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Companies analyzed: 39,200

Top Brazil Companies with the Highest Ebitda

List of the largest companies from Brazil country rank by ebitda.

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RankCompanyEbitdaDiff. nextSector
#1PETROBRAS ON N2Symbol: PETR3.SA$ 71.519 billion
Seventy One Billion Five Hundred Nineteen Million Four Hundred Ninety Eight Thousand Four Hundred Eighty Nine
$50.080 billion more than VALE ON NM
more by 233.6%
Basic Materials
#2VALE ON NMSymbol: VALE3.SA$ 21.438 billion
Twenty One Billion Four Hundred Thirty Eight Million Seven Hundred Seventy Seven Thousand Two Hundred Thirty
$13.804 billion more than JBS ON NM
more by 180.83%
Basic Materials
#3JBS ON NMSymbol: JBSS3.SA$ 7.634 billion
Seven Billion Six Hundred Thirty Four Million One Hundred Fifty Five Thousand Nine Hundred Twenty Four
$2.225 billion more than SUZANO S.A. ON NM
more by 41.15%
Consumer Defensive
#4SUZANO S.A. ON NMSymbol: SUZB3.SA$ 5.408 billion
Five Billion Four Hundred Eight Million Six Hundred Forty Seven Thousand Three Hundred Four
$1.108 billion more than Ambev S.A.
more by 25.77%
Basic Materials
#5Ambev S.A.Symbol: ABEV$ 4.300 billion
Four Billion Three Hundred Million Three Hundred Fifty Two Thousand Six Hundred Seventy Three
$553.883 million more than Gerdau S.A.
more by 14.78%
Consumer Defensive
#6Gerdau S.A.Symbol: GGB$ 3.746 billion
Three Billion Seven Hundred Forty Six Million Four Hundred Sixty Nine Thousand Six Hundred Thirty Nine
$11.974 million more than GERDAU MET ON N1
more by 0.32%
Basic Materials
#7GERDAU MET ON N1Symbol: GOAU3.SA$ 3.734 billion
Three Billion Seven Hundred Thirty Four Million Four Hundred Ninety Five Thousand Five Hundred Seventy Three
$613.961 million more than Braskem SA
more by 19.67%
Basic Materials
#8Braskem SASymbol: BAK$ 3.120 billion
Three Billion One Hundred Twenty Million Five Hundred Thirty Three Thousand Seven Hundred
$299.768 million more than Centrais Electricas Brasileiras
more by 10.63%
Basic Materials
#9Centrais Electricas BrasileirasSymbol: EBR-B$ 2.820 billion
Two Billion Eight Hundred Twenty Million Seven Hundred Sixty Five Thousand Thirty
$4.039 million more than Telefonica Brasil S.A.
more by 0.14%
#10Telefonica Brasil S.A.Symbol: VIV$ 2.816 billion
Two Billion Eight Hundred Sixteen Million Seven Hundred Twenty Five Thousand One Hundred Twenty Eight
$533.199 million more than NEOENERGIA ON NM
more by 23.35%
Communication Services
#11NEOENERGIA ON NMSymbol: NEOE3.SA$ 2.283 billion
Two Billion Two Hundred Eighty Three Million Five Hundred Twenty Six Thousand Twenty Three
$23.749 million more than CCR SA ON NM
more by 1.05%
#12CCR SA ON NMSymbol: CCRO3.SA$ 2.259 billion
Two Billion Two Hundred Fifty Nine Million Seven Hundred Seventy Six Thousand Five Hundred Forty Five
$31.728 million more than Companhia Siderurgica Nacional
more by 1.42%
#13Companhia Siderurgica Nacional Symbol: SID$ 2.228 billion
Two Billion Two Hundred Twenty Eight Million Forty Eight Thousand One Hundred Sixty Seven
$181.261 million more than CPFL ENERGIAON NM
more by 8.86%
Basic Materials
#14CPFL ENERGIAON NMSymbol: CPFE3.SA$ 2.046 billion
Two Billion Forty Six Million Seven Hundred Eighty Six Thousand Two Hundred Fifty Three
$16.840 million more than MARFRIG ON NM
more by 0.83%
#15MARFRIG ON NMSymbol: MRFG3.SA$ 2.029 billion
Two Billion Twenty Nine Million Nine Hundred Forty Five Thousand Seven Hundred Thirty Nine
$35.573 million more than RAIZEN PN N2
more by 1.78%
Consumer Defensive
#16RAIZEN PN N2Symbol: RAIZ4.SA$ 1.994 billion
One Billion Nine Hundred Ninety Four Million Three Hundred Seventy Two Thousand One Hundred Seventy Two
$356.654 million more than COSAN ON NM
more by 21.78%
#17COSAN ON NMSymbol: CSAN3.SA$ 1.637 billion
One Billion Six Hundred Thirty Seven Million Seven Hundred Eighteen Thousand One Hundred Sixteen
$154.626 million more than KLABIN S/A ON N2
more by 10.43%
#18KLABIN S/A ON N2Symbol: KLBN3.SA$ 1.483 billion
One Billion Four Hundred Eighty Three Million Ninety One Thousand Three Hundred Ninety Four
$72.021 million more than TIM S.A.
more by 5.1%
Basic Materials
#19TIM S.A.Symbol: TIMB$ 1.411 billion
One Billion Four Hundred Eleven Million Sixty Nine Thousand Nine Hundred Twenty Three
$40.063 million more than EQUATORIAL ON NM
more by 2.92%
Communication Services
#20EQUATORIAL ON NMSymbol: EQTL3.SA$ 1.371 billion
One Billion Three Hundred Seventy One Million Six Thousand Seven Hundred Twenty Two