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Companies analyzed: 39,200

Top France country Companies with the Highest Gross Profits

List of the largest companies from France country rank by gross profits.

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RankCompanyEarningsDiff. nextSector
#1TotalEnergies SESymbol: TTE$ 92.261 billion
Ninety Two Billion Two Hundred Sixty One Million
$33.937 billion more than CHRISTIAN DIOR
more by 58.19%
#2CHRISTIAN DIORSymbol: CDI.PA$ 58.323 billion
Fifty Eight Billion Three Hundred Twenty Three Million Five Hundred Thirteen Thousand One Hundred Sixty Four
$0 more than LVMH
more by 0%
Consumer Cyclical
#3LVMHSymbol: MC.PA$ 58.323 billion
Fifty Eight Billion Three Hundred Twenty Three Million Five Hundred Thirteen Thousand One Hundred Sixty Four
$24.212 billion more than SANOFI
more by 70.98%
Consumer Cyclical
#4SANOFISymbol: SAN.PA$ 34.111 billion
Thirty Four Billion One Hundred Eleven Million Eleven Thousand Eight Hundred Twenty Three
$4.319 billion more than L'OREAL
more by 14.5%
#5L'OREALSymbol: OR.PA$ 29.791 billion
Twenty Nine Billion Seven Hundred Ninety One Million Five Hundred Twenty Four Thousand Eight Hundred Twenty Nine
$2.793 billion more than BOUYGUES
more by 10.35%
Consumer Defensive
#6BOUYGUESSymbol: EN.PA$ 26.997 billion
Twenty Six Billion Nine Hundred Ninety Seven Million Six Hundred Thousand Eight Hundred Thirty Three
$2.186 billion more than SOCIETE GENERALE SPON ADR-EACH
more by 8.81%
Twenty Four Billion Eight Hundred Ten Million Eight Hundred Forty Five Thousand Seven Hundred Forty Five
$1.060 billion more than CREDIT AGRICOLE INH. EO 3
more by 4.46%
Financial Services
#8CREDIT AGRICOLE INH. EO 3Symbol: XCA.F$ 23.750 billion
Twenty Three Billion Seven Hundred Fifty Million Eight Hundred Twenty Nine Thousand One Hundred Thirty
$2.776 billion more than AXA
more by 13.24%
Financial Services
#9AXASymbol: CS.PA$ 20.974 billion
Twenty Billion Nine Hundred Seventy Four Million Three Hundred Thirty Eight Thousand Nine Hundred Ten
$111.920 million more than ENGIE S.A. INH. EO 1
more by 0.54%
Financial Services
#10ENGIE S.A. INH. EO 1Symbol: GZF.F$ 20.862 billion
Twenty Billion Eight Hundred Sixty Two Million Four Hundred Eighteen Thousand Three Hundred Seventy Four
$2.279 billion more than EIFFAGE
more by 12.27%
#11EIFFAGESymbol: FGR.PA$ 18.583 billion
Eighteen Billion Five Hundred Eighty Three Million One Hundred Thirteen Thousand Six Hundred Twelve
$549.917 million more than Orange
more by 3.05%
#12OrangeSymbol: ORAN$ 18.033 billion
Eighteen Billion Thirty Three Million One Hundred Ninety Six Thousand Three Hundred Sixty Three
$684.437 million more than AIR LIQUIDE
more by 3.95%
Communication Services
#13AIR LIQUIDESymbol: AI.PA$ 17.348 billion
Seventeen Billion Three Hundred Forty Eight Million Seven Hundred Fifty Nine Thousand Two Hundred Thirty Nine
$803.890 million more than ESSILORLUXOTTICA
more by 4.86%
Basic Materials
#14ESSILORLUXOTTICASymbol: EL.PA$ 16.544 billion
Sixteen Billion Five Hundred Forty Four Million Eight Hundred Sixty Eight Thousand Four Hundred Sixty Six
$24.751 million more than CARREFOUR
more by 0.15%
#15CARREFOURSymbol: CA.PA$ 16.520 billion
Sixteen Billion Five Hundred Twenty Million One Hundred Sixteen Thousand Eight Hundred Nine
$164.652 million more than KERING S.A. INH. EO 4
more by 1.01%
Consumer Defensive
#16KERING S.A. INH. EO 4Symbol: PPX.F$ 16.355 billion
Sixteen Billion Three Hundred Fifty Five Million Four Hundred Sixty Four Thousand Four Hundred Eighty Two
$1.422 billion more than SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC SE
more by 9.53%
Consumer Cyclical
#17SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC SESymbol: SU.PA$ 14.932 billion
Fourteen Billion Nine Hundred Thirty Two Million Seven Hundred Eighty Two Thousand Two Hundred Eighty Four
$737.168 million more than SAINT GOBAIN
more by 5.19%
#18SAINT GOBAINSymbol: SGO.PA$ 14.195 billion
Fourteen Billion One Hundred Ninety Five Million Six Hundred Thirteen Thousand Three Hundred Sixty Nine
$156.043 million more than EDF
more by 1.11%
#19EDFSymbol: EDF.PA$ 14.039 billion
Fourteen Billion Thirty Nine Million Five Hundred Seventy Thousand Three Hundred Fourteen
$330.380 million more than DANONE
more by 2.41%
#20DANONESymbol: BN.PA$ 13.709 billion
Thirteen Billion Seven Hundred Nine Million One Hundred Eighty Nine Thousand Five Hundred One
Consumer Defensive