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Overview of 9R Limited ticker's 1Y1.SI

Last updated: June 6, 2023 at 08:44

The main symbol market of the company 9R Limited (SES:1Y1.SI) is currently trading at $0.036248142, same from the previous closing price.

The company has a market cap of USD 36.47 million and a volume of 826.31 thousand shares with total revenue of 2.20 million USD. and debt of 2.24 million USD

$8,968,515.00USD 8.96 million
$2,244,026.00USD 2.24 million
$2,200,458.00USD 2.20 million
$936,852.00USD 936.85 thousand
-$2,019,091.00USD -2.01 million
-$3,413,992.00USD -3.41 million
9R Limited's Debt
According to the 9R Limited most recent blaance sheet, on December 2022, the total debt is at $2,244,026.00 with a D/E ratio (debt to equity) of $13.86.
9R Limited has 0 more stock symbols
1Y1.SI is the only symbol for 9R Limited

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Who is the CEO & Exec. Director of 9R Limited?

The CEO & Exec. Director of 9R Limited is Mr. Swee Sin Ong with an age of 37

Who is the Group Head of Fin. of 9R Limited?

The Group Head of Fin. of 9R Limited is Mr. San Wai Cheong

Who is the Company Sec. of 9R Limited?

The Company Sec. of 9R Limited is Mr. Kuan Loong Lai

Who is the Managing Director of [email protected] Pte Ltd of 9R Limited?

The Managing Director of [email protected] Pte Ltd of 9R Limited is Ms. Lay May Chan

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Stock 1Y1.SI info

Stock price vs prev closing
$0.04from $0.04
Increased by 0%
Open price vs prev closing
$0.03from $0.04
Decreased by -6.12%
Day low vs stock price
$0.03from $0.04
Decreased by -6.12%
Day High vs stock price
$0.04from $0.04
Increased by 2.04%

Contact information of 9R Limited

What is the official address of 9R Limited?

The offical address is 105 Cecil Street, No. 12-02 The Octagon , Singapore 069534 , Singapore

What is 9R Limited's offical website?