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Companies analyzed: 39,200

Top Chile Companies with the Highest Ebitda

List of the largest companies from Chile country rank by ebitda.

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RankCompanyEbitdaDiff. nextSector
#1Sociedad Quimica y Minera S.A.Symbol: SQM$ 5.813 billion
Five Billion Eight Hundred Thirteen Million Seven Hundred Seventy Two Thousand Eight Hundred
$1.784 billion more than ENEL AMERICAS SA
more by 44.28%
Basic Materials
#2ENEL AMERICAS SASymbol: ENELAM.SN$ 4.029 billion
Four Billion Twenty Nine Million Six Hundred Forty One Thousand Nine Hundred Eighty Four
$733.256 million more than EMPRESAS COPEC SA
more by 22.24%
#3EMPRESAS COPEC SASymbol: COPEC.SN$ 3.296 billion
Three Billion Two Hundred Ninety Six Million Three Hundred Eighty Five Thousand Twenty Four
$964.362 million more than QUINENCO SA
more by 41.35%
#4QUINENCO SASymbol: QUINENCO.SN$ 2.332 billion
Two Billion Three Hundred Thirty Two Million Twenty Two Thousand Nine Hundred Seventy Three
$640.489 million more than EMPRESAS CMPC SA
more by 37.86%
#5EMPRESAS CMPC SASymbol: CMPC.SN$ 1.691 billion
One Billion Six Hundred Ninety One Million Five Hundred Thirty Three Thousand Nine Hundred Fifty Two
$63.735 million more than CENCOSUD SA
more by 3.92%
Basic Materials
#6CENCOSUD SASymbol: CENCOSUD.SN$ 1.627 billion
One Billion Six Hundred Twenty Seven Million Seven Hundred Ninety Eight Thousand Two Hundred Twenty Two
$265.756 million more than ENEL CHILE SA
more by 19.51%
Consumer Cyclical
#7ENEL CHILE SASymbol: ENELCHILE.SN$ 1.362 billion
One Billion Three Hundred Sixty Two Million Forty One Thousand Seven Hundred Thirty Nine
$24.953 million more than FALABELLA SA
more by 1.87%
#8FALABELLA SASymbol: FALABELLA.SN$ 1.337 billion
One Billion Three Hundred Thirty Seven Million Eighty Seven Thousand Nine Hundred Ninety Nine
$308.951 million more than ENEL GENERACION CH
more by 30.05%
Consumer Cyclical
#9ENEL GENERACION CHSymbol: ENELGXCH.SN$ 1.028 billion
One Billion Twenty Eight Million One Hundred Thirty Six Thousand Four Hundred Eighty Two
$183.526 million more than CAP SA
more by 21.73%
#10CAP SASymbol: CAP.SN$ 844.609 million
Eight Hundred Forty Four Million Six Hundred Nine Thousand Nine Hundred Eighty Four
$16.763 million more than INVERCAP SA
more by 2.03%
Basic Materials
#11INVERCAP SASymbol: INVERCAP.SN$ 827.846 million
Eight Hundred Twenty Seven Million Eight Hundred Forty Six Thousand Sixteen
$51.700 million more than AES ANDES S.A
more by 6.66%
Basic Materials
#12AES ANDES S.ASymbol: AESANDES.SN$ 776.145 million
Seven Hundred Seventy Six Million One Hundred Forty Five Thousand Twenty Four
$36.450 million more than ALMENDRAL SA
more by 4.93%
#13ALMENDRAL SASymbol: ALMENDRAL.SN$ 739.694 million
Seven Hundred Thirty Nine Million Six Hundred Ninety Four Thousand Eight Hundred Sixty
$10.065 million more than EMP NAC TELECOMUNI
more by 1.38%
Communication Services
#14EMP NAC TELECOMUNISymbol: ENTEL.SN$ 729.629 million
Seven Hundred Twenty Nine Million Six Hundred Twenty Nine Thousand Five Hundred Twenty Six
$19.529 million more than MINERA VALPARAISO
more by 2.75%
Communication Services
#15MINERA VALPARAISOSymbol: MINERA.SN$ 710.099 million
Seven Hundred Ten Million Ninety Nine Thousand Nine Hundred Sixty Eight
$20.818 million more than COLBUN S.A.
more by 3.02%
#16COLBUN S.A.Symbol: COLBUN.SN$ 689.281 million
Six Hundred Eighty Nine Million Two Hundred Eighty One Thousand Twenty Four
$126.516 million more than COCA COLA EMBONOR
more by 22.48%
#17COCA COLA EMBONORSymbol: EMBONOR-B.SN$ 562.764 million
Five Hundred Sixty Two Million Seven Hundred Sixty Four Thousand Seven Hundred Eight
$81.404 million more than SIGDO KOPPERS S.A.
more by 16.91%
Consumer Defensive
#18SIGDO KOPPERS S.A.Symbol: SK.SN$ 481.360 million
Four Hundred Eighty One Million Three Hundred Sixty Thousand
$146.349 million more than PLAZA SA
more by 43.69%
#19PLAZA SASymbol: MALLPLAZA.SN$ 335.010 million
Three Hundred Thirty Five Million Ten Thousand Four Hundred Ninety
$5.333 million more than INVERSIONES AGUAS
more by 1.62%
Real Estate
#20INVERSIONES AGUASSymbol: IAM.SN$ 329.676 million
Three Hundred Twenty Nine Million Six Hundred Seventy Six Thousand Five Hundred Sixteen