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Companies analyzed: 39,200

Top France Companies with the Highest Ebitda

List of the largest companies from France country rank by ebitda.

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RankCompanyEbitdaDiff. nextSector
#1TotalEnergies SESymbol: TTE$ 61.762 billion
Sixty One Billion Seven Hundred Sixty Two Million Six Hundred Sixty Two Thousand Four Hundred
$35.814 billion more than CHRISTIAN DIOR
more by 138.02%
#2CHRISTIAN DIORSymbol: CDI.PA$ 25.948 billion
Twenty Five Billion Nine Hundred Forty Eight Million Four Hundred Fifty Eight Thousand Ninety One
$289.771 million more than LVMH
more by 1.13%
Consumer Cyclical
#3LVMHSymbol: MC.PA$ 25.658 billion
Twenty Five Billion Six Hundred Fifty Eight Million Six Hundred Eighty Six Thousand Nine Hundred Thirty Three
$11.723 billion more than Orange
more by 84.13%
Consumer Cyclical
#4OrangeSymbol: ORAN$ 13.934 billion
Thirteen Billion Nine Hundred Thirty Four Million Seven Hundred Sixty Six Thousand Nine Hundred Thirty Three
$1.951 billion more than SANOFI
more by 16.28%
Communication Services
#5SANOFISymbol: SAN.PA$ 11.983 billion
Eleven Billion Nine Hundred Eighty Three Million Six Hundred Forty One Thousand Six Hundred Fifty Three
$130.933 million more than AXA
more by 1.1%
#6AXASymbol: CS.PA$ 11.852 billion
Eleven Billion Eight Hundred Fifty Two Million Seven Hundred Seven Thousand Six Hundred Sixty Nine
$1.786 billion more than VINCI
more by 17.75%
Financial Services
#7VINCISymbol: DG.PA$ 10.065 billion
Ten Billion Sixty Five Million Seven Hundred Eighty Six Thousand Nine Hundred Ninety Seven
$673.557 million more than L'OREAL
more by 7.17%
#8L'OREALSymbol: OR.PA$ 9.392 billion
Nine Billion Three Hundred Ninety Two Million Two Hundred Twenty Nine Thousand Nine Hundred Forty Eight
$429.719 million more than ENGIE S.A. INH. EO 1
more by 4.79%
Consumer Defensive
#9ENGIE S.A. INH. EO 1Symbol: GZF.F$ 8.962 billion
Eight Billion Nine Hundred Sixty Two Million Five Hundred Ten Thousand Three Hundred Ninety Five
$1.683 billion more than AIR LIQUIDE
more by 23.13%
#10AIR LIQUIDESymbol: AI.PA$ 7.278 billion
Seven Billion Two Hundred Seventy Eight Million Nine Hundred Forty Thousand Eight Hundred Seventy Two
$309.411 million more than SAINT GOBAIN
more by 4.44%
Basic Materials
#11SAINT GOBAINSymbol: SGO.PA$ 6.969 billion
Six Billion Nine Hundred Sixty Nine Million Five Hundred Twenty Nine Thousand Seven Hundred Eighty One
$118.054 million more than SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC SE
more by 1.72%
#12SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC SESymbol: SU.PA$ 6.851 billion
Six Billion Eight Hundred Fifty One Million Four Hundred Seventy Four Thousand Seven Hundred Eighty Four
$66.540 million more than KERING S.A. INH. EO 4
more by 0.98%
#13KERING S.A. INH. EO 4Symbol: PPX.F$ 6.784 billion
Six Billion Seven Hundred Eighty Four Million Nine Hundred Thirty Four Thousand Six Hundred Thirty Five
$135.226 million more than ESSILORLUXOTTICA
more by 2.03%
Consumer Cyclical
#14ESSILORLUXOTTICASymbol: EL.PA$ 6.649 billion
Six Billion Six Hundred Forty Nine Million Seven Hundred Eight Thousand Twenty One
$1.026 billion more than DANONE
more by 18.24%
#15DANONESymbol: BN.PA$ 5.623 billion
Five Billion Six Hundred Twenty Three Million Seven Hundred Four Thousand Two Hundred Forty
$147.246 million more than VEOLIA ENVIRON.
more by 2.69%
Consumer Defensive
#16VEOLIA ENVIRON.Symbol: VIE.PA$ 5.476 billion
Five Billion Four Hundred Seventy Six Million Four Hundred Fifty Seven Thousand Four Hundred Ninety Five
$69.544 million more than HERMES INTERNATIONAL
more by 1.29%
#17HERMES INTERNATIONALSymbol: HESAF$ 5.406 billion
Five Billion Four Hundred Six Million Nine Hundred Twelve Thousand Seven Hundred Twenty Five
$369.189 million more than RENAULT INH. EO 3,81
more by 7.33%
Consumer Cyclical
#18RENAULT INH. EO 3,81Symbol: RNL.F$ 5.037 billion
Five Billion Thirty Seven Million Seven Hundred Twenty Two Thousand Nine Hundred Eighty One
$611.738 million more than BOUYGUES
more by 13.82%
Consumer Cyclical
#19BOUYGUESSymbol: EN.PA$ 4.425 billion
Four Billion Four Hundred Twenty Five Million Nine Hundred Eighty Four Thousand Twenty Four
$405.679 million more than SAFRAN
more by 10.09%
#20SAFRANSymbol: SAF.PA$ 4.020 billion
Four Billion Twenty Million Three Hundred Four Thousand Four Hundred Fifty Nine