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Companies analyzed: 39,200

Europe Companies with the Most Cash on Hand

List of the largest companies from Europe continent rank by total cash.

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RankCompanyTotal CashDiff. nextCountry
#1HSBC HOLDINGS PLCSymbol: HSBA.L$ 1.105 trillion
One Trillion One Hundred Five Billion One Hundred Twenty Eight Million Sixty Two Thousand Nine Hundred Seventy Six
$7.651 billion more than BNP PARIBAS ACT.A
more by 0.7%
United Kingdom
#2BNP PARIBAS ACT.ASymbol: BNP.PA$ 1.097 trillion
One Trillion Ninety Seven Billion Four Hundred Seventy Six Million Eight Hundred Seventy Five Thousand Two Hundred Sixty One
$1.009 billion more than Barclays PLC
more by 0.09%
#3Barclays PLCSymbol: BCS$ 1.096 trillion
One Trillion Ninety Six Billion Four Hundred Sixty Six Million Nine Hundred Ninety Four Thousand Three Hundred Eighty One
$286.912 billion more than CREDIT AGRICOLE INH. EO 3
more by 35.44%
United Kingdom
#4CREDIT AGRICOLE INH. EO 3Symbol: XCA.F$ 809.554 billion
Eight Hundred Nine Billion Five Hundred Fifty Four Million Six Hundred Ninety Five Thousand One Hundred Twenty Eight
$140.041 billion more than SOCIETE GENERALE SPON ADR-EACH
more by 20.92%
Six Hundred Sixty Nine Billion Five Hundred Thirteen Million Eighty Eight Thousand Eight Hundred
$46.628 billion more than Deutsche Bank AG
more by 7.49%
#6Deutsche Bank AGSymbol: DB$ 622.884 billion
Six Hundred Twenty Two Billion Eight Hundred Eighty Four Million Eight Hundred Eighty Seven Thousand Eight Hundred Thirty Seven
$163.988 billion more than Banco Santander, S.A. Sponsored
more by 35.74%
#7Banco Santander, S.A. SponsoredSymbol: SAN$ 458.896 billion
Four Hundred Fifty Eight Billion Eight Hundred Ninety Six Million Fifty Five Thousand Two Hundred One
$58.540 billion more than UBS GROUP N
more by 14.62%
#8UBS GROUP NSymbol: UBSG.SW$ 400.356 billion
Four Hundred Billion Three Hundred Fifty Six Million Sixteen Thousand One Hundred Twenty Eight
$22.746 billion more than NATWEST GROUP PLC
more by 6.02%
#9NATWEST GROUP PLCSymbol: NWG.L$ 377.609 billion
Three Hundred Seventy Seven Billion Six Hundred Nine Million Six Hundred Seventy One Thousand Three Hundred Fifty Two
$112.956 billion more than STANDARD CHARTERED PLC
more by 42.68%
United Kingdom
#10STANDARD CHARTERED PLCSymbol: STAN.L$ 264.652 billion
Two Hundred Sixty Four Billion Six Hundred Fifty Two Million Nine Hundred Ninety Six Thousand Six Hundred Eight
$21.241 billion more than LLOYDS BANKING GROUP PLC
more by 8.73%
United Kingdom
#11LLOYDS BANKING GROUP PLCSymbol: LLOY.L$ 243.411 billion
Two Hundred Forty Three Billion Four Hundred Eleven Million One Hundred Seventy One Thousand Six Hundred Sixty Eight
$57.943 billion more than UNICREDIT
more by 31.24%
United Kingdom
#12UNICREDITSymbol: UCG.MI$ 185.467 billion
One Hundred Eighty Five Billion Four Hundred Sixty Seven Million Four Hundred Forty One Thousand Nine Hundred Sixty Eight
$15.066 billion more than INTESA SANPAOLO
more by 8.84%
#13INTESA SANPAOLOSymbol: ISP.MI$ 170.401 billion
One Hundred Seventy Billion Four Hundred One Million One Hundred Eighty Three Thousand Six Hundred Sixty Two
$324.826 million more than COMMERZBANK AG SPON ADR EA REPR
more by 0.19%
#14COMMERZBANK AG SPON ADR EA REPRSymbol: CRZBY$ 170.076 billion
One Hundred Seventy Billion Seventy Six Million Three Hundred Fifty Seven Thousand Four Hundred Ten
$30.940 billion more than Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria
more by 22.24%
#15Banco Bilbao Vizcaya ArgentariaSymbol: BBVA$ 139.135 billion
One Hundred Thirty Nine Billion One Hundred Thirty Five Million Five Hundred One Thousand Four Hundred Fifty One
$241.353 million more than CS GROUP N
more by 0.17%
#16CS GROUP NSymbol: CSGN.SW$ 138.894 billion
One Hundred Thirty Eight Billion Eight Hundred Ninety Four Million One Hundred Forty Eight Thousand One Hundred Fifty Seven
$6.137 billion more than ING Group, N.V.
more by 4.62%
#17ING Group, N.V.Symbol: ING$ 132.756 billion
One Hundred Thirty Two Billion Seven Hundred Fifty Six Million Two Hundred Eighty Two Thousand Five Hundred Sixty Three
$1.654 billion more than Danske Bank A/S
more by 1.26%
#18Danske Bank A/SSymbol: DANSKE.CO$ 131.101 billion
One Hundred Thirty One Billion One Hundred One Million Four Hundred Eighty Six Thousand Two Hundred Ninety One
$38.336 billion more than Nordea Bank Abp
more by 41.33%
#19Nordea Bank AbpSymbol: NDA-SE.ST$ 92.764 billion
Ninety Two Billion Seven Hundred Sixty Four Million Eight Hundred Thirty Eight Thousand Three Hundred One
$3.513 billion more than ABN AMRO BANK N.V.
more by 3.94%
#20ABN AMRO BANK N.V.Symbol: ABN.AS$ 89.251 billion
Eighty Nine Billion Two Hundred Fifty One Million One Hundred Ten Thousand Two Hundred Eighty Four