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Companies analyzed: 39,200

Ranking of Top Estonia Companies with the Most Debt

List of the largest companies from Estonia country rank by total debt.

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RankCompanyTotal DebtDiff. nextSector
#1Tallink GruppSymbol: TAL1T.TL$ 917.707 million
Nine Hundred Seventeen Million Seven Hundred Seven Thousand Six Hundred Twenty Four
$132.695 million more than LHV Group
more by 16.9%
#2LHV GroupSymbol: LHV1T.TL$ 785.012 million
Seven Hundred Eighty Five Million Twelve Thousand Six Hundred Eighteen
$475.424 million more than Tallinna Kaubamaja Grupp
more by 153.57%
Financial Services
#3Tallinna Kaubamaja GruppSymbol: TKM1T.TL$ 309.587 million
Three Hundred Nine Million Five Hundred Eighty Seven Thousand Six Hundred Fifty Four
$8.998 million more than Enefit Green
more by 2.99%
Consumer Cyclical
#4Enefit GreenSymbol: EGR1T.TL$ 300.589 million
Three Hundred Million Five Hundred Eighty Nine Thousand Two Hundred Twenty One
$99.096 million more than Tallinna Sadam
more by 49.18%
#5Tallinna SadamSymbol: TSM1T.TL$ 201.492 million
Two Hundred One Million Four Hundred Ninety Two Thousand Three Hundred Ninety One
$102.655 million more than Merko Ehitus
more by 103.86%
#6Merko EhitusSymbol: MRK1T.TL$ 98.836 million
Ninety Eight Million Eight Hundred Thirty Six Thousand Six Hundred Twenty One
$9.779 million more than Tallinna Vesi
more by 10.98%
#7Tallinna VesiSymbol: TVE1T.TL$ 89.057 million
Eighty Nine Million Fifty Seven Thousand Five Hundred Seventy Seven
$29.818 million more than Coop Pank
more by 50.34%
#8Coop PankSymbol: CPA1T.TL$ 59.238 million
Fifty Nine Million Two Hundred Thirty Eight Thousand Seven Hundred Fifty
$6.795 million more than Hepsor
more by 12.96%
Financial Services
#9HepsorSymbol: HPR1T.TL$ 52.443 million
Fifty Two Million Four Hundred Forty Three Thousand Four Hundred Seventeen
$3.933 million more than Harju Elekter
more by 8.11%
Real Estate
#10Harju ElekterSymbol: HAE1T.TL$ 48.510 million
Forty Eight Million Five Hundred Ten Thousand Two Hundred Ninety Five
$7.268 million more than Pro Kapital Grupp
more by 17.62%
#11Pro Kapital GruppSymbol: PKG1T.TL$ 41.241 million
Forty One Million Two Hundred Forty One Thousand Eight Hundred Sixty Eight
$13.994 million more than AS EKSPRESS GRUPP EO 0,60
more by 51.36%
Real Estate
#12AS EKSPRESS GRUPP EO 0,60Symbol: DYC.F$ 27.246 million
Twenty Seven Million Two Hundred Forty Six Thousand Nine Hundred Twenty Two
$1.975 million more than Nordecon
more by 7.82%
Communication Services
#13NordeconSymbol: NCN1T.TL$ 25.271 million
Twenty Five Million Two Hundred Seventy One Thousand Seven Hundred Fifty Nine
$5.822 million more than Arco Vara
more by 29.94%
#14Arco VaraSymbol: ARC1T.TL$ 19.449 million
Nineteen Million Four Hundred Forty Nine Thousand Four Hundred Ninety Two
$. thousand more than PRFoods
more by 0.23%
Real Estate
#15PRFoodsSymbol: PRF1T.TL$ 19.404 million
Nineteen Million Four Hundred Four Thousand Three Hundred Thirty Three
$9.465 million more than Baltika
more by 95.23%
Consumer Defensive
#16BaltikaSymbol: BLT1T.TL$ 9.939 million
Nine Million Nine Hundred Thirty Nine Thousand Two Hundred Fifty
$3.042 million more than Silvano Fashion Group
more by 44.12%
Consumer Cyclical
#17Silvano Fashion GroupSymbol: SFG1T.TL$ 6.896 million
Six Million Eight Hundred Ninety Six Thousand Four Hundred Three
$1.024 million more than RESBUD
more by 17.45%
Consumer Cyclical
#18RESBUDSymbol: RES.WA$ 5.871 million
Five Million Eight Hundred Seventy One Thousand Seven Hundred Twenty Seven
$2.468 million more than Nordic Fibreboard
more by 72.54%
#19Nordic FibreboardSymbol: SKN1T.TL$ 3.403 million
Three Million Four Hundred Three Thousand Forty Three
$3.197 million more than FON
more by 1557.07%
Consumer Cyclical
#20FONSymbol: FON.WA$ . thousand
Two Hundred Five Thousand Three Hundred Sixty Five
Financial Services