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Companies analyzed: 39,200

Top Colombia Companies with the Highest Ebitda

List of the largest companies from Colombia country rank by ebitda.

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RankCompanyEbitdaDiff. nextSector
#1ECOPETROL SASymbol: ECOPETROL.CL$ 15.589 billion
Fifteen Billion Five Hundred Eighty Nine Million Six Hundred Fifty Thousand Seven Hundred Forty Eight
$13.907 billion more than INTERCONEXION ELEC
more by 826.82%
#2INTERCONEXION ELECSymbol: ISA.CL$ 1.682 billion
One Billion Six Hundred Eighty Two Million Fifty Five Thousand Five Hundred Forty
$574.977 million more than GRUPO ARGOS S.A.
more by 51.94%
#3GRUPO ARGOS S.A.Symbol: PFGRUPOARG.CL$ 1.107 billion
One Billion One Hundred Seven Million Seventy Seven Thousand Eight Hundred Twenty Two
$196.278 million more than GPO DE INVERSIONES
more by 21.55%
Basic Materials
#4GPO DE INVERSIONESSymbol: PFGRUPSURA.CL$ 910.799 million
Nine Hundred Ten Million Seven Hundred Ninety Nine Thousand Thirty Two
$288.584 million more than GPO ENERGIA BOGOTA
more by 46.38%
Financial Services
#5GPO ENERGIA BOGOTASymbol: GEB.CL$ 622.214 million
Six Hundred Twenty Two Million Two Hundred Fourteen Thousand Nine Hundred Sixty Six
$70.614 million more than Geopark Ltd
more by 12.8%
#6Geopark LtdSymbol: GPRK$ 551.600 million
Five Hundred Fifty One Million Six Hundred Thousand
$140.978 million more than PROMIGAS SA
more by 34.33%
Basic Materials
#7PROMIGAS SASymbol: PROMIGAS.CL$ 410.621 million
Four Hundred Ten Million Six Hundred Twenty One Thousand Eight Hundred Thirty Two
$3.393 million more than CEMENTOS ARGOS SA
more by 0.83%
#8CEMENTOS ARGOS SASymbol: CEMARGOS.CL$ 407.228 million
Four Hundred Seven Million Two Hundred Twenty Eight Thousand Four Hundred Eighty
$29.120 million more than CELSIA S.A E.S.P
more by 7.7%
Basic Materials
#9CELSIA S.A E.S.PSymbol: CELSIA.CL$ 378.108 million
Three Hundred Seventy Eight Million One Hundred Eight Thousand Two Hundred Ninety Three
$96.507 million more than ALMACENES EXITO
more by 34.27%
#10ALMACENES EXITOSymbol: EXITO.CL$ 281.601 million
Two Hundred Eighty One Million Six Hundred One Thousand One Hundred Ninety Six
$29.368 million more than Tecnoglass Inc.
more by 11.64%
Consumer Cyclical
#11Tecnoglass Inc.Symbol: TGLS$ 252.232 million
Two Hundred Fifty Two Million Two Hundred Thirty Two Thousand Nine Hundred Ninety Two
$5.276 million more than ORGANIZ TERPEL SA
more by 2.14%
Basic Materials
#12ORGANIZ TERPEL SASymbol: TERPEL.CL$ 246.956 million
Two Hundred Forty Six Million Nine Hundred Fifty Six Thousand Two Hundred Fifty Five
$109.006 million more than MINEROS S.A.
more by 79.02%
#13MINEROS S.A.Symbol: MINEROS.CL$ 137.950 million
One Hundred Thirty Seven Million Nine Hundred Fifty Thousand
$70.882 million more than CONSTRUCTORA CONCO
more by 105.69%
Basic Materials
Sixty Seven Million Sixty Seven Thousand Four Hundred Eighty Five
$42.886 million more than CONSTRUC EL CONDOR
more by 177.35%
#15CONSTRUC EL CONDORSymbol: ELCONDOR.CL$ 24.181 million
Twenty Four Million One Hundred Eighty One Thousand Two Hundred Sixty Three
$7.812 million more than BOLSA DE VALOR COL
more by 47.73%
#16BOLSA DE VALOR COLSymbol: BVC.CL$ 16.368 million
Sixteen Million Three Hundred Sixty Eight Thousand Seven Hundred Forty Three
$2.873 million more than ENKA DE COLOMBIA S
more by 21.29%
Financial Services
#17ENKA DE COLOMBIA SSymbol: ENKA.CL$ 13.495 million
Thirteen Million Four Hundred Ninety Five Thousand Two Hundred Eighty Eight
$13.549 million more than TowerOne
more by -24923.03%
Consumer Cyclical
#18TowerOneSymbol: TO.CN$ . thousand
Three Hundred Sixty Six
$1.278 million more than BlueberriesMed
more by -95.92%
Communication Services
#19BlueberriesMedSymbol: BBM.CN$ -1.333 million
Three Hundred Thirty Three Thousand Two Hundred Thirty Seven