensive