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Companies analyzed: 39,200

Top China Companies with the Highest Ebitda

List of the largest companies from China country rank by ebitda.

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RankCompanyEbitdaDiff. nextSector
#1PetroChina Company LimitedSymbol: PTRCY$ 66.011 billion
Sixty Six Billion Eleven Million Six Hundred Ninety Nine Thousand Six Hundred Ninety Three
$34.961 billion more than CHINA PETROLEUM & CHEMICAL CORP
more by 112.59%
Thirty One Billion Fifty Million Five Hundred Ninety Three Thousand One Hundred Fifty Four
$8.497 billion more than PING AN
more by 37.68%
#3PING ANSymbol: 2318.HK$ 22.553 billion
Twenty Two Billion Five Hundred Fifty Three Million Four Hundred Fifty Four Thousand Two Hundred Seven
$2.242 billion more than Alibaba Group Holding Limited
more by 11.04%
Financial Services
#4Alibaba Group Holding LimitedSymbol: BABA$ 20.311 billion
Twenty Billion Three Hundred Eleven Million Four Hundred Twenty One Thousand Six Hundred Forty Eight
$1.233 billion more than COSCO SHIP HOLD
more by 6.46%
Consumer Cyclical
#5COSCO SHIP HOLDSymbol: 1919.HK$ 19.078 billion
Nineteen Billion Seventy Eight Million Two Hundred Thirty Seven Thousand Seven
$1.346 billion more than TENCENT
more by 7.59%
#6TENCENTSymbol: 0700.HK$ 17.731 billion
Seventeen Billion Seven Hundred Thirty One Million Six Hundred Ninety Four Thousand Five Hundred Seventy Six
$372.060 million more than CHINA SHENHUA
more by 2.14%
Communication Services
#7CHINA SHENHUASymbol: 1088.HK$ 17.359 billion
Seventeen Billion Three Hundred Fifty Nine Million Six Hundred Thirty Four Thousand Five Hundred Fifteen
more by 7.31%
#8CHINA CONSTRUCTION ENGINEERING Symbol: 601668.SS$ 16.177 billion
Sixteen Billion One Hundred Seventy Seven Million Three Hundred Fifty Five Thousand Six Hundred Fifty Three
$3.583 billion more than KWEICHOW MOUTAI
more by 28.45%
#9KWEICHOW MOUTAISymbol: 600519.SS$ 12.594 billion
Twelve Billion Five Hundred Ninety Four Million Two Hundred Sixty Five Thousand Six Hundred Forty Two
$1.399 billion more than CHINA UNITED NETWORK COMMUNICAT
more by 12.5%
Consumer Defensive
#10CHINA UNITED NETWORK COMMUNICATSymbol: 600050.SS$ 11.194 billion
Eleven Billion One Hundred Ninety Four Million Five Hundred Thirty Five Thousand Three Hundred Eighty Six
$1.394 billion more than YANKUANG ENERGY GROUP COMPANY L
more by 14.23%
Communication Services
Nine Billion Seven Hundred Ninety Nine Million Eight Hundred Twenty Four Thousand Four Hundred Eighty
$522.944 million more than SHAANXI COAL INDUSTRY
more by 5.64%
#12SHAANXI COAL INDUSTRYSymbol: 601225.SS$ 9.276 billion
Nine Billion Two Hundred Seventy Six Million Eight Hundred Eighty Thousand Two Hundred Thirteen
$92.676 million more than CHINA RAIL CONS
more by 1.01%
#13CHINA RAIL CONSSymbol: 1186.HK$ 9.184 billion
Nine Billion One Hundred Eighty Four Million Two Hundred Three Thousand Seven Hundred Fifty Nine
$1.219 billion more than CHINA RAILWAY GROUP LIMITED
more by 15.32%
#14CHINA RAILWAY GROUP LIMITEDSymbol: 601390.SS$ 7.964 billion
Seven Billion Nine Hundred Sixty Four Million Three Hundred Twenty Five Thousand Eight Hundred Seventy Two
$268.878 million more than CHINA VANKE CO
more by 3.49%
#15CHINA VANKE COSymbol: 000002.SZ$ 7.695 billion
Seven Billion Six Hundred Ninety Five Million Four Hundred Forty Seven Thousand Seven Hundred Forty Seven
$193.544 million more than TONGWEI CO
more by 2.58%
Real Estate
#16TONGWEI COSymbol: 600438.SS$ 7.501 billion
Seven Billion Five Hundred One Million Nine Hundred Three Thousand Six Hundred Seventy Four
$72.979 million more than CHINA TOWER
more by 0.98%
Consumer Defensive
#17CHINA TOWERSymbol: 0788.HK$ 7.428 billion
Seven Billion Four Hundred Twenty Eight Million Nine Hundred Twenty Four Thousand Two Hundred Eighty
$63.726 million more than CHINA COAL
more by 0.87%
Communication Services
#18CHINA COALSymbol: 1898.HK$ 7.365 billion
Seven Billion Three Hundred Sixty Five Million One Hundred Ninety Eight Thousand One Hundred Twenty Five
$135.710 million more than CONTEMPORARY AMPER
more by 1.88%
#19CONTEMPORARY AMPERSymbol: 300750.SZ$ 7.229 billion
Seven Billion Two Hundred Twenty Nine Million Four Hundred Eighty Seven Thousand Eight Hundred One
$540.550 million more than China Life Insurance Company Li
more by 8.08%
#20China Life Insurance Company LiSymbol: LFCHY$ 6.688 billion
Six Billion Six Hundred Eighty Eight Million Nine Hundred Thirty Six Thousand Eight Hundred Eleven
Financial Services