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Companies analyzed: 39,200

Ranking of Top France Companies with the Most Debt

List of the largest companies from France country rank by total debt.

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RankCompanyTotal DebtDiff. nextSector
#1BNP PARIBAS ACT.ASymbol: BNP.PA$ 744.555 billion
Seven Hundred Forty Four Billion Five Hundred Fifty Five Million Three Hundred Seventy Nine Thousand Nine Hundred Seventy Five
$246.904 billion more than CREDIT AGRICOLE INH. EO 3
more by 49.61%
Financial Services
#2CREDIT AGRICOLE INH. EO 3Symbol: XCA.F$ 497.650 billion
Four Hundred Ninety Seven Billion Six Hundred Fifty Million Eight Hundred Eighty Thousand Five Hundred Eighty Three
$198.050 billion more than SOCIETE GENERALE SPON ADR-EACH
more by 66.1%
Financial Services
Two Hundred Ninety Nine Billion Six Hundred Million Five Hundred Fifty Two Thousand Five Hundred Twenty Nine
$195.618 billion more than EDF
more by 188.13%
Financial Services
#4EDFSymbol: EDF.PA$ 103.981 billion
One Hundred Three Billion Nine Hundred Eighty One Million Six Hundred One Thousand Two Hundred Fifty Seven
$34.328 billion more than RENAULT INH. EO 3,81
more by 49.29%
#5RENAULT INH. EO 3,81Symbol: RNL.F$ 69.653 billion
Sixty Nine Billion Six Hundred Fifty Three Million Forty Five Thousand Six Hundred Thirty Two
$8.887 billion more than TotalEnergies SE
more by 14.63%
Consumer Cyclical
#6TotalEnergies SESymbol: TTE$ 60.765 billion
Sixty Billion Seven Hundred Sixty Five Million Nine Hundred Ninety Nine Thousand One Hundred Four
$11.521 billion more than Orange
more by 23.4%
#7OrangeSymbol: ORAN$ 49.244 billion
Forty Nine Billion Two Hundred Forty Four Million Nine Hundred Twenty Six Thousand Four Hundred Twenty One
$4.508 billion more than ENGIE S.A. INH. EO 1
more by 10.08%
Communication Services
#8ENGIE S.A. INH. EO 1Symbol: GZF.F$ 44.736 billion
Forty Four Billion Seven Hundred Thirty Six Million One Hundred Twenty Nine Thousand Three Hundred Forty Five
$6.495 billion more than LVMH
more by 16.99%
#9LVMHSymbol: MC.PA$ 38.240 billion
Thirty Eight Billion Two Hundred Forty Million Eight Hundred Sixty Eight Thousand Six Hundred Seventy One
$175.373 million more than CHRISTIAN DIOR
more by 0.46%
Consumer Cyclical
#10CHRISTIAN DIORSymbol: CDI.PA$ 38.065 billion
Thirty Eight Billion Sixty Five Million Four Hundred Ninety Five Thousand Five Hundred Seventy Three
$740.459 million more than VINCI
more by 1.98%
Consumer Cyclical
#11VINCISymbol: DG.PA$ 37.325 billion
Thirty Seven Billion Three Hundred Twenty Five Million Thirty Six Thousand Three Hundred Eight
$6.386 billion more than VEOLIA ENVIRON.
more by 20.64%
#12VEOLIA ENVIRON.Symbol: VIE.PA$ 30.938 billion
Thirty Billion Nine Hundred Thirty Eight Million Eight Hundred Eighty Nine Thousand Nine Hundred Seventy Two
$1.168 billion more than UNIBAIL-RODAMCO-WESTFIELD
more by 3.93%
#13UNIBAIL-RODAMCO-WESTFIELDSymbol: URW.AS$ 29.770 billion
Twenty Nine Billion Seven Hundred Seventy Million One Hundred Seventy Six Thousand Four Hundred Forty
$6.807 billion more than SANOFI
more by 29.64%
Real Estate
#14SANOFISymbol: SAN.PA$ 22.962 billion
Twenty Two Billion Nine Hundred Sixty Two Million Nine Hundred Twenty Three Thousand Six Hundred Five
$1.448 billion more than ALD
more by 6.73%
#15ALDSymbol: ALD.PA$ 21.514 billion
Twenty One Billion Five Hundred Fourteen Million Four Hundred Eighty Thousand Four Hundred Twenty Six
$698.242 million more than CARREFOUR
more by 3.35%
#16CARREFOURSymbol: CA.PA$ 20.816 billion
Twenty Billion Eight Hundred Sixteen Million Two Hundred Thirty Eight Thousand Two Hundred Thirty
$932.070 million more than FINATIS
more by 4.69%
Consumer Defensive
#17FINATISSymbol: FNTS.PA$ 19.884 billion
Nineteen Billion Eight Hundred Eighty Four Million One Hundred Sixty Eight Thousand One Hundred Ninety Two
$159.133 million more than FONCIERE EURIS
more by 0.81%
Consumer Defensive
#18FONCIERE EURISSymbol: EURS.PA$ 19.725 billion
Nineteen Billion Seven Hundred Twenty Five Million Thirty Four Thousand Nine Hundred Eighty Six
$2.055 billion more than SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC SE
more by 11.63%
Real Estate
#19SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC SESymbol: SU.PA$ 17.669 billion
Seventeen Billion Six Hundred Sixty Nine Million Two Hundred Eighty Three Thousand Twenty Nine
$89.851 million more than RALLYE
more by 0.51%
#20RALLYESymbol: RAL.PA$ 17.579 billion
Seventeen Billion Five Hundred Seventy Nine Million Four Hundred Thirty One Thousand Five Hundred Thirty One
Consumer Defensive