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Companies analyzed: 39,200

Cayman Islands Companies with the Most Cash on Hand

List of the largest companies from Cayman Islands country rank by total cash.

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RankCompanyTotal CashDiff. nextSector
#1ZHEN DING TECHNOLOGY HOLDING LTSymbol: 4958.TW$ 1.883 billion
One Billion Eight Hundred Eighty Three Million Twenty One Thousand Four Hundred Twenty Four
$934.731 million more than StoneCo Ltd.
more by 98.57%
#2StoneCo Ltd.Symbol: STNE$ 948.289 million
Nine Hundred Forty Eight Million Two Hundred Eighty Nine Thousand Seven Hundred Fifty Four
$355.353 million more than GENERAL INTERFACE SOLUTION HOLD
more by 59.93%
#3GENERAL INTERFACE SOLUTION HOLDSymbol: 6456.TW$ 592.936 million
Five Hundred Ninety Two Million Nine Hundred Thirty Six Thousand Five Hundred One
$65.329 million more than Fabrinet
more by 12.38%
#4FabrinetSymbol: FN$ 527.607 million
Five Hundred Twenty Seven Million Six Hundred Seven Thousand Eight
$200.123 million more than Theravance Biopharma, Inc.
more by 61.11%
#5Theravance Biopharma, Inc.Symbol: TBPH$ 327.484 million
Three Hundred Twenty Seven Million Four Hundred Eighty Four Thousand
$15.184 million more than Patria Investments Limited
more by 4.86%
#6Patria Investments LimitedSymbol: PAX$ 312.300 million
Three Hundred Twelve Million Three Hundred Thousand
$57.420 million more than ADVANCED ENERGY SOLUTION HOLDIN
more by 22.53%
Financial Services
#7ADVANCED ENERGY SOLUTION HOLDINSymbol: 6781.TW$ 254.879 million
Two Hundred Fifty Four Million Eight Hundred Seventy Nine Thousand Eight Hundred Fifty Seven
$3.108 million more than SPORTS GEAR CO LTD
more by 1.23%
#8SPORTS GEAR CO LTDSymbol: 6768.TW$ 251.771 million
Two Hundred Fifty One Million Seven Hundred Seventy One Thousand One Hundred Eighteen
$49.796 million more than JINLI GROUP HOLDINGS LTD
more by 24.66%
Consumer Cyclical
#9JINLI GROUP HOLDINGS LTDSymbol: 8429.TW$ 201.974 million
Two Hundred One Million Nine Hundred Seventy Four Thousand Two Hundred Thirty Nine
$16.005 million more than CHLITINA HOLDING LIMITED
more by 8.61%
Consumer Cyclical
#10CHLITINA HOLDING LIMITEDSymbol: 4137.TW$ 185.969 million
One Hundred Eighty Five Million Nine Hundred Sixty Nine Thousand Eighty One
$23.992 million more than Vertex SPAC
more by 14.81%
Consumer Defensive
#11Vertex SPACSymbol: VT1.SI$ 161.976 million
One Hundred Sixty One Million Nine Hundred Seventy Six Thousand Five Hundred Twenty One
$52.679 million more than TOP BRIGHT HOLDING
more by 48.2%
Financial Services
#12TOP BRIGHT HOLDINGSymbol: 8499.TW$ 109.297 million
One Hundred Nine Million Two Hundred Ninety Seven Thousand Four Hundred Twelve
$7.932 million more than CAYMAN ENGLEY INDUSTRIAL CO. LT
more by 7.83%
#13CAYMAN ENGLEY INDUSTRIAL CO. LTSymbol: 2239.TW$ 101.364 million
One Hundred One Million Three Hundred Sixty Four Thousand Four Hundred Eighty Seven
$5.670 million more than OURGAME
more by 5.93%
Consumer Cyclical
#14OURGAMESymbol: 6899.HK$ 95.693 million
Ninety Five Million Six Hundred Ninety Three Thousand Seven Hundred Nineteen
$4.629 million more than Navios Maritime Holdings Inc.
more by 5.08%
Communication Services
#15Navios Maritime Holdings Inc.Symbol: NM$ 91.064 million
Ninety One Million Sixty Four Thousand
$1.175 million more than LIDA HOLDINGS LIMITED
more by 1.31%
#16LIDA HOLDINGS LIMITEDSymbol: 4552.TW$ 89.888 million
Eighty Nine Million Eight Hundred Eighty Eight Thousand Forty
$8.167 million more than PAIHO SHIH HOLDING CORPORATION
more by 10%
#17PAIHO SHIH HOLDING CORPORATIONSymbol: 8404.TW$ 81.720 million
Eighty One Million Seven Hundred Twenty Thousand Sixty Five
$4.256 million more than FULGENT SUN INTERNATIONAL CO LT
more by 5.49%
Consumer Cyclical
#18FULGENT SUN INTERNATIONAL CO LTSymbol: 9802.TW$ 77.463 million
Seventy Seven Million Four Hundred Sixty Three Thousand Eight Hundred Seventy Nine
$2.955 million more than TONG MING ENTERPRISE CO LTD
more by 3.97%
Consumer Cyclical
#19TONG MING ENTERPRISE CO LTDSymbol: 5538.TW$ 74.507 million
Seventy Four Million Five Hundred Seven Thousand Nine Hundred Fifty One
$. thousand more than KINGCAN HOLDINGS LIMITED
more by 0.02%
Basic Materials
#20KINGCAN HOLDINGS LIMITEDSymbol: 8411.TW$ 74.494 million
Seventy Four Million Four Hundred Ninety Four Thousand Nine Hundred Three
Consumer Cyclical