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Companies analyzed: 39,200

The Largest Companies in Consumer Cyclical by Market Capitalization

List of the largest companies from Consumer Cyclical sector rank by market capitalization.

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RankCompanyMarket CapDiff. nextCountry, Inc.Symbol: AMZN$ 1.030 trillion
One Trillion Thirty Billion Nine Hundred Eighty Million Eight Hundred Ninety Four Thousand Seven Hundred Twenty
$405.817 billion more than Tesla, Inc.
more by 64.91%
United States
#2Tesla, Inc.Symbol: TSLA$ 625.162 billion
Six Hundred Twenty Five Billion One Hundred Sixty Two Million Nine Hundred Eleven Thousand Seven Hundred Forty Four
$192.138 billion more than LVMH
more by 44.37%
United States
#3LVMHSymbol: MC.PA$ 433.024 billion
Four Hundred Thirty Three Billion Twenty Four Million Forty Eight Thousand Four Hundred
$139.264 billion more than Home Depot, Inc. (The)
more by 47.41%
#4Home Depot, Inc. (The)Symbol: HD$ 293.759 billion
Two Hundred Ninety Three Billion Seven Hundred Fifty Nine Million Eight Hundred Seventy Seven Thousand One Hundred Twenty
$77.186 billion more than Alibaba Group Holding Limited
more by 35.64%
United States
#5Alibaba Group Holding LimitedSymbol: BABA$ 216.573 billion
Two Hundred Sixteen Billion Five Hundred Seventy Three Million Seven Hundred Thirty Nine Thousand Eight
$18.915 billion more than McDonald's Corporation
more by 9.57%
#6McDonald's CorporationSymbol: MCD$ 197.657 billion
One Hundred Ninety Seven Billion Six Hundred Fifty Seven Million Eight Hundred Four Thousand Eight Hundred
$1.124 billion more than HERMES INTERNATIONAL
more by 0.57%
United States
#7HERMES INTERNATIONALSymbol: HESAF$ 196.533 billion
One Hundred Ninety Six Billion Five Hundred Thirty Three Million Three Hundred Twenty One Thousand Seven Hundred Twenty Eight
$1.767 billion more than Nike, Inc.
more by 0.91%
#8Nike, Inc.Symbol: NKE$ 194.765 billion
One Hundred Ninety Four Billion Seven Hundred Sixty Five Million Eight Hundred Forty Eight Thousand Five Hundred Seventy Six
$10.365 billion more than Toyota Motor Corporation
more by 5.62%
United States
#9Toyota Motor CorporationSymbol: TM$ 184.400 billion
One Hundred Eighty Four Billion Four Hundred Million One Hundred One Thousand Three Hundred Seventy Six
$32.058 billion more than CHRISTIAN DIOR
more by 21.04%
#10CHRISTIAN DIORSymbol: CDI.PA$ 152.341 billion
One Hundred Fifty Two Billion Three Hundred Forty One Million Eight Hundred Seven Thousand Six Hundred Nineteen
$32.686 billion more than Lowe's Companies, Inc.
more by 27.32%
#11Lowe's Companies, Inc.Symbol: LOW$ 119.655 billion
One Hundred Nineteen Billion Six Hundred Fifty Five Million Six Thousand Two Hundred Eight
$2.079 billion more than Starbucks Corporation
more by 1.77%
United States
#12Starbucks CorporationSymbol: SBUX$ 117.575 billion
One Hundred Seventeen Billion Five Hundred Seventy Five Million Four Hundred Ninety Nine Thousand Seven Hundred Seventy Six
$15.634 billion more than MEITUAN-W
more by 15.34%
United States
#13MEITUAN-WSymbol: 3690.HK$ 101.940 billion
One Hundred One Billion Nine Hundred Forty Million Eight Hundred Fifteen Thousand One Hundred Fifty Three
$2.142 billion more than Pinduoduo Inc.
more by 2.15%
#14Pinduoduo Inc.Symbol: PDD$ 99.798 billion
Ninety Nine Billion Seven Hundred Ninety Eight Million Three Hundred Two Thousand Seven Hundred Twenty
$2.375 billion more than INDITEX INH. EO 0,03
more by 2.44%
#15INDITEX INH. EO 0,03Symbol: IXD1.F$ 97.422 billion
Ninety Seven Billion Four Hundred Twenty Two Million Eight Hundred Ninety Thousand Three Hundred Fifty Eight
$616.805 million more than Booking Holdings Inc. Common St
more by 0.64%
#16Booking Holdings Inc. Common StSymbol: BKNG$ 96.806 billion
Ninety Six Billion Eight Hundred Six Million Eighty Four Thousand Six Hundred Eight
$1.718 billion more than BYD COMPANY
more by 1.81%
United States
#17BYD COMPANYSymbol: 1211.HK$ 95.087 billion
Ninety Five Billion Eighty Seven Million Five Hundred Seventy One Thousand Two Hundred Twenty One
$6.710 billion more than TJX Companies, Inc. (The)
more by 7.59%
#18TJX Companies, Inc. (The)Symbol: TJX$ 88.376 billion
Eighty Eight Billion Three Hundred Seventy Six Million Seven Hundred Seventy Thousand Five Hundred Sixty
$2.504 billion more than RICHEMONT N
more by 2.92%
United States
#19RICHEMONT NSymbol: CFR.SW$ 85.872 billion
Eighty Five Billion Eight Hundred Seventy Two Million Seven Hundred Thirty Two Thousand Four Hundred Fifty One
$5.072 billion more than MERCEDES-BENZ GROUP
more by 6.28%
#20MERCEDES-BENZ GROUPSymbol: MBG.DE$ 80.800 billion
Eighty Billion Eight Hundred Million Six Hundred Nine Thousand One Hundred Thirty Two