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Companies analyzed: 39,200

Largest Companies by Revenue in Cyprus country

List of the largest companies from Cyprus country rank by total revenue.

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RankCompanyTotal RevenueDiff. nextSector
#1ASBISSymbol: ASB.WA$ 2.690 billion
Two Billion Six Hundred Ninety Million Thirty Nine Thousand Forty
$723.768 million more than SOFTLINE HLDG SP.GDR REGS
more by 36.81%
#2SOFTLINE HLDG SP.GDR REGSSymbol: 6NZ.F$ 1.966 billion
One Billion Nine Hundred Sixty Six Million Two Hundred Seventy Thousand Nine Hundred Seventy Six
$1.270 billion more than BANK OF CYPRUS HOLDINGS PUBLIC
more by 182.48%
#3BANK OF CYPRUS HOLDINGS PUBLIC Symbol: BOCH.L$ 696.083 million
Six Hundred Ninety Six Million Eighty Three Thousand Five Hundred Eighty Nine
$10.087 million more than Tharisa plc
more by 1.47%
Financial Services
#4Tharisa plcSymbol: THA.JO$ 685.996 million
Six Hundred Eighty Five Million Nine Hundred Ninety Six Thousand Thirty Two
$297.680 million more than ATALAYA MINING PLC
more by 76.66%
Basic Materials
#5ATALAYA MINING PLCSymbol: ATYM.L$ 388.315 million
Three Hundred Eighty Eight Million Three Hundred Fifteen Thousand Three Hundred Fourteen
$126.213 million more than Castor Maritime Inc.
more by 48.15%
Basic Materials
#6Castor Maritime Inc.Symbol: CTRM$ 262.102 million
Two Hundred Sixty Two Million One Hundred Two Thousand
$191.250 million more than AGROTON
more by 269.93%
#7AGROTONSymbol: AGT.WA$ 70.852 million
Seventy Million Eight Hundred Fifty Two Thousand
$15.348 million more than PETROLIA
more by 27.65%
Consumer Defensive
#8PETROLIASymbol: PSE.OL$ 55.504 million
Fifty Five Million Five Hundred Four Thousand
$13.353 million more than S.D. STANDARD ETC PLC
more by 31.68%
#9S.D. STANDARD ETC PLCSymbol: SDSD.OL$ 42.151 million
Forty Two Million One Hundred Fifty One Thousand
$4.366 million more than DEKEL AGRI-VISION PLC
more by 11.56%
#10DEKEL AGRI-VISION PLCSymbol: DKL.L$ 37.784 million
Thirty Seven Million Seven Hundred Eighty Four Thousand Eight Hundred Ninety
$. thousand more than MEDIPOWER OVERSEAS
more by 1.49%
Consumer Defensive
#11MEDIPOWER OVERSEASSymbol: MDPR.TA$ 37.230 million
Thirty Seven Million Two Hundred Thirty Thousand
$13.304 million more than SEABIRD EXPLORATION
more by 55.6%
Real Estate
#12SEABIRD EXPLORATIONSymbol: GEG.OL$ 23.926 million
Twenty Three Million Nine Hundred Twenty Six Thousand
$23.776 million more than ADS MARITIME HOLDING PLC
more by 15850.67%
One Hundred Fifty Thousand
$. thousand more than GIFA INC
more by 52.38%
#14GIFA INCSymbol: GIFX$ . thousand
Ninety Eight Thousand Four Hundred Thirty Nine
Communication Services