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Companies analyzed: 39,200

Top Australia country Companies with the Highest Gross Profits

List of the largest companies from Australia country rank by gross profits.

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RankCompanyEarningsDiff. nextSector
#1BHP Group LimitedSymbol: BHP$ 56.071 billion
Fifty Six Billion Seventy One Million
$39.336 billion more than CWLTH BANK FPO
more by 235.07%
Basic Materials
#2CWLTH BANK FPOSymbol: CBA.AX$ 16.734 billion
Sixteen Billion Seven Hundred Thirty Four Million Two Hundred Fifty Six Thousand
$3.799 billion more than ANZ BANK FPO
more by 29.37%
Financial Services
#3ANZ BANK FPOSymbol: ANZ.AX$ 12.934 billion
Twelve Billion Nine Hundred Thirty Four Million Nine Hundred Sixty Four Thousand
$254.646 million more than WESTPAC FPO
more by 2.01%
Financial Services
#4WESTPAC FPOSymbol: WBC.AX$ 12.680 billion
Twelve Billion Six Hundred Eighty Million Three Hundred Eighteen Thousand
$542.850 million more than NAT. BANK FPO
more by 4.47%
Financial Services
#5NAT. BANK FPOSymbol: NAB.AX$ 12.137 billion
Twelve Billion One Hundred Thirty Seven Million Four Hundred Sixty Eight Thousand
$265.832 million more than WOOLWORTHS FPO
more by 2.24%
Financial Services
#6WOOLWORTHS FPOSymbol: WOW.AX$ 11.871 billion
Eleven Billion Eight Hundred Seventy One Million Six Hundred Thirty Six Thousand
$1.594 billion more than WOODSIDE FPO
more by 15.52%
Consumer Defensive
#7WOODSIDE FPOSymbol: WDS.AX$ 10.277 billion
Ten Billion Two Hundred Seventy Seven Million
$536 million more than FORTESCUE FPO
more by 5.5%
#8FORTESCUE FPOSymbol: FMG.AX$ 9.741 billion
Nine Billion Seven Hundred Forty One Million
$1.100 billion more than WESFARMER FPO
more by 12.73%
Basic Materials
#9WESFARMER FPOSymbol: WES.AX$ 8.640 billion
Eight Billion Six Hundred Forty Million Eight Hundred Fifty Six Thousand
$1.708 billion more than COLESGROUP FPO
more by 24.64%
Consumer Cyclical
#10COLESGROUP FPOSymbol: COL.AX$ 6.932 billion
Six Billion Nine Hundred Thirty Two Million Six Hundred Eighty Eight Thousand
$511.707 million more than TELSTRA CORPORATION LTD SPON AD
more by 7.97%
Consumer Defensive
Six Billion Four Hundred Twenty Million Nine Hundred Eighty Thousand Four Hundred Eighty
$157.980 million more than South32 Limited
more by 2.52%
Communication Services
#12South32 LimitedSymbol: S32.JO$ 6.263 billion
Six Billion Two Hundred Sixty Three Million
$530.700 million more than CSL FPO
more by 9.26%
Basic Materials
#13CSL FPOSymbol: CSL.AX$ 5.732 billion
Five Billion Seven Hundred Thirty Two Million Three Hundred Thousand
$289.258 million more than BLUESCOPE STEEL LTD.
more by 5.31%
#14BLUESCOPE STEEL LTD.Symbol: BH5.F$ 5.443 billion
Five Billion Four Hundred Forty Three Million Forty One Thousand Eight Hundred
$612.663 million more than YANCOAL FPO
more by 12.68%
Basic Materials
#15YANCOAL FPOSymbol: YAL.AX$ 4.830 billion
Four Billion Eight Hundred Thirty Million Three Hundred Seventy Eight Thousand
$940.378 million more than SANTOS LIMITED SPON ADS EACH RE
more by 24.17%
Three Billion Eight Hundred Ninety Million
$1.327 billion more than SUNCORP FPO
more by 51.82%
#17SUNCORP FPOSymbol: SUN.AX$ 2.562 billion
Two Billion Five Hundred Sixty Two Million Two Hundred Fifty Two Thousand
$110.383 million more than SONIC HLTH FPO
more by 4.5%
Financial Services
#18SONIC HLTH FPOSymbol: SHL.AX$ 2.451 billion
Two Billion Four Hundred Fifty One Million Eight Hundred Sixty Eight Thousand Five Hundred Fifty Two
$63.328 million more than ENDEAVOUR FPO
more by 2.65%
#19ENDEAVOUR FPOSymbol: EDV.AX$ 2.388 billion
Two Billion Three Hundred Eighty Eight Million Five Hundred Forty Thousand
$51.365 million more than Atlassian Corporation
more by 2.2%
Consumer Defensive
#20Atlassian CorporationSymbol: TEAM$ 2.337 billion
Two Billion Three Hundred Thirty Seven Million One Hundred Seventy Five Thousand