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Companies analyzed: 39,200

Largest Companies by Revenue in Canada country

List of the largest companies from Canada country rank by total revenue.

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RankCompanyTotal RevenueDiff. nextSector
Seventy Billion Five Hundred Forty Eight Million Four Hundred Ninety Six Thousand Three Hundred Eighty Four
$21.877 billion more than CENOVUS ENERGY INC.
more by 44.95%
Consumer Cyclical
#2CENOVUS ENERGY INC.Symbol: CVE.TO$ 48.670 billion
Forty Eight Billion Six Hundred Seventy Million Seven Hundred Seventy Seven Thousand Three Hundred Ninety Two
$5.787 billion more than Imperial Oil Limited
more by 13.5%
Basic Materials
#3Imperial Oil LimitedSymbol: IMO$ 42.883 billion
Forty Two Billion Eight Hundred Eighty Three Million Five Hundred Thirty One Thousand One Hundred Seventy
$777.363 million more than Suncor Energy Inc.
more by 1.85%
#4Suncor Energy Inc.Symbol: SU$ 42.106 billion
Forty Two Billion One Hundred Six Million One Hundred Sixty Seven Thousand Nine Hundred Ten
$293.983 million more than POWER FIN SER D PR
more by 0.7%
#5POWER FIN SER D PRSymbol: PWF-PE.TO$ 41.812 billion
Forty One Billion Eight Hundred Twelve Million One Hundred Eighty Four Thousand Three Hundred Ninety Eight
$307.027 million more than WESTON GEORGE
more by 0.74%
Financial Services
#6WESTON GEORGESymbol: WN.TO$ 41.505 billion
Forty One Billion Five Hundred Five Million One Hundred Fifty Seven Thousand One Hundred Eighty Six
$721.304 million more than LOBLAW CO
more by 1.77%
Consumer Defensive
#7LOBLAW COSymbol: L.TO$ 40.783 billion
Forty Billion Seven Hundred Eighty Three Million Eight Hundred Fifty Three Thousand Eighteen
$1.998 billion more than Enbridge Inc
more by 5.15%
Consumer Defensive
#8Enbridge IncSymbol: ENB$ 38.784 billion
Thirty Eight Billion Seven Hundred Eighty Four Million Eight Hundred Fifty Seven Thousand Five Hundred Eighty Nine
$172.430 million more than POWER CORPORATION OF CANADA, SV
more by 0.45%
Thirty Eight Billion Six Hundred Twelve Million Four Hundred Twenty Six Thousand Seven Hundred Eleven
$772.427 million more than Magna International, Inc.
more by 2.04%
Financial Services
#10Magna International, Inc.Symbol: MGA$ 37.839 billion
Thirty Seven Billion Eight Hundred Thirty Nine Million Nine Hundred Ninety Eight Thousand Nine Hundred Seventy Six
$827.998 million more than NUTRIEN LTD
more by 2.24%
Consumer Cyclical
#11NUTRIEN LTDSymbol: N7T.F$ 37.012 billion
Thirty Seven Billion Twelve Million Seven Hundred Sixty Eight
$560.389 million more than ROYAL BANK OF CANADA
more by 1.54%
Basic Materials
#12ROYAL BANK OF CANADASymbol: RY.TO$ 36.451 billion
Thirty Six Billion Four Hundred Fifty One Million Six Hundred Eleven Thousand One Hundred Seven
$1.756 billion more than TORONTO-DOMINION BANK
more by 5.06%
Financial Services
#13TORONTO-DOMINION BANKSymbol: TD.TO$ 34.694 billion
Thirty Four Billion Six Hundred Ninety Four Million Eight Hundred Fifty Eight Thousand Eight Hundred Nine
$2.170 billion more than GREAT WEST LIFECO INC
more by 6.67%
Financial Services
#14GREAT WEST LIFECO INCSymbol: GWLIF$ 32.524 billion
Thirty Two Billion Five Hundred Twenty Four Million Three Hundred Four Thousand Three Hundred Two
$1.994 billion more than CDN NATURAL RES
more by 6.53%
Financial Services
#15CDN NATURAL RESSymbol: CNQ.TO$ 30.530 billion
Thirty Billion Five Hundred Thirty Million One Hundred Forty Six Thousand Sixty Four
$3.699 billion more than FAIRFAX FINANCIAL HOLDINGS LTD.
more by 13.79%
Twenty Six Billion Eight Hundred Thirty Million Two Hundred Ninety Nine Thousand One Hundred Thirty Six
$1.029 billion more than PARKLAND CORPORATION
more by 3.99%
Financial Services
#17PARKLAND CORPORATIONSymbol: PKI.TO$ 25.800 billion
Twenty Five Billion Eight Hundred Million Three Hundred Seven Thousand Six Hundred Forty Two
$3.304 billion more than EMPIRE COMPANY LIMITED
more by 14.69%
#18EMPIRE COMPANY LIMITEDSymbol: EMP-A.TO$ 22.496 billion
Twenty Two Billion Four Hundred Ninety Six Million Seventy Five Thousand Eight Hundred Thirty One
$1.167 billion more than BANK OF NOVA SCOTIA
more by 5.47%
Consumer Defensive
#19BANK OF NOVA SCOTIASymbol: BNS.TO$ 21.328 billion
Twenty One Billion Three Hundred Twenty Eight Million Seven Hundred Ninety Six Thousand Nine Hundred Eighty Two
$3.880 billion more than BCE, Inc.
more by 22.24%
Financial Services
#20BCE, Inc.Symbol: BCE$ 17.448 billion
Seventeen Billion Four Hundred Forty Eight Million Four Hundred Seventy Nine Thousand Thirty
Communication Services