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Companies analyzed: 39,200

The Largest Companies in China by Market Capitalization

List of the largest companies from China country rank by market capitalization.

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RankCompanyMarket CapDiff. nextSector
#1TENCENTSymbol: 0700.HK$ 459.388 billion
Four Hundred Fifty Nine Billion Three Hundred Eighty Eight Million Four Hundred Fifty Five Thousand Five Hundred Forty One
$131.768 billion more than KWEICHOW MOUTAI
more by 40.22%
Communication Services
#2KWEICHOW MOUTAISymbol: 600519.SS$ 327.620 billion
Three Hundred Twenty Seven Billion Six Hundred Twenty Million Two Hundred Nineteen Thousand Six Hundred Eighty Two
$99.255 billion more than Alibaba Group Holding Limited
more by 43.46%
Consumer Defensive
#3Alibaba Group Holding LimitedSymbol: BABA$ 228.364 billion
Two Hundred Twenty Eight Billion Three Hundred Sixty Four Million Five Hundred Thousand Nine Hundred Ninety Two
$3.960 billion more than INDUSTRIAL & COMMERCIAL BK OF C
more by 1.76%
Consumer Cyclical
#4INDUSTRIAL & COMMERCIAL BK OF CSymbol: 601398.SS$ 224.404 billion
Two Hundred Twenty Four Billion Four Hundred Four Million Two Hundred Two Thousand Two Hundred Eighty
$326.214 million more than INDUSTRIAL & COMMERCIAL BK OF C
more by 0.15%
Financial Services
#5INDUSTRIAL & COMMERCIAL BK OF CSymbol: IDCBF$ 224.077 billion
Two Hundred Twenty Four Billion Seventy Seven Million Nine Hundred Eighty Seven Thousand Eight Hundred Forty
$60.783 billion more than CCB
more by 37.22%
Financial Services
#6CCBSymbol: 0939.HK$ 163.294 billion
One Hundred Sixty Three Billion Two Hundred Ninety Four Million Eight Hundred Twenty Thousand One Hundred Fifty Three
$9.189 billion more than AGRICULTURAL BANK OF CHINA
more by 5.96%
Financial Services
#7AGRICULTURAL BANK OF CHINASymbol: 601288.SS$ 154.105 billion
One Hundred Fifty Four Billion One Hundred Five Million Six Hundred Eighty Three Thousand Six Hundred Ninety Six
$13.144 billion more than CONTEMPORARY AMPER
more by 9.33%
Financial Services
#8CONTEMPORARY AMPERSymbol: 300750.SZ$ 140.960 billion
One Hundred Forty Billion Nine Hundred Sixty Million Seven Hundred Twenty Four Thousand Nine Hundred Nineteen
$3.830 billion more than BANK OF CHINA
more by 2.79%
#9BANK OF CHINASymbol: 3988.HK$ 137.130 billion
One Hundred Thirty Seven Billion One Hundred Thirty Million Fifty Three Thousand Four Hundred Ninety
$9.251 billion more than CHINA MERCHANTS BANK CO LTD
more by 7.23%
Financial Services
#10CHINA MERCHANTS BANK CO LTDSymbol: 600036.SS$ 127.878 billion
One Hundred Twenty Seven Billion Eight Hundred Seventy Eight Million Four Hundred Ninety Eight Thousand Ninety Eight
$4.227 billion more than PetroChina Company Limited
more by 3.42%
Financial Services
#11PetroChina Company LimitedSymbol: PTRCY$ 123.650 billion
One Hundred Twenty Three Billion Six Hundred Fifty Million Five Hundred Forty Seven Thousand Seven Hundred Twelve
$1.473 billion more than PING AN
more by 1.21%
#12PING ANSymbol: 2318.HK$ 122.177 billion
One Hundred Twenty Two Billion One Hundred Seventy Seven Million One Hundred Nineteen Thousand Four Hundred Ninety Eight
$11.610 billion more than MEITUAN-W
more by 10.5%
Financial Services
#13MEITUAN-WSymbol: 3690.HK$ 110.566 billion
One Hundred Ten Billion Five Hundred Sixty Six Million Eight Hundred Twenty Two Thousand Eight Hundred Ninety
$705.965 million more than WULIANGYE YIBIN CO
more by 0.64%
Consumer Cyclical
#14WULIANGYE YIBIN COSymbol: 000858.SZ$ 109.860 billion
One Hundred Nine Billion Eight Hundred Sixty Million Eight Hundred Fifty Seven Thousand Six Hundred Forty One
$14.634 billion more than China Life Insurance Company Li
more by 15.37%
Consumer Defensive
#15China Life Insurance Company LiSymbol: LFCHY$ 95.226 billion
Ninety Five Billion Two Hundred Twenty Six Million Three Thousand Four Hundred Fifty Six
$1.020 billion more than BYD COMPANY
more by 1.08%
Financial Services
#16BYD COMPANYSymbol: 1211.HK$ 94.205 billion
Ninety Four Billion Two Hundred Five Million One Hundred Forty Thousand Nine Hundred Thirty Four
$690.855 million more than Pinduoduo Inc.
more by 0.74%
Consumer Cyclical
#17Pinduoduo Inc.Symbol: PDD$ 93.514 billion
Ninety Three Billion Five Hundred Fourteen Million Two Hundred Eighty Five Thousand Fifty Six
$12.928 billion more than CHINA SHENHUA
more by 16.04%
Consumer Cyclical
#18CHINA SHENHUASymbol: 1088.HK$ 80.586 billion
Eighty Billion Five Hundred Eighty Six Million Seventy Three Thousand Seven Hundred Eleven
$8.075 billion more than, Inc.
more by 11.14%
Energy, Inc.Symbol: JD$ 72.510 billion
Seventy Two Billion Five Hundred Ten Million Three Hundred Sixteen Thousand Five Hundred Forty Four
$52.510 million more than CHINA PETROLEUM & CHEMICAL CORP
more by 0.07%
Consumer Cyclical
Seventy Two Billion Four Hundred Fifty Seven Million Eight Hundred Five Thousand Eight Hundred Twenty Four