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Companies analyzed: 39,200

The Largest Companies in Financial Services by Market Capitalization

List of the largest companies from Financial Services sector rank by market capitalization.

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RankCompanyMarket CapDiff. nextCountry
#1Berkshire Hathaway Inc.Symbol: BRK-A$ 659.244 billion
Six Hundred Fifty Nine Billion Two Hundred Forty Four Million Three Hundred Eighteen Thousand Seven Hundred Twenty
$196.766 billion more than Visa Inc.
more by 42.55%
United States
#2Visa Inc.Symbol: V$ 462.477 billion
Four Hundred Sixty Two Billion Four Hundred Seventy Seven Million Eight Hundred Fifty Two Thousand Six Hundred Seventy Two
$88.141 billion more than JP Morgan Chase & Co.
more by 23.55%
United States
#3JP Morgan Chase & Co.Symbol: JPM$ 374.336 billion
Three Hundred Seventy Four Billion Three Hundred Thirty Six Million Five Hundred Twenty Thousand One Hundred Ninety Two
$39.719 billion more than Mastercard Incorporated
more by 11.87%
United States
#4Mastercard IncorporatedSymbol: MA$ 334.616 billion
Three Hundred Thirty Four Billion Six Hundred Sixteen Million Eight Hundred Eighty Seven Thousand Two Hundred Ninety Six
$110.765 billion more than INDUSTRIAL & COMMERCIAL BK OF C
more by 49.48%
United States
#5INDUSTRIAL & COMMERCIAL BK OF CSymbol: 601398.SS$ 223.850 billion
Two Hundred Twenty Three Billion Eight Hundred Fifty Million Nine Hundred Twenty Four Thousand Sixty Seven
$2.750 billion more than Bank of America Corporation
more by 1.24%
#6Bank of America CorporationSymbol: BAC$ 221.100 billion
Two Hundred Twenty One Billion One Hundred Million Ninety Seven Thousand Five Hundred Thirty Six
$558.841 million more than INDUSTRIAL & COMMERCIAL BK OF C
more by 0.25%
United States
#7INDUSTRIAL & COMMERCIAL BK OF CSymbol: IDCBF$ 220.541 billion
Two Hundred Twenty Billion Five Hundred Forty One Million Two Hundred Fifty Five Thousand Six Hundred Eighty
$54.883 billion more than CCB
more by 33.13%
#8CCBSymbol: 0939.HK$ 165.658 billion
One Hundred Sixty Five Billion Six Hundred Fifty Eight Million One Hundred Forty Nine Thousand Nine Hundred Ninety Nine
$12.571 billion more than AGRICULTURAL BANK OF CHINA
more by 8.21%
#9AGRICULTURAL BANK OF CHINASymbol: 601288.SS$ 153.087 billion
One Hundred Fifty Three Billion Eighty Seven Million Fifty Three Thousand Three Hundred Thirty One
$5.833 billion more than Morgan Stanley
more by 3.96%
#10Morgan StanleySymbol: MS$ 147.253 billion
One Hundred Forty Seven Billion Two Hundred Fifty Three Million Eight Hundred Fifty Four Thousand Two Hundred Eight
$6.746 billion more than Wells Fargo & Company
more by 4.8%
United States
#11Wells Fargo & CompanySymbol: WFC$ 140.507 billion
One Hundred Forty Billion Five Hundred Seven Million Seven Hundred Fifty Eight Thousand Five Hundred Ninety Two
$2.719 billion more than BANK OF CHINA
more by 1.97%
United States
#12BANK OF CHINASymbol: 3988.HK$ 137.788 billion
One Hundred Thirty Seven Billion Seven Hundred Eighty Eight Million One Hundred Ninety Nine Thousand Nine Hundred
$3.937 billion more than HSBC HOLDINGS PLC
more by 2.94%
#13HSBC HOLDINGS PLCSymbol: HSBA.L$ 133.850 billion
One Hundred Thirty Three Billion Eight Hundred Fifty Million Three Hundred Ninety Seven Thousand Three Hundred Ninety Four
$4.087 billion more than ROYAL BANK OF CANADA
more by 3.15%
United Kingdom
#14ROYAL BANK OF CANADASymbol: RY.TO$ 129.762 billion
One Hundred Twenty Nine Billion Seven Hundred Sixty Two Million Seven Hundred Forty Thousand Five Hundred Forty One
$1.570 billion more than CHINA MERCHANTS BANK CO LTD
more by 1.22%
#15CHINA MERCHANTS BANK CO LTDSymbol: 600036.SS$ 128.192 billion
One Hundred Twenty Eight Billion One Hundred Ninety Two Million Four Hundred Forty Four Thousand Nine Hundred Sixty Three
$5.097 billion more than PING AN
more by 4.14%
#16PING ANSymbol: 2318.HK$ 123.095 billion
One Hundred Twenty Three Billion Ninety Five Million Two Hundred Forty Thousand One Hundred Twenty Two
$1.998 billion more than American Express Company
more by 1.65%
#17American Express CompanySymbol: AXP$ 121.096 billion
One Hundred Twenty One Billion Ninety Six Million Seven Hundred Forty Thousand Eight Hundred Sixty Four
$597.696 million more than AIA
more by 0.5%
United States
#18AIASymbol: 1299.HK$ 120.499 billion
One Hundred Twenty Billion Four Hundred Ninety Nine Million Forty Four Thousand Five Hundred Seven
$9.980 billion more than S&P Global Inc.
more by 9.03%
Hong Kong
#19S&P Global Inc.Symbol: SPGI$ 110.519 billion
One Hundred Ten Billion Five Hundred Nineteen Million Twenty Five Thousand Six Hundred Sixty Four
$1.205 billion more than CWLTH BANK FPO
more by 1.1%
United States
#20CWLTH BANK FPOSymbol: CBA.AX$ 109.313 billion
One Hundred Nine Billion Three Hundred Thirteen Million Seven Hundred Twenty One Thousand Two Hundred Fifty Seven