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Companies analyzed: 39,200

Austria Companies with the Most Cash on Hand

List of the largest companies from Austria country rank by total cash.

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RankCompanyTotal CashDiff. nextSector
#1RAIFFEISEN BK INTL INH.Symbol: RAW.F$ 64.684 billion
Sixty Four Billion Six Hundred Eighty Four Million Eight Hundred Twelve Thousand One Hundred Seventy Three
$18.349 billion more than ERSTE GROUP BNK INH. O.N.
more by 39.6%
Financial Services
#2ERSTE GROUP BNK INH. O.N.Symbol: EBO.F$ 46.335 billion
Forty Six Billion Three Hundred Thirty Five Million Five Hundred Sixty Eight Thousand Seven Hundred Seventy Three
$33.526 billion more than OMV AG
more by 261.73%
Financial Services
#3OMV AGSymbol: OMV.F$ 12.809 billion
Twelve Billion Eight Hundred Nine Million Two Hundred Eighty Five Thousand Six Hundred Forty Eight
$10.250 billion more than VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP AG
more by 400.58%
#4VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP AGSymbol: VIG.VI$ 2.558 billion
Two Billion Five Hundred Fifty Eight Million Eight Hundred Seventy Two Thousand Eight Hundred Eighty Five
$365.659 million more than VERBUND AG KAT. A
more by 16.67%
Financial Services
#5VERBUND AG KAT. ASymbol: VER.VI$ 2.193 billion
Two Billion One Hundred Ninety Three Million Two Hundred Thirteen Thousand One Hundred Thirty Three
$145.795 million more than ANDRITZ AG
more by 7.12%
#6ANDRITZ AGSymbol: AZ2.F$ 2.047 billion
Two Billion Forty Seven Million Four Hundred Eighteen Thousand One Hundred Twenty Two
$47.444 million more than STRABAG SE
more by 2.37%
#7STRABAG SESymbol: STR.VI$ 1.999 billion
One Billion Nine Hundred Ninety Nine Million Nine Hundred Seventy Four Thousand Five
$727.997 million more than ADDIKO BANK AG
more by 57.23%
#8ADDIKO BANK AGSymbol: ADKO.VI$ 1.271 billion
One Billion Two Hundred Seventy One Million Nine Hundred Seventy Six Thousand Two Hundred Forty
$91.121 million more than ams-OSRAM
more by 7.72%
Financial Services
#9ams-OSRAMSymbol: AMS.SW$ 1.180 billion
One Billion One Hundred Eighty Million Eight Hundred Fifty Four Thousand Three Hundred Twenty Four
$278.609 million more than AT+S AUSTR.T.+SYSTEMT.
more by 30.88%
#10AT+S AUSTR.T.+SYSTEMT.Symbol: AUS.DE$ 902.245 million
Nine Hundred Two Million Two Hundred Forty Five Thousand One Hundred Forty One
$323.860 million more than S IMMO AG
more by 55.99%
#11S IMMO AGSymbol: SPI.VI$ 578.384 million
Five Hundred Seventy Eight Million Three Hundred Eighty Four Thousand One Hundred Eighty Seven
$23.446 million more than RHI MAGNESITA N.V.
more by 4.23%
Real Estate
#12RHI MAGNESITA N.V.Symbol: RHIM.L$ 554.937 million
Five Hundred Fifty Four Million Nine Hundred Thirty Seven Thousand Five Hundred Eighty Seven
$19.359 million more than EVN AG ADR-EACH 5 CNV INTO 1 OR
more by 3.61%
#13EVN AG ADR-EACH 5 CNV INTO 1 ORSymbol: EVNVY$ 535.577 million
Five Hundred Thirty Five Million Five Hundred Seventy Seven Thousand Nine Hundred Forty Five
$8.669 million more than VOESTALPINE AG
more by 1.65%
#14VOESTALPINE AGSymbol: VOE.VI$ 526.908 million
Five Hundred Twenty Six Million Nine Hundred Eight Thousand Two Hundred Eighty Three
$30.249 million more than PORR AG
more by 6.09%
Basic Materials
#15PORR AGSymbol: POS.VI$ 496.659 million
Four Hundred Ninety Six Million Six Hundred Fifty Nine Thousand Seven
$20.402 million more than LENZING AG
more by 4.28%
#16LENZING AGSymbol: LNZ.VI$ 476.256 million
Four Hundred Seventy Six Million Two Hundred Fifty Six Thousand Two Hundred Thirty Two
$4.639 million more than CA IMMOBILIEN ANLAGEN AG
more by 0.98%
Basic Materials
#17CA IMMOBILIEN ANLAGEN AGSymbol: CAI.VI$ 471.617 million
Four Hundred Seventy One Million Six Hundred Seventeen Thousand Eighteen
$50.644 million more than BAWAG Group AG
more by 12.03%
Real Estate
#18BAWAG Group AGSymbol: 0B2.SG$ 420.972 million
Four Hundred Twenty Million Nine Hundred Seventy Two Thousand Four Hundred Thirty Five
$16.964 million more than UBM DEVELOPMENT AG
more by 4.2%
Financial Services
#19UBM DEVELOPMENT AGSymbol: UBS.VI$ 404.007 million
Four Hundred Four Million Seven Thousand Seven Hundred Sixty Two
$6.559 million more than WIENERBERGER
more by 1.65%
Real Estate
#20WIENERBERGERSymbol: WIB.F$ 397.448 million
Three Hundred Ninety Seven Million Four Hundred Forty Eight Thousand Seventy Eight
Basic Materials