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Companies analyzed: 39,200

The Largest Companies in Financial by Market Capitalization

The table below presents a comprehensive list of the largest companies from the financial sector ranked by market capitalization. This data encompasses a diverse range of companies, predominantly from Brazil and Australia, along with a few from the United States.

These companies have market capitalizations ranging from $779.455 million for FII KINEA RICI (KNCR11.SA) at the top of the list, down to $151.805 million for FII RBRALPHACI ER (RBRF11.SA) at the 20th position.

This data provides valuable insights into the size, scale, and geographical distribution of major players in the financial sector, offering a snapshot of the current market landscape. By comparing the differences in market capitalization between these companies, one can gain a better understanding of the relative sizes and competitive positions of these financial organizations.

In addition, the table highlights the percentage differences in market capitalization between consecutive companies on the list, illustrating the varying degrees of market dominance and the potential growth opportunities within the financial sector.

By analyzing this data, investors, analysts, and other stakeholders can make more informed decisions about investment opportunities and better understand the dynamics of the financial industry across different countries.

Overall, the table serves as a valuable resource for those interested in exploring the financial sector's top players and gaining insights into the market forces that drive their performance.

List of the largest companies from Financial sector rank by market capitalization.

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RankCompanyMarket CapDiff. nextCountry
#1FII KINEA RICISymbol: KNCR11.SA$ 764.698 million
Seven Hundred Sixty Four Million Six Hundred Ninety Eight Thousand Four Hundred Fifty Five
$361.859 million more than FII CSHG URBCI
more by 89.83%
#2FII CSHG URBCISymbol: HGRU11.SA$ 402.838 million
Four Hundred Two Million Eight Hundred Thirty Eight Thousand Six Hundred Fifty Two
$5.081 million more than FII KINEA CI
more by 1.28%
#3FII KINEA CISymbol: KNRI11.SA$ 397.757 million
Three Hundred Ninety Seven Million Seven Hundred Fifty Seven Thousand Eighty One
$33.102 million more than METINCOME UNITS
more by 9.08%
#4METINCOME UNITSSymbol: MOT.AX$ 364.654 million
Three Hundred Sixty Four Million Six Hundred Fifty Four Thousand Four Hundred Thirty Seven
$. thousand more than QUAL RE IF UNITS
more by 0.01%
#5QUAL RE IF UNITSSymbol: QRI.AX$ 364.610 million
Three Hundred Sixty Four Million Six Hundred Ten Thousand Two Hundred Fifty One
$10.626 million more than HEARTS MND FPO
more by 3%
#6HEARTS MND FPOSymbol: HM1.AX$ 353.983 million
Three Hundred Fifty Three Million Nine Hundred Eighty Three Thousand Four Hundred Eighteen
$10.866 million more than FII VINCI SCCI ES
more by 3.17%
#7FII VINCI SCCI ESSymbol: VISC11.SA$ 343.116 million
Three Hundred Forty Three Million One Hundred Sixteen Thousand Four Hundred Sixty Four
$. thousand more than FII KINEA HYCI
more by 0.28%
#8FII KINEA HYCISymbol: KNHY11.SA$ 342.155 million
Three Hundred Forty Two Million One Hundred Fifty Five Thousand Eight
$32.774 million more than GRYPHON UNITS
more by 10.59%
#9GRYPHON UNITSSymbol: GCI.AX$ 309.380 million
Three Hundred Nine Million Three Hundred Eighty Thousand Seven Hundred Fifty Seven
$21.189 million more than Virtus Global Dividend & Income
more by 7.35%
#10Virtus Global Dividend & IncomeSymbol: ZTR$ 288.190 million
Two Hundred Eighty Eight Million One Hundred Ninety Thousand Eight Hundred Forty Eight
$. thousand more than PENGANAPET UNITS
more by 0.14%
United States
#11PENGANAPET UNITSSymbol: PE1.AX$ 287.801 million
Two Hundred Eighty Seven Million Eight Hundred One Thousand Seven Hundred Forty One
$2.403 million more than FII HTOPFOF3CI
more by 0.84%
#12FII HTOPFOF3CISymbol: HFOF11.SA$ 285.398 million
Two Hundred Eighty Five Million Three Hundred Ninety Eight Thousand Six Hundred Eighty Seven
$17.690 million more than FII HECTARE CI ER
more by 6.61%
#13FII HECTARE CI ERSymbol: HCTR11.SA$ 267.708 million
Two Hundred Sixty Seven Million Seven Hundred Eight Thousand Two Hundred Ninety Nine
$20.234 million more than FII BB PRGIICI
more by 8.18%
#14FII BB PRGIICISymbol: BBPO11.SA$ 247.474 million
Two Hundred Forty Seven Million Four Hundred Seventy Four Thousand Two Hundred Eighty Seven
$7.116 million more than FII VINCI LGCI
more by 2.96%
#15FII VINCI LGCISymbol: VILG11.SA$ 240.357 million
Two Hundred Forty Million Three Hundred Fifty Seven Thousand Six Hundred Sixty Two
$. thousand more than FII JS REAL CI
more by 0.06%
#16FII JS REAL CISymbol: JSRE11.SA$ 240.204 million
Two Hundred Forty Million Two Hundred Four Thousand Two Hundred One
$1.766 million more than FII CSHG CRICI
more by 0.74%
#17FII CSHG CRICISymbol: HGCR11.SA$ 238.437 million
Two Hundred Thirty Eight Million Four Hundred Thirty Seven Thousand Five Hundred Forty
$3.176 million more than FII HSI MALLCI
more by 1.35%
#18FII HSI MALLCISymbol: HSML11.SA$ 235.261 million
Two Hundred Thirty Five Million Two Hundred Sixty One Thousand Three Hundred Sixty Four
$84.113 million more than FII ABC IMOBCI
more by 55.65%
#19FII ABC IMOBCISymbol: ABCP11.SA$ 151.148 million
One Hundred Fifty One Million One Hundred Forty Eight Thousand Forty Nine
$1.059 million more than FII RBRALPHACI ER
more by 0.71%
#20FII RBRALPHACI ERSymbol: RBRF11.SA$ 150.088 million
One Hundred Fifty Million Eighty Eight Thousand Six Hundred Twenty