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Overview of Abhotel Co., Ltd. ticker's 6565.T

Last updated: March 20, 2023 at 06:15

The main symbol market of the company Abhotel Co., Ltd. (Tokyo:6565.T) is currently trading at $15.276881, down -3.98% from the previous closing price of $15.909922.

The company has a market cap of USD 216.55 million and a volume of 355 shares with total revenue of 61.87 million USD. and debt of 81.73 million USD

$32,155,432.00USD 32.15 million
$81,738,557.00USD 81.73 million
$61,877,851.00USD 61.87 million
$10,357,466.00USD 10.35 million
Abhotel Co., Ltd.'s Debt
According to the Abhotel Co., Ltd. most recent blaance sheet, on December 2022, the total debt is at $81,738,557.00 with a D/E ratio (debt to equity) of $1.05.
How many full time employees does Abhotel Co., Ltd. have?
As of December 2022 Abhotel Co., Ltd. has in total Thirty Five (35) full-time employees.
Abhotel Co., Ltd. has 0 more stock symbols
6565.T is the only symbol for Abhotel Co., Ltd.

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Stock 6565.T info

Stock price vs prev closing
$15.28from $15.91
Decreased by -0.633%
Open price vs prev closing
$15.71from $15.91
Decreased by -1.25%
Day low vs stock price
$15.28from $15.28
Increased by 0%
Day High vs stock price
$15.87from $15.28
Increased by 3.89%

Contact information of Abhotel Co., Ltd.

What is the official address of Abhotel Co., Ltd.?

The offical address is No.2, Tosho Building, 6th Floor 1-9-2 Mikawa-Anjo-Cho , Anjo 446-0056 , Japan

What are the phone and fax numbers for Abhotel Co., Ltd.?

The phone number is 81 566 79 3013 and the Fax number is 81 566 79 3014

What is Abhotel Co., Ltd.'s offical website?