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Overview of Acer Gaming Inc. ticker's 6908.TWO

Last updated: March 31, 2023 at 06:49

The main symbol market of the company Acer Gaming Inc. (Taipei:6908.TWO) is currently trading at $4.093, up 2.46% from the previous closing price of $3.994768.

The company has a market cap of USD 143.25 million and a volume of 314 shares with total revenue of 49.67 million USD. and debt of 1.30 million USD

$14,478,022.00USD 14.47 million
$1,309,760.00USD 1.30 million
$49,675,957.00USD 49.67 million
$3,269,095.00USD 3.26 million
$1,739,918.00USD 1.73 million
Acer Gaming Inc.'s Debt
According to the Acer Gaming Inc. most recent blaance sheet, on December 2022, the total debt is at $1,309,760.00 with a D/E ratio (debt to equity) of $0.33.
How many full time employees does Acer Gaming Inc. have?
As of December 2022 Acer Gaming Inc. has in total Twenty (20) full-time employees.
Acer Gaming Inc. has 0 more stock symbols
6908.TWO is the only symbol for Acer Gaming Inc.

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Stock 6908.TWO info

Stock price vs prev closing
$4.09from $3.99
Increased by 0.098%
Open price vs prev closing
$3.99from $3.99
Increased by 0%
Day low vs stock price
$3.95from $4.09
Decreased by -3.6%
Day High vs stock price
$4.14from $4.09
Increased by 1.2%

Contact information of Acer Gaming Inc.

What is the official address of Acer Gaming Inc.?

The offical address is No. 369, Fuxing N. Rd., 7F.-5 Songshan District , Taipei City 105611 , Taiwan

What are the phone and fax numbers for Acer Gaming Inc.?

The phone number is 886 2 2696 0068 but there is no fax number listed on the official site

What is Acer Gaming Inc.'s offical website?