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Companies analyzed: 39,200

The Largest Companies in Finland by Market Capitalization

List of the largest companies from Finland country rank by market capitalization.

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RankCompanyMarket CapDiff. nextSector
#1Nordea Bank AbpSymbol: NDA-SE.ST$ 40.112 billion
Forty Billion One Hundred Twelve Million Six Hundred Twenty Four Thousand One Hundred Thirty Seven
$4.001 billion more than Neste Corporation
more by 11.08%
Financial Services
#2Neste CorporationSymbol: NESTE.HE$ 36.110 billion
Thirty Six Billion One Hundred Ten Million Seven Hundred Thirty Eight Thousand Two Hundred Nineteen
$9.859 billion more than KONE Corporation
more by 37.56%
#3KONE CorporationSymbol: KNEBV.HE$ 26.251 billion
Twenty Six Billion Two Hundred Fifty One Million Two Hundred Fifty Three Thousand Ninety Three
$69.066 million more than Nokia Corporation Sponsored
more by 0.26%
#4Nokia Corporation SponsoredSymbol: NOK$ 26.182 billion
Twenty Six Billion One Hundred Eighty Two Million One Hundred Eighty Seven Thousand Eight
$2.558 billion more than Sampo Plc A
more by 10.83%
#5Sampo Plc ASymbol: SAMPO.HE$ 23.623 billion
Twenty Three Billion Six Hundred Twenty Three Million Four Hundred Seventy One Thousand Two Hundred Thirty Eight
$5.502 billion more than UPM KYMMENE CORP.
more by 30.37%
Financial Services
#6UPM KYMMENE CORP.Symbol: RPL.F$ 18.120 billion
Eighteen Billion One Hundred Twenty Million Five Hundred Thirty Eight Thousand Eight Hundred Fifty Three
$5.032 billion more than Fortum Corporation
more by 38.45%
Basic Materials
#7Fortum CorporationSymbol: FORTUM.HE$ 13.088 billion
Thirteen Billion Eighty Eight Million One Hundred Ninety Eight Thousand Nine Hundred Nine
$2.713 billion more than STORA ENSO OYJ R EO 1,70
more by 26.16%
#8STORA ENSO OYJ R EO 1,70Symbol: ENUR.F$ 10.374 billion
Ten Billion Three Hundred Seventy Four Million Five Hundred Twenty Thousand Nine Hundred Fifty Six
$728.956 million more than Elisa Corporation
more by 7.56%
Basic Materials
#9Elisa CorporationSymbol: ELISA.HE$ 9.645 billion
Nine Billion Six Hundred Forty Five Million Five Hundred Sixty Four Thousand Two Hundred Thirty Three
$1.175 billion more than Metso Outotec Oyj
more by 13.88%
Communication Services
#10Metso Outotec OyjSymbol: MOCORP.HE$ 8.469 billion
Eight Billion Four Hundred Sixty Nine Million Nine Hundred Nine Thousand Six Hundred Forty Eight
$213.591 million more than KESKO B
more by 2.59%
#11KESKO BSymbol: KEK.F$ 8.256 billion
Eight Billion Two Hundred Fifty Six Million Three Hundred Seventeen Thousand Nine Hundred Twenty Nine
$1.878 billion more than Orion Corporation A
more by 29.46%
Consumer Defensive
#12Orion Corporation ASymbol: ORNAV.HE$ 6.377 billion
Six Billion Three Hundred Seventy Seven Million Six Hundred Twenty Two Thousand Seven
$559.103 million more than Valmet Corporation
more by 9.61%
#13Valmet CorporationSymbol: VALMT.HE$ 5.818 billion
Five Billion Eight Hundred Eighteen Million Five Hundred Eighteen Thousand Eight Hundred Twenty Seven
$496.379 million more than Wärtsilä Corporation
more by 9.33%
#14Wärtsilä CorporationSymbol: WRT1V.HE$ 5.322 billion
Five Billion Three Hundred Twenty Two Million One Hundred Thirty Nine Thousand Four Hundred Seventy Two
$1.653 billion more than Huhtamäki Oyj
more by 45.08%
#15Huhtamäki OyjSymbol: HUH1V.HE$ 3.668 billion
Three Billion Six Hundred Sixty Eight Million Four Hundred Seventy Five Thousand Five Hundred Sixty Six
$16.967 million more than TietoEVRY Corporation
more by 0.46%
Consumer Cyclical
#16TietoEVRY CorporationSymbol: TIETO.HE$ 3.651 billion
Three Billion Six Hundred Fifty One Million Five Hundred Eight Thousand Five Hundred Eighteen
$502.741 million more than Metsä Board Oyj A
more by 15.97%
#17Metsä Board Oyj ASymbol: METSA.HE$ 3.148 billion
Three Billion One Hundred Forty Eight Million Seven Hundred Sixty Seven Thousand Seventy
$104.709 million more than Kojamo Plc
more by 3.44%
Consumer Cyclical
#18Kojamo PlcSymbol: KOJAMO.HE$ 3.044 billion
Three Billion Forty Four Million Fifty Seven Thousand Three Hundred Fifty Five
$73.640 million more than Cargotec Oyj
more by 2.48%
Real Estate
#19Cargotec OyjSymbol: CGCBV.HE$ 2.970 billion
Two Billion Nine Hundred Seventy Million Four Hundred Sixteen Thousand Four Hundred Ninety Three
$386.534 million more than KEMIRA OY
more by 14.96%
#20KEMIRA OYSymbol: KEM.F$ 2.583 billion
Two Billion Five Hundred Eighty Three Million Eight Hundred Eighty Two Thousand One Hundred Twenty Six
Basic Materials