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Companies analyzed: 39,200

The Largest Companies in France by Market Capitalization

List of the largest companies from France country rank by market capitalization.

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RankCompanyMarket CapDiff. nextSector
#1LVMHSymbol: MC.PA$ 439.597 billion
Four Hundred Thirty Nine Billion Five Hundred Ninety Seven Million Three Hundred Nineteen Thousand Six Hundred Thirty Five
$212.630 billion more than L'OREAL
more by 93.68%
Consumer Cyclical
#2L'OREALSymbol: OR.PA$ 226.966 billion
Two Hundred Twenty Six Billion Nine Hundred Sixty Six Million Five Hundred Fifty Seven Thousand Four Hundred Fifty Seven
$26.199 billion more than HERMES INTERNATIONAL
more by 13.05%
Consumer Defensive
#3HERMES INTERNATIONALSymbol: HESAF$ 200.767 billion
Two Hundred Billion Seven Hundred Sixty Seven Million One Hundred Forty Three Thousand Nine Hundred Thirty Six
$46.697 billion more than CHRISTIAN DIOR
more by 30.31%
Consumer Cyclical
#4CHRISTIAN DIORSymbol: CDI.PA$ 154.069 billion
One Hundred Fifty Four Billion Sixty Nine Million Five Hundred Fifty Two Thousand Nine Hundred Sixty Five
$11.427 billion more than TotalEnergies SE
more by 8.01%
Consumer Cyclical
#5TotalEnergies SESymbol: TTE$ 142.642 billion
One Hundred Forty Two Billion Six Hundred Forty Two Million Fifty Three Thousand One Hundred Twenty
$20.456 billion more than SANOFI
more by 16.74%
#6SANOFISymbol: SAN.PA$ 122.185 billion
One Hundred Twenty Two Billion One Hundred Eighty Five Million One Hundred Forty Nine Thousand Three Hundred Three
$32.240 billion more than SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC SE
more by 35.85%
#7SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC SESymbol: SU.PA$ 89.944 billion
Eighty Nine Billion Nine Hundred Forty Four Million Four Hundred Twenty Two Thousand One Hundred Eighty Two
$4.999 billion more than AIR LIQUIDE
more by 5.89%
#8AIR LIQUIDESymbol: AI.PA$ 84.944 billion
Eighty Four Billion Nine Hundred Forty Four Million Five Hundred Ninety Two Thousand Six Hundred Seventy Four
$6.646 billion more than ESSILORLUXOTTICA
more by 8.49%
Basic Materials
#9ESSILORLUXOTTICASymbol: EL.PA$ 78.297 billion
Seventy Eight Billion Two Hundred Ninety Seven Million Nine Hundred Twenty Thousand Six Hundred Fifty
$2.570 billion more than KERING S.A. INH. EO 4
more by 3.39%
#10KERING S.A. INH. EO 4Symbol: PPX.F$ 75.727 billion
Seventy Five Billion Seven Hundred Twenty Seven Million Four Hundred Ninety Five Thousand Four Hundred Ninety One
$3.373 billion more than BNP PARIBAS ACT.A
more by 4.66%
Consumer Cyclical
#11BNP PARIBAS ACT.ASymbol: BNP.PA$ 72.353 billion
Seventy Two Billion Three Hundred Fifty Three Million Four Hundred Ninety Eight Thousand Seven Hundred Thirty Five
$5.399 billion more than AXA
more by 8.06%
Financial Services
#12AXASymbol: CS.PA$ 66.953 billion
Sixty Six Billion Nine Hundred Fifty Three Million Eight Hundred Thirty Five Thousand Three Hundred Twelve
$2.266 billion more than VINCI
more by 3.5%
Financial Services
#13VINCISymbol: DG.PA$ 64.687 billion
Sixty Four Billion Six Hundred Eighty Seven Million Two Hundred Two Thousand Five Hundred Eighty Nine
$2.756 billion more than SAFRAN
more by 4.45%
#14SAFRANSymbol: SAF.PA$ 61.930 billion
Sixty One Billion Nine Hundred Thirty Million Four Hundred Thirty Seven Thousand Six Hundred Forty
$5.042 billion more than PERNOD RICARD
more by 8.86%
#15PERNOD RICARDSymbol: RI.PA$ 56.887 billion
Fifty Six Billion Eight Hundred Eighty Seven Million Nine Hundred Thousand Four Hundred Eighty Four
$4.124 billion more than DASSAULT SYSTEMES SPON ADR EACH
more by 7.82%
Consumer Defensive
Fifty Two Billion Seven Hundred Sixty Three Million Five Hundred Twenty Five Thousand One Hundred Twenty
$1.760 billion more than EDF
more by 3.45%
#17EDFSymbol: EDF.PA$ 51.003 billion
Fifty One Billion Three Million Two Hundred Thirty Four Thousand Eight Hundred Sixty Nine
$12.285 billion more than DANONE
more by 31.73%
#18DANONESymbol: BN.PA$ 38.717 billion
Thirty Eight Billion Seven Hundred Seventeen Million Five Hundred Sixty Nine Thousand Eight Hundred Sixty One
$2.715 billion more than ENGIE S.A. INH. EO 1
more by 7.54%
Consumer Defensive
#19ENGIE S.A. INH. EO 1Symbol: GZF.F$ 36.001 billion
Thirty Six Billion One Million Eight Hundred Three Thousand Two Hundred Eighty Three
$2.784 billion more than CREDIT AGRICOLE INH. EO 3
more by 8.38%
#20CREDIT AGRICOLE INH. EO 3Symbol: XCA.F$ 33.217 billion
Thirty Three Billion Two Hundred Seventeen Million Two Hundred Seventy Five Thousand Two Hundred Seventy Six
Financial Services